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9U Copley and Tallmadge
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Saturday, April 12
9U Copley Indians and Tallmadge Dirt Devils at first SSBL Game of the 2014 Season!(see first pitch below and first batter at the bottom of page-)

Joe Stock delivers first pitch of 2014 SSBL Season for Copley Indians
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2014 Registration is open for all new and returning High School teams to SSBL You can download and print a registration form by clicking on "SSBL Rules and Forms" on the left side of the Homepage.

The scheduling Meeting for the Summer High School League is Sunday May 18th at 1:00 pm at the Lake Cable Clubhouse in Jackson Township.




If you want to order the official Nations Baseball for the 2014 season you can do so by downloading the order form here by clicking on "SSBL Rules and Forms" Fill it out and mail to SSBL with payment. You can pick up the baseballs at the March 23rd Scheduling meeting.




The scheduling meeting for ages 8U-14U will take place Sunday March 23rd also at Lake Cable Clubhouse. We will be starting at 10:00 am, specific times per age group will be announced by Feb. 1.


The scheduling meeting for High School age teams 15U and older will take place Sunday May 18th also at the Lake Cable Clubhouse.


  •   SSBL is accepting registrations for new travel teams for 2014 Spring/Summer.  Age groups are (single) 8U-16U, 18U and 22U.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in registering a team in any of these age groups for the 2014 season.


 Contact Information: 

Randy Cupari, SSBL League Director


P.O. Box 35755

Canton, Ohio 44735


 You can access information for the following by clicking on the appropriate link to your left:

  • Tournaments
  • Players seeking teams
  • Teams seeking players
  • Umpires seeking games

Ty Hurst takes first at bat of the SSBL season for the Tallmadge Dirt Devils.
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put me in coach by john fogherty