Saint Theresa Parish Athletic Association: Evaluations

Tuesday, February 26
Message From Our President - Spring 2008 - Evaluations and Summer Basketball
As track season is approaching, most STPAA basketball seasons have concluded for 8th graders and below. Some of our basketball players are still enjoying extended seasons, and we encourage all St. Theresa families to follow the Saints through their respective Championship tournaments. I hope your child’s year with STPAA basketball was an enjoyable learning experience. We will continue the coaching evaluation process we re-instituted in the past. Evaluation forms will be available on our website for parents and children to print, complete and return to STPAA. The evaluations are anonymous, but we remind all that we are a Christian community, and any critical remarks should reflect constructive comments to the coach and STPAA. Also, warm weather isn’t that far away, which means that your child might be considering summer basketball camps or programs. Please know that STPAA does not sponsor any summer basketball activity. Some adults in the parish, including those who also volunteer in the STPAA, graciously give their time to coach summer basketball. Your child may wish to join such a group. STPAA does not compel any child to play summer basketball. That an STPAA volunteer is coaching in a summer program does not reflect STPAA endorsement of the program. Also, it does not reflect that STPAA endorses that individual as coach. Whether your child chooses to play summer basketball with a team or group of friends is entirely your choice. If you and your child elect summer activities other than basketball, that choice will not be held against your child. Be assured your child’s team placement next year will be based on his or her skill level at that time.
Handout: Memo From Our President - Spring 2008

Friday, March 2
Evaluation Cover Letter - 2008
Handout: Evaluation Cover Letter - 2008

Friday, March 2
Player Evaluation of Coach - 2008
Handout: Player Evaluation of Coach - 2008

Friday, March 2
Parent Evaluation of Coach - 2008
Handout: Parent Evaluation of Coach - 2008

Friday, March 2
Practice Time and Tournament Assessment Form - 2008
Handout: Evaluation of Practice Time, Games and Tournaments - 2008