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Spokane Softball Umpires Association
Spokane Softball Umpires Association  
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Spokane Softball Umpires Association
Chuck Stewart
P.O. Box 8304
Spokane, Washington

2016 All-Day Clinic at University High School ... Follow us on Facebook
Sunday, May 1




Wed, May 4 - All Umpires ... MEETING CANCELED!

Wed, June 1 - All Umpires... Site, time to be announced


New to Rules, Documents & Materials ...
Board Minutes return to Rules, Documents & Materials
2016 Crash Mother's Day Tournament Rules
Full set of 2016 City Leagues Rules (Coed, Men, Women, Masters (Senior), Modified)
2016 CAA Rules
2016 City Bat Testing Policy and Tournament Player Code of Conduct
2016 County Rules & Regulations
2016 High School Rules & Non-Approved (Banned) Bats updated April 13 to reflect change to Northeast 1B League rules adding a time limit
2016 District 7 (Northeast 2B & 1B schools) Middle School Rules
2016 Parochial 7th-8th Grade League Rules 
2016 ASA Umpire Test
2016 ASA Umpire Test Answer Sheet

2016 ASA Rule Changes with Comments

2016 ASA Fast Pitch Camp (school) Flyer & Materials
2016 ASA Non-Approved Bats with Pictures 
2016 County Bat Policy with Sticker
2016 ASA Non-Approved Bats list with County sticker/City policy
A Thank You letter from retiring Region 15 UIC "Wild Bill" Silves 



Campbell-Stewart Award – Carl Durr

Presidential Pride Award - Marty Boles

Umpire of the Year Adult - Brian Hall

Umpire of the Year Youth - Bob Baugh

Most Improved Adult - Daryl Williams

Most Improved Youth - Travis Thiede

Rookie of the Year Adult - Kimberlie Allen

Rookie of the Year Youth - Sydney Bruce

Home Run Award - Gerry Davis, Eagle Sports

Four SSUA members received WOA Recognition Program years-of-service pins:

Jim Wyer, 25 years
Cam Preston, 20 years (soccer & softball)
Steve Quaid, 10 years
Brian Hall, 5 years 

Congratulations all!




Umpiring in pictures

In Photo Albums, check out the slideshow shot by Jeff Camp at the 2015 Fourth of July Shootout Umpires Memorial Tournament.




• Google Maps to help you find a school or a park

ASA background checks

SSUA Facebook

National Federation officials articles

National Federation dumb things smart officials believe

ASA National Umpire Schools for 2016 & umpires website

ASA rules clarification and plays

• ASA Inside Pitch




Rain, rain go away … but if it doesn’t …

check the status of your game

on the SSUA Weather Hotline, 509-723-4511


        Games canceled or postponed by weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, by 12 noon will be posted to the Weather Hotline. … Umpires will be called regarding cancellations or postponements that occur after 12 noon.

       In the event of inclement weather, if your game is not on the recorded message and you haven’t been called, GO TO YOUR GAME SITE! Because weather conditions can vary within our area, rainouts ARE NOT one-size-fits-all. You may have to postpone a game when you arrive, but that is one of your responsibilities that you can’t do from home!





       Interested in umpiring? Contact information for the SSUA Board of Directors and Spokane ASA Umpire in Chief Ken Mathia is below.

              No experience is necessary, just a love of the game and a willingness to learn. And training is free!



Find out what you're eligible for; check out the application forms


National Indicator Fraternity:


Rules, Documents & Materials Index


           Board Minutes

1.    SSUA Bylaws

2.    Local Rules

3.  National Rules

4. School Rules

5.    ASA Clarification & Plays

6.    Training - Clinics & Schools

7.  Training - PowerPoints & Material

8.    SSUA Policies

9.    Information

10.    ASA National Awards Programs 

11. News 'n Notes

12. History

13.  Awards & Honors

14. Rec & High School Tournaments

15. 4th of July Shootout



PRESIDENT - Steve Quaid ... 638-7050 (c)…

VICE PRESIDENT - Chuck DeBruin … 990-2691 (c) …

ADULT DIRECTOR - Gary Kuck … 951-8281 (c) …

YOUTH DIRECTOR - Carl Durr ...  995-0890 (c) ...

AT-LARGE – Margaret Madsen … 688-9233 (c) …

SECRETARY - Brian Hall ... 496-9827 (c) ...

PAST PRESIDENT - Ron Snyder … 381-8535 (c)



Ron Snyder, chairman … 381-8535 (c)

Craig Adams ... 999-5660 (c) ...

Gale Hart ... 981-4493 (c) ...

John Isles ... 487-3557 (h) ...

Ken Mathia ... 951-8860 (c) ...

Bryan Raschka ... 362-0044 (c) ...

Dallas Williams ... 999-7369 (c) ...



Kathleen Burns … 922-2572 (h) …

Randy Harnasch … 291-4525 (h) …

Chuck Stewart, chairman … 995-2499 (c) ...

Dennis Keys ... 879-2339 (c) ...




ASSIGNER & WOA LIAISON - Bob Francis … 230-5045 (c) ...

ASSISTANT ASSIGNER - Marty Boles … 671-9429 (c) ...


TREASURER – Rich Hobson … 924-6531 (h) (treasurer business only) .  

WOA CLINICIAN - Kathleen Burns … 922-2572 (h) …

ASA UIC - Ken Mathia … 951-8860 (c) …

UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT - Rich Hobson …924-6531 (h) …

WEBSITE - Chuck Stewart … 995-2499 (c) …

Other phone numbers, if applicable, available in the Arbiter @

Spokane Softball Umpires Association
Spokane Softball Umpires Association
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