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Monday, September 16
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2 Ashley Marriner
4 Anna Marie Tyndall
6 Hannah Vinson
7 Rylee Pate
00 Courtney Pierre
12 Connor Vinson
17 Taylor Niemotka


Play like a girl

Monday, October 7
2013  HS ASA SWING FOR A CURE  Fayetteville  First 
2013  HS ASA North Central/So Va FALL STATE  Oxford  First 
2013 HS ASA PITT COUNTY CLASSIC Greenville  First
2013  HS USSSA Nationals  Cary  First 
2013 HS USSSA  Kinston  Second 
2013   HS USSSA  Fayetteville  Third 
2013  HS USSSA Wendell  First 
2013  HS USSSSA  Washington  Second 
2013  HS USSSA  Rocky Mount  First 
2013  14u USSSA  Kinston  Second 
2013  14u USSSA Cary  Second 
2013 High School USSSA   Greenville  Second
2013  High School USSSA Reece Cup  Selma  Second 
2012  High School USSSA Trunk or Treat  Kinston  Second 
2012 High School  USSSA Fall Smackdown  Greenville  First 
2012  14u USSSA Fall Smackdown Selma First 
2012  14u USSSA Summers End  Clayton First 
2012  14u USSSA   Raeford  First 
2012  14u USSSA Back to School Bash  Clayton First
2012  14u USSSA Bringing the Heat  Fuquay-Varina  Second 
2012  14u USSSA Queen of Diamonds  Clayton  First 
2012  12u USSSA Hope Classic  Pine Level  Second 
2012  14u USSSA  April Showdown Goldsboro  Second 
2012 12u USSSA Easter Bunny Special  Kinston  Second 
2012  14u USSSA March Fest  Greenville  First 
2012  12u USSSA March Fest  Fayetteville   First
2012  14u USSSA Knockin' Off the Rust  Fayetteville Second 
2011  14u USFA Fall Classic  Clinton Second 
2011  10u USFA Fall Blast  Clayton Third 
2011  14u USFA Fall Smackdown  Smithfield  Third 
2011   14u USFA  Kinston  Second 
2011 10u USFA Hope Classic  Micro  Third 
2011  12u WFC World Series  Myrtle Beach  Fifth 
2011  14u USFA Summer Blast  Kinston  First 
2011 14u USFA "B" State Tournament  Kinston  Third 
2011  12u USFA State Tournament  Kinston  Fourth 
2011  12u USFA WFC Battle at Walnut Creek  Raleigh  First 
2011  14u USFA May Showdown  Clinton Second 
2011  12u USFA Spring Break  Smithfield  First
2011 12u USFA  Kinston  Second 
2011  12 u USFA Clinton Second 
2011  12u USFA  Pine Level  Third 
2011  12u USFA  Smithfield  Second 
2010 12u USFA Trunk or Treat Kinston Second
2010 12u USFA  Smithfield Second 
2010   12u USFA Fall Smackdown Clinton First
2010  12u USFA Smithfield Second 
2010   12u USFA Hope Classic Smithfield First
2010 12u Fast Nationals Florida  Third
2010  14u USFA "C" State Tournament  Kinston  First 
2010  12u USFA "A" State Tournament Kinston Third 
2010 12u USFA State Warm -Up Clinton First
2010  12u WFC Battle at Walnut Creek Walnut Creek First 
2010  12u NC USFA Queen of the Diamond Smithfield First
2010 12u NC USFA Greenville  Third 
2010 12u NC USFA 


2010 12u NC USFA Kinston  Third
2010 12u NC USFA Smithfield Third
2009 12u NC USFA Fall Smackdown Kinston  First
2009  12u NC USFA Slugfest Smithfield Second
2009 12u NC USFA Fall Challenge Smithfield  Third 


12u NC USFA Fall Blast

Nahunta First
2009 12u NC USFA End of Summer Blues Nahunta Second
08-09 10u Southern Slammer Season    89-21-3
2009 10u WFC World Series Myrtle Beach Third
2009 10u NC USFA Summer Challenge Rocky Mt. First
2009 10u NC USFA Summer Blast ECAP Second
2009 10u NC USFA State Kinston Second
2009 10u NC USFA Warm-up for the State Nahunta First
2009 10u NC USFA Bringin' the Heat Clinton First
2009 10u NC USFA May Showdown North Johnston Second
2009 10u NC USFA Spring Break Rocky Mt. First
2009 10u NC USFA April Showdown ECAP First
2009 10u NC USFA Swing into Spring Kinston First
2008 10u NC USFA Trunk or Treat Kinston First
2008 10u NC USFA Fall Blast Rocky Mt. Second