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Southington Southern Youth Athletic Association 
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 2017 Town Champions Southington South LL Majors Yankees
2016 Town Champions Southington South LL Majors A's 
2015 Town Champions Southington South Jr. League Pirates 
2015 District 5 Champions 11/12 Year Old All Stars 
2015 Division 2 Champions 11/12 Year Old All Stars 
2017 Fall Field Day Clean Up
Saturday, October 28, 9am - 1pm
Southington South is looking for people to help with Fall Field Day Clean Up, which will take place on Saturday, October 28th from 9:00 am-1:00 pm at the LL baseball fields at Rec Park.  
Even an hour or two of your time  would be greatly appreciated! 
In case of inclement weather, the clean up will be held on Sunday, October 29. 
Congratulations to Manager-Craig Johnson & the Southington South 8U Maroon team for becoming the 8U Champions on Saturday night.  They played West Hartford LL's 8U team in the Championship game & won the contest 10-0 in the 4 innings. 
2017 Fall Ball Sign-Ups
Registration for the 2017 Fall Ball season for 8U - 17U will be held at Rec Park:
Monday, July 24, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Monday, July 31, 6:30pm - 8:00pm 
Southington South Players and Parents,
Southington South will be participating in the Central Connecticut Fall Baseball League again this fall as we have in the past.  This is also open to other Town residents and players from the other leagues as well. The sign ups for fall baseball and our league will be the two coming Mondays, July 24 and July 31 6:30- 8:00 p.m. at Rec Park, ages 8U- 17U.
The league has assigned coordinators for each division who will be handling registration. There are other fall travel baseball teams being assembled, including by other Town leagues.  To our knowledge, they will not be participating in the Central Connecticut Fall Baseball league.
While you are welcome to choose where your child plays this fall, we would encourage you to participate in the Central Connecticut Fall Baseball League where South has decided to play and will field teams at each level dependent on registration numbers.  There has been some strong interest from our players and appears we will be able to support multiple teams.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding fall baseball and look forward to seeing those interested at signups this coming Monday and following week.  
Southington South Banquet
Southington South's annual banquet will be held Monday, August 28, 6:00pm at the Aquaturf
Tickets are $25/person
Please email John Nitz if you plan to attend:
Please mail checks to:
John Nitz 
155 Greystone Drive
Plantsville, CT 06479
Congratulations to the Yankees, winners of the 2017 Southington South LL Majors Championship!
The Yankees move on to play for the Southington Town Championship.  The double elimination tournament starts Friday, June 16 at a time/location TBD.  Please support the Southington South Yankees in their quest to keep the Town title in the South! 
2017 LL Majors  Playoffs
#1 Yankees
#2 A's
#3 Angels
#4 Marlins
#5 Cubs
#6 White Sox
#7 Red Sox 
BYE - Yankees 
G1: #4 Marlins (5) Vs. #5 Cubs (0) - Wednesday, May 31, 6:00pm
G2: #3 Angels (5) vs. #6 White Sox (7) - Wednesday, May 31, 8:00pm 
G3: #2 A's (15) vs. #7 Red Sox (5) - Thursday, June 1, 6:00pm
G6: #3 Angels (6) vs. #7 Red Sox (4) - Friday, June 2, 6:00pm   Red Sox eliminated
G5: #2 A's (13) vs. #6 White Sox (3)  Saturday, June 3, 3:00pm
G4: #4 Marlins (4) vs. #1 Yankees (14) - Saturday, June 3, 1:00pm
G7: #6 White Sox (8) vs. #5 Cubs (2) - Wednesday, June 7, 5:30pm   Cubs eliminated
G8: #4 Marlins (10) vs. #3 Angels (3) - Wednesday, June 7, 7:30pm Angels eliminated
G9: #1 Yankees (6) vs. #2 A's (3) - Friday, June 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm
G10: #4 Marlins (10) vs. #6 White Sox (0) - Friday, June 9, 2017 at 8:00 pm  White Sox eliminated
G11: #2 A's vs. #4 Marlins - Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 1:00 pm  Marlins eliminated
G12: #1 Yankees (9) vs. A's (5) Winner - Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm  A's eliminated; Yankees win South Championship!
On 5/30/17 our Coaches Committee met & selected the following for our District Mgr.'s and Head Coaches:
12 U District Manager-Jamie Leggett
11 U District Manager-Brian Dunne
10 U District Manager-Curtis Migliore
8/9/10 Yalesville Head Coach-Rob Davino
8U Head Coach-Craig Johnson [Maroon team]
8U Head Coach-Ralph Tortora [Gray team]
*additional Coaches might be appointed as a follow up to Saturday's tryouts for summer baseball teams-this is still TBD  
  All Star/District applications need to be handed into our Player Agent or myself no later than Saturday, May 27th, 2017 by 3 p.m. 
 A copy of the District team application will be in the handout section of our website plus LL Managers should have emailed this information out to the team
LL Majors Standings
(games reported as of May 27, 2017)
TEAM     RECORD     RF        RA 
Yankees 15-1 170  57
A's 13-3 175  68
Angels* 9-7   94 139 
Marlins 9-7 121  85 
Cubs 5-11   114  157 
White Sox 3-13  79  149
Red Sox  2-14  68  168
* Angels earn third-seed based on tie-breaker rule: regular season record against highest-finishing teams  
Saturday 4/8/17 Field #1
9:00am Angels (4) at Red Sox (3)
11:00am Yankees (10) at A's (4)
1:00pm Marlins (5) at White Sox (3)
Monday 4/10/2017 Field #1
6:00pm A's (22) at Angels (2)
Tuesday 4/11/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Red Sox (3) at Marlins (10)
Wednesday 4/12/2017 Field #1
6:00pm White Sox (12) at Cubs (13)
Thursday 4/13/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Angels (3) at Yankees (11)
Friday 4/14/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Marlins (15) at Cubs (3)
Saturday 4/15/2017 Field #1
9:00am Marlins (3) at A's (6)
11:00am Cubs (8) at Red Sox (7)
1:00pm White Sox (6) at Angels (8)
Monday 4/17/2017 Field #1
6:00pm A's (14) at Cubs (3)
Tuesday 4/18/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Yankees (18) at Marlins (5)
Wednesday 4/19/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Red Sox at White Sox (PPD unit 4/29)
Thursday 4/20/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Cubs (8) at Yankees (13)
Friday 4/21/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Marlins at A's (PPD until 4/27)
8:00pm Angels at Red Sox (PPD until 5/13)
Saturday 4/22/2017 Field #1
9:00am Cubs (6) at Yankees (16)
11:00am* Marlins (8) at Angels (5)
1:00pm* White Sox (2) at A's (13)
Monday 4/24/2017 Field #1
6:00pm A's (17) at Red Sox (6)
Tuesday 4/25/2017  Field #1
6:00pm Yankees at White Sox (PPD until 5/12)
Wednesday 4/26/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Red Sox (6) at Angels (7)
Thursday, 4/27/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Marlins (3) at A's (5) (makeup of 4/21 game)
Friday 4/28/2017 Field #1
6:00pm White Sox (4) at Angels (13)
8:00pm Cubs (17) at Red Sox (4)
Saturday 4/29/2017 Field #1
9:00am A's (3) at Yankees (10)
11:00am Cubs (5) at Marlins (8)
1:00pm Red Sox (4) at White Sox (9) (makeup of 4/19 game)
Red Sox (3) at White Sox (10)
Monday 5/1/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Red Sox (1) at Yankees (14)
Tuesday 5/2/2017 Field #1
6:00pm White Sox (1) at Marlins (11)
Wednesday 5/3/2017 Field #1
6:00pm A's (14) at Cubs (8)
Thursday 5/4/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Marlins (16) at Red Sox (0)
Friday 5/5/2017 #1
 6:00pm White Sox at Cubs (PPD; makeup 5/7 @ 9:00am)
8:00pm Angels at Yankees (PPD makeup TBD)
Saturday 5/6/2017 Field #1
9:00am Cubs at White Sox (PPD makeup TBD)
11:00am Angels (7) at A's (6)
1:00pm Yankees (7) at Marlins (1)
Sunday 5/7/2017 Field #1
9:00am White Sox (10) at Cubs (6) (makeup of 5/5 game) 
Monday 5/8/2017 Field #1
6:00pm A's (13) at Marlins (4)
Tuesday 5/9/2017 Field #1
 6:00pm Yankees (13) at Angels (1)
Wednesday 5/10/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Red Sox (6) at Cubs (3)
Thursday 5/11/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Marlins (2) at Yankees (3)
Friday 5/12/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Yankees (11) at White Sox (1) (originally scheduled 4/25) 
8:00pm A's (13) at Angels (0)
Saturday 5/13/2017 Field #1
9:00am Yankees (7) at Cubs (4)
11:00am White Sox (7) at Red Sox (9)
1:00pm Angels (13) at Red Sox (11) (originally scheduled 4/21)
Monday 5/15/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Cubs (14) at Angels (3)
Tuesday 5/16/2017 Field #1
6:00pm A's (10) at White Sox (3)
Wednesday 5/17/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Angels (10) at Marlins  (9)
Thursday 5/18/2017 Field #1 
6:00pm Cubs (0) at A's (15)
8:00pm Angels (4) at Yankees (7)  (originally scheduled 5/5)
Friday 5/19/2017 Field #1
8:00pm Red Sox (2) at Marlins (5)
Saturday 5/20/2017 Field #1
9:00am White Sox (3) at Yankees (11)
11:00am Red Sox (3) at A's (13)
1:00pm Angels (9) at Cubs (5)
Monday 5/22/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Yankees (15) at Red Sox (0)
 Tuesday 5/23/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Angels (5) at White Sox (1)
Wednesday, 5/24/2017 AAA Field
5:45pm  Cubs (11) atWhite Sox (6) (makeup of 5/6 game) 
Wednesday 5/24/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Yankees (4) at A's (7)
Thursday 5/25/2017 Field #1
6:00pm Marlins (16) at White Sox (1)
Dear Southington South Little League Families,
We are pleased to announce the availability of fan / spirit wear for purchase by our players, family and friends.  This is also a fundraiser for the league and the proceeds from this will be utilized to offset the costs we have for our equipment and uniform purchases.
We are utilizing Billings Sports for this order and they are one of our providers of equipment and uniforms for the league.  They have established a website to facilitate ordering items for purchase.  See below for further details, but the way this will work, is that we will keep the website open for a period of time to collect all the orders.  The order will then be placed by Billings with the clothing/shirt manufacturer and once received, they will print the league logo and other aspects available on the hooded sweatshirt.  Billings will then provide the final product to the league and we will make the purchases available for pickup at the concession stand or other designated location.  The league will email everyone when the items are in but expect a 2 to 3 week timeframe from once the order is placed.
We are a little behind this year on getting this set up as we moved to a new provider for this with Billings and working through the details and logistics of setting up the website and items to purchase.  This will be much simpler in the future. If there is enough demand and requests beyond the initial order period, we can and may open up another order period or during the fall as appropriate.
Any questions on sizing or with the website, please e-mail Jim Bombria at Derek Kohl, our League Equipment Manager can be contacted at ,if necessary as well with any questions. Thanks for your continued support of the league and hope that everyone enjoys and wears their spirit wear around Town.
Order Process
1.       Log onto
2.       Click on online form.
3.       Enter Code:  ssouth17
4.       Select Items.
Closing or Signature by league or Brian. 
2017 Election Results for Executive Board Members 11/7/16 takes effect 1/1/17
-Brian T. Dunne-President
-Sean Fisher-Vice President
-Danny Perkins-Treasurer
- Secretary-Ryan O'Donnell
-Chris Matusik-Vice President Jr./Sr. League
-Jamie Leggett-Player Agent
 -Mark Zigmont-Safety Officer
2017 Positions filled for Committee Members & Coordinators/Directors
-John Nitz-Training Coordinator
-Tom O'Reilly-Communications Director
-Scott Kroll [AAA Field #2], Jeremy Shea, Matt Vose [AA Fields #4 +#5 ], Chris Matusik [Jr./Sr./Field #3], LL Managers [LL Majors] Field #1-Fields & Facilities Coordinators 
Derek Kohl-Equipment Coordinator
Kevin Fink-AAA Coordinator
Matt Vose-AA Coordinator
Mike Cyr-T-ball Coordinator
Fundraising Committee-Curtis Migliore, Bryan Graven, Brian Dunne, Mike Cyr
Ryan O'Donnell-Insurance Director
Melanie Roper, Jenn Dunne, Pam Smith, Michele Goodenough, Kellie DelVecchia, Jennifer Haberski-Concession Committee 
*2016 Town Champions Southington South LL Majors A's*
2016 League Champions Southington South A's [LL Manager/Head Coach-Sean Fisher] 
Southington South Families & Friends-
This week the South A’s will be playing for the Town Championship
The South A’s will play on Thursday, June 16 at 5:45 p.m. against the West Orioles at the West.  A's win vs. West Orioles 5-3 in 6 innings. 
The A’s win that game, the A’s will play on Saturday, June 18 at 11:00 a.m. against the North Angels at the South.  A's win vs. North Angels 13-12 in 7 innings. 
Remaining games are [Happy Father's Day] Sunday, June 19 at 5:45 p.m. @ North/Memorial Park.  North Angels vs. A's 7-8 in 6 innings-the A's win the Town Championship!!!

Please come and support the South A’s!
Coaches Committe met last week on Thursday, May from 8:30 p.m.-11 p.m. to review bio's/applications
The committee members consisted of Head Coaches from T-Ball, AA and AAA divisions (4) plus the President (1) for a total of 5 individuals.  Discussions were held about each applicant and voting took place for our 10, 11 & 12 year old District Coaches for Southington South LL. 
Congratulations to the following District Managers/Head Coaches who were selected for the 2016 season:
10 year old District Manager/Head Coach-Jim Rusiecki
  11 year old District Manager/Head Coach-Jamie Leggett
12 year old District Manager/Head Coach-Scott Kieras 
10 yr. old District Team 
JD Anderson 
Caden Angelo
Nico Boyle
Gregory Dunne
John Flynn
Jayden Maia
Anthony Matusik
Mark O’Donnell
Sean O’Reilly
Kieran Perkins
Tyler Porter
Shane Richter
Julia Rusiecki
11 yr. old District Team 
Brady Aylward
Jack Barnum
Thomas Buonanni
Jason Fisher
Tyler Grabowski
Josh Krom
Jamie Leggett
Brandon Migliore
Ryan O'Donnell
Ben Roper
Sean Roper
Ben Thomas
A. J. Wood
12 yr. old District Team 
 Cal Angelo
John DelDebbio
Jack Freyler
Mike Furgalack
Ben Gorr
Jack Hills
Alex Kieras
Trenton Lord
John O’Connor
Josh Pyle
Jackson Rusiecki
Liam Schroeder
Ethan Sheline  

Saturday, January 9
Southington South Little League


Please note there is no parking along Maxwell Noble Drive alongside Fields 1 or 2 on either side of the street. There is also no parking inside the gated area -- whether or not it’s open -- by Field 4 (AA field) and batting cages. This is a safety issue. Also, please abide by the posted speed limits within the park. There have been several close calls with kids and adults almost getting hit by cars. Thank you for your cooperation.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 12/4 Diamond General Membership Meeting 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM Spartan's II
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