North Warriors: Welcome

Welcome to T-Ball Yankees!

Message from Coach Kraig:

"Baseball is a fun and exciting sport.  My intentions are not to create the next Derek Jeter from this group, but rather to make this an incredibly fun season for each of the boys; and hopefully they walk away from this season having learned a little about the game and eager to play again next year."

Monday, March 15
We have an obligation to the league to fill UMP Spots.
I've never ump'd a game in my life, but I'm signed up for a few games which gives us 7 out of the 25 points required.  If you can do it, please do it because we are obligated.  I think you even get a hot dog and coke out of the deal which was the real reason why I volunteered to do it anyway.
Dan Diesel is the league director for this program:
He is a real nice guy and real casual about coverage.
Help us out and volunteer for a few games.  I'm covering two and that was 7 points; so if I get a couple more people to grab a few games each, we're covered. 
Please step up.
Coach Kraig