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42nd Annual Saint Mary's Basketball Tournament

Welcome to the 2016 St Mary's Basketball Tournament

This year the tournament will run from Thurs., February 25 to Sun., March 13
We are currently accepting applications.
2015 Championship Game Results:
BJJV :  Winner - Saint Thomas Gold; Runner-up St Thomas Blue
GJJV:  Winner -   Saint Thomas; Runner-up Saint Thomas  
GJV   Winner:  Saint Thomas SC; Runner-up: Saint Mary Milford
BJV   Winner:  Saint Mary Milford 6; Saint Thomas - White
GV     Winner:  Saint Thomas 8; Runner-up: Saint Mary Milford
BV     Winner:  Saint Mary Milford; Runner-up St Thomas 8 - SC
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  Class of 2015
Please check here for any changes to schedule due to weather. All Changes will be posted to this site.

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Thursday, March 20
40th Annual Basketball Champions - 2014

Congratulations to our 2014 Champions and Runner's Up

Girls Jr. Jr. Varsity Champions   :    St Catherine Siene
Girls Jr. Jr. Varsity Runner's Up:    St Thomas Aquinas

Boys Jr. Jr. Varsity Champions :      St Thomas Aquinas
Boys Jr. Jr. Varsity Runner's Up:    St Joseph

Girls Junior Varsity Champions :      St Mary Milford
Girls Junior Varsity Runner's Up:    St Jude

Boys Junior Varsity Champions :      St Thomas Aquinas
Boys Junior Varsity Runner's Up:    Our Lady of Victory

Girls Varsity Champions            :      St Thomas Aquinas
Girls Varsity Runner's Up         :      St Gabriel

Boys Varsity Champions            :       St Lawrence Shelton - 8
Boys Varsity Runner's Up         :       St Joseph

Sunday, March 17
Champions and Finalists for 39th Annual Tournament

Saturday, March 3
Pictures From Our 2012 Tournament

Sunday, March 6
Photos from the 2011 37th Annual Tournament

Sunday, December 12
Winners from our 36th Annual 2010 Tournament
February 27 - March 14, 2010

Friday, February 26
2010 36th Annual Tournament Photos

Tuesday, March 9
Pictures from this slideshow

Pictures in the slideshow displayed at the top of our web page are available to parents/coaches.  There ...

Tuesday, February 22
Rosemary Rubsam Media Photos and Videos of the Tournament (and more)

 Game coverage for this tournament is available by (aka. ...

Sunday, January 4
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