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Spokane Softball Umpires Association
Chuck Stewart
P.O. Box 14903
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Wednesday, March 27



Direct Deposit: We will have a direct deposit option this year for paychecks. This is much more efficient than paper checks that can and often do get delayed in the mail. If you want to sign up you’ll need to complete the form that is available in "Rules, Documents & Materials" under SSUA Policies.  Scan and email it back to me, put in the regular mail, or take a picture with your phone and text it to me. Any method of getting me the info will suffice.

Payroll Schedule: Regular payroll will be processed monthly on the 5th. Direct deposits will post to your account the next business day. Paper checks can be picked up or will be mailed on the 5th. Mid-month and special request options will be available for a $3 fee. This information is also available in "Rules, Documents & Materials" under SSUA Policies.

Game Reports: We still have a requirement to submit a game report any time something out of the ordinary occurs, i.e., rainouts, forfeits, no teams present, change in travel pay arrangements, etc. If everything was normal then the game report is not required.This information is also available in "Rules, Documents & Materials" under SSUA Policies.

Uniforms and equipment:  Have a need, uniform pieces out of date or need updating, ditto with equipment. 924-6531 is the number.



Our formal classroom training is over for the winter/spring. Now it's time to get on the field and apply what you have learned. We'll work on putting together some onfield training this spring, and anytime you have a question please get in touch with USA Softball UIC Dennis Keys or any member of the SSUA Board. All their contact information is conveniently available at the bottom of this web pagte.

Go out and have fun!



If you want to umpire high school games you must have the WOA - Washington Officials Association - requirments completed before you can be assigned. High schools have started playing games. You're  needed! Get onto the WOA website and complete the registration process.

Having trouble? Contact the assignors, Marty Boles or Bob Francis, and get their assistance. Their contact information is at the bottom of this page. Get with it!



Bob Baugh, a 15-year umpire, received the Campbell-Stewart Award at the annual SSUA banquet on Saturday night, Nov. 10, at the Airport Ramada Inn.

The award, which started in 1975, is named for two former longtime Spokane ASA - now USA Softball - umpires in chief, F. Bruce Campbell and Chuck Stewart, and recognizes an umpire for "longevity, dedication, excellence and service to softball umpiring in the Spokane area."

Baugh, who overcame some health issues early in his career, gives the same effort to a junior high game or 10U game as he does to a GSL varsity or 18U game. He has said of the junior high and 10U players, "these kids work just as hard, have just as much fun (as the more experienced players) and deserve the best we have."

He was an SSUA Rookie of the Year in 2003, an Umpire of the Year in 2015, has worked three State High School Tournaments and numerous ASA (USA Softball) championship tournaments, including the 2015 16U/18U ASA Western National.

John Klemish received the Presidential Pride award from president Steve Quaid. Klemish took up umpiring a few years ago to earn some spending money while he attended community college, Quaid said, and has become one of the association's most dependable and hardest working umpires. He was recognized with the Most Improved umpire award in 2017.

Other awards went to Dave Berghammer, Umpire of the Year-Adult; Joseph "Kenny" Williams, Umpire of the Year-Youth; Robert "Bobby" Kuck, Most Improved; Carissa Ware, Rookie of the Year-Adult; and Chris Hargrave, Rookie of the Year-Youth.

Sal Jackson, one of the founders of the Spokane Valley Girls softball program, was given the association's Home Run Award that goes to a non-member who makes or has made a significant contribution to the association and/or softball in the community. 



President Steve Quaid and Gary Kuck, At-Large Director 1, were re-elected to two-year terms at the 2018 SSUA elections on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at Chester Elementary School. 

Chris Hargrave, a first-year umpire, was elected At-Large Director 3, a position that goes to an umpire who has been a member for three years or less. It carries a one-year term. 

Quaid was the only nominee for president. Kuck prevailed in a field with Mike McCaskill and Skip Taylor. Hargrave ran against Nik McIndoe. 

McCaskill and McIndoe were elected to one-year terms on the five-person Appeals Board along with Randy Harnasch, Cam Preston and Chuck Stewart. Kathleen Burns and Bob Baugh were elected as alternates. Stewart was later elected by Appeals Board members to serve as chairman.

Returning to complete two-year terms are vice president Bryan Raschka; Dennis Keys, At-Large Director 2; and Jeff Camp, secretary. Ron Snyder is Past President. 

The new board takes office on Dec. 1.



There's been some confusion on what uniforms we should be wearing for the different programs. So the SSUA Board has spelled it out in a document called SSUA Uniform Policy and posted it under "SSUA Policies" in "Rules, Documents & Materials."

Take a look ... maybe even print it out. It's a valuable document. Most importantly, FOLLOW IT!



April 12-14 - USA Softball Region 9 National Umpire School in Douglas, Wyoming. Jerry Kramer is the coordinator. Contact him at (307) 797- 0684 for details.

June 19-23 - USA Softball National Advanced Fastpitch Camp in Cincinnati. See flyer in Rules, Documents & Materials under "Training - Clinics & Schools"

July 23-28, 2019 - How'd you like to work the plate in the championship game of a national tournament? Sound like fun? Start working toward that goal NOW! You'll have two opportunities in 2019. USA Softball, which earlier announced that the girls 14U A Western National would be played in Spokane on the aforementioned dates, said the 16U A Western National will join it in a combined national showcase event, USA Softball of Idaho District 8 (Spokane) Commissioner Jamie Stewart announced. A great opportunity for all of SSUA and the Spokane USA softball community!



Congratulations to Randy Harnasch, an SSUA umpire since 1984, former association president and Spokane ASA Umpire in Chief, for being inducted into the Inland Empire Softball Hall of Fame during the organization's 42nd awards banquet June 23 at the Northside Eagles Lodge.

Randy, who is still an active umpire as well as serving the association as a training instructor, is the 22nd Spokane softball umpire to be enshrined. See the full list in the "History' category in Rules, Documents & Materials.

The Inland Empire Softball Hall of Fame and Spokane Metro Softball Hall of Fame lists can be found on the USA Softball of Idaho District 8 (Spokane) website.  



2019 City and County program rules, codes of conduct and bat policies all under "Local Rules"

2019 CAA rules under "Local Rules" 

2019 Area High School Rules & Banned Bats in "School Rules"

2019 USA Softball Banned Bats (listed) with Local Stickers in "Local Rules" 

2019 Welcome to SSUA, a Fact Sheet FAQs in "Information" 

2019 USA Softball Rules Changes & Comments in "National Rules"

2019 USA Softball Umpire Exam & Answer Sheet in "USA Softball" 

2019 NFHS Softball Rules Changes & Comments on Rule Changes in "High School Rules"

2019 USA Softball-National Federation-NCAA Rules Differences in "School" and "National" 

SSUA Major Awards and SSUA Yearly Awards both updated through 2018 in "Awards & Honors" 

2018 School & Recreation Tournament Umpires and SSUA Awards under "Rec & High School Tournament Umpires"

2019 USA Softball Fastpitch Camp flyer and registration in "Training - Clinics & Schools" 

2018 SSUA Uniform Policy approved by the board on Oct. 3, 2018 

Ever wondered which SSUA umpires have worked State High School Tournaments? Thanks to John Isles, that information is now available with the click of a mouse. You'll find it under History in "Rules, Documents & Materials." Thanks John 

USA Softball National Championship Tournament umpire agreement (contract) under "USA Softball" 

NASO Strong Safety, a program promoting a safe, secure environment for officials under, "Training - PowerPoints & Material"

SSUA Board Minutes

SSUA Bylaws and Policies & Procedures Manual

Gary Broadbent Memories compiled by Jim & Carolee Nyborg in News & Notes, section No. 11 



Rich Hobson and Chuck Stewart, two former Spokane umpires in chief, were inducted into the USA Softball of Idaho Hall of Fame on Feb. 10 at the association’s state meeting in Spokane.

Also at the state meeting, two other SSUA umpires and longtime former Commissioner Fuzzy Buckenberger were honored.

Jeff Camp, an umpire for 12 years who has worked seven USA Softball national championship tournaments, including three at the elite youth gold level, received the Larry Musgrove Award. Nic McIndoe, a 14-year-old first-year umpire who attends St. George’s, was given the Bob Martin Award.

Buckenberger received the Red Halpern Lifetime Achievement Award in memory of the late former longtime Idaho commissioner from Coeur d’Alene.

And two former Spokane women’s major modified pitch standout multiple All-Americans, Linda Bushinski and Kristi Kuntz, were inducted into the USA Softball Northwest Mountain Region 9 Hall of Fame.

See the story in Rules, Documents & Materials under the "News 'N Notes" tab.



Dennis Keys, a softball umpire for 18 years, is the new USA Softball of Idaho District 8 (Spokane) Umpire in Chief, Commissioner Jamie Stewart announced.

Keys, the 2017 Spokane Softball Umpires Association Umpire of the Year at the youth level, replaces Ken Mathia, who resigned in November after three years to spend more time with his family.

“I again want to thank Ken for his service to USA Softball,” said Stewart, emphasizing the importance of family as a priority.

Turning to his selection, Stewart said, “We’re all excited about the appointment of Dennis Keys into the role of Umpire in Chief. He will bring a veteran’s experience and a rookie’s energy to the position.”

Keys, 64, echoed that sentiment, noting he feels energy is one of his attributes.

“I want to help make Spokane softball better at all levels,” he said. “I’m a good communicator, easy going, and I love our game.”

Keys was also a basketball official for 16 years. In fact, he said, it was at a basketball meeting that a friend suggested he give softball umpiring a try. He did and was hooked.

Keys, who is retired following a 14-year career installing sprinkler systems, has umpired in four USA Softball National Championship youth tournaments and two high school State tournaments.

He is a member of the SSUA board of directors and was also the association's Umpire of the Year-Adult in 2014.

Keys will be assisted by Deputy Umpires in Chief Bryan Raschka and Carl Durr.



Campbell-Stewart Award – Bob Baugh

Presidential Pride Award - John Klemish

Umpire of the Year Adult - Dave Berghammer

Umpire of the Year Youth - Joseph "Kenny" Williams

Most Improved - Robert "Bobby" Kuck

Rookie of the Year Adult - Carissa Ware 

Rookie of the Year Youth -Chris Hargrave  

Home Run Award - Sal Jackson, founder of Spokane Valley Girls softball 

Five SSUA members received WOA Recognition Program years-of-service pins:

Carl Durr, 20 years

Chuck Stewart, 20 years 

Bob Baugh, 15 years

Jasmine Devereaux, 5 years

Joseph "Kenny" Williams, 5 years   

Congratulations all!  



Fellow SSUA Umpires. We’re compiling a list of our former members who have died to create a “memorial plaque” that we can post on the 4th of July Shootout website, since the tournament is dedicated to our deceased members, and also on Facebook and the SSUA website.

If you know of past members who have died, please get the names to Chuck Stewart at, or give him a call at 995-2499. 


On the Internet ...

National Federation training video: Plate mechanics
National Federation training video: Look-back rule



• Google Maps to help you find a school or a park

USA Softball background checks

SSUA Facebook


National Federation Softball


National Federation dumbthings smart officials believe

USA Softball rules clarificationand plays

USA Softball Inside Pitch




Rain, rain go away … but if it doesn’t …

check the status of your game

on the SSUA Weather Hotline, 509-723-4511


        Games canceled or postponed by weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, by 12 noon will be posted to the Weather Hotline. … Umpires will be called regarding cancellations or postponements that occur after 12 noon.


       In the event of inclement weather, ifyour game is not on the recorded message and you haven’t been called, GO TO YOUR GAME SITE! Because weather conditions can vary within our area, rainouts ARE NOT one-size-fits-all. You may have to postpone a game when you arrive, but that is one of your responsibilities that you can’t do from home!






       Interested in umpiring? Contact information for the SSUA Board ofDirectors and USA Softball of Idaho District 8 Umpire in Chief Dennis Keys is below.

              No experience isnecessary, just a love of the game and a willingness to learn. And training is free!



Find out what you're eligible for; check out the application forms


National Indicator Fraternity:


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      USA Softball

       Board Minutes

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PRESIDENT - Steve Quaid ... 638-7050 (c) …

VICEPRESIDENT - Bryan Raschka …  362-0044 (c) …

DIRECTOR  1 - Gary Kuck … 951-8281 (c) …

DIRECTOR 2 - Dennis Keys ... 714-8373  (c) ...

DIRECTOR 3 - Chris Hargrave … 342-8230 (c) ... 

SECRETARY - Jeff Camp ... 535-7875 (c) ...

PAST PRESIDENT - Ron Snyder … 381-8535 (c)



Ron Snyder, chairman … 381-8535 (c)

Craig Adams ... 999-5660 (c) ...

Marty Boles ... 607-5908 (c) ...

Bob Francis ... 230-5045 (c) ...

John Isles ... 487-3557 (h) ...




Randy Harnasch ... 281-45-25 (h) ... 

Mike McCaskill ... 216-4380 ...

Nic McIndoe ... 954-0887 (c) ...

Cam Preston ... 869-8371 (c) ...

Chuck Stewart, chairman ... 995-2499 (c) ...

Bob Baugh (alternate) ... 238-2454 ...

Kathleen Burns (alternate) ... 922-2572 (h) ...


ASSIGNER & WOA LIAISON - Bob Francis … 230-5045 (c) ...

ASSISTANT ASSIGNER - Marty Boles … 607-5908 (c) ...


TREASURER – Rich Hobson … 924-6531 (h) (treasurer business only)  

WOA CLINICIAN - Kathleen Burns … 922-2572 (h) …

USA SOFTBALL of IDAHO DISTRICT 8 UIC - Dennis Keys, 714-8373 (c) …

USA Softball of Idaho District 8 Deputy UIC - Bryan Raschka ... 362-0044 (c) ...

USA Softball of Idaho District 8 Deputy UIC - Carl Durr ... 995-0890 (c) ...

UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT - Rich Hobson …924-6531 (h) …

WEBSITE - Chuck Stewart … 995-2499 (c) …

Other phone numbers, if applicable, available in the Arbiter

Spokane Softball Umpires Association
Spokane Softball Umpires Association

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