St Clair Macomb Amateur Fastpitch Federation: Welcome


ST. CLAIR ~ MACOMB AMATEUR FASTPITCH FEDERATION is a softball travel team league for the St. Clair and Macomb county Michigan area. Travel teams play a 16 to 20 game schedule with a two game elimination tournament at the season end. Travel teams are for 10 & under 12 & under, 14 & under and High School division

Our purpose for this league is to provide good competition and for the improvement of your local High School teams.



12 U Playoff Bracket r1
Monday, June 19
SMAFF Playoffs

SMAFF playoffs will start for the 10U & 12 U June 26 and will end June 28. Games will be at Burville.

For 14 U and High School division Playoffs will start July 10th.

Playoffs rules.

Team with the highest seed will have choice Home or away.

Games start at 5:45

SMAFF season rules apply with one exception.

Games can not end in a tie.

If teams are tied at the end of 6 innings or have reached the 1 hour 20 min time limit we will use international tie breaker rule.



Sunday, May 29
Umpires for SMAFF games

  I just want to remind all coaches that umpires must be registered  NSA.

No team can use any umpire who is not registered NSA for our league games. 


Saturday, January 18
Michigan law that regulates sports concussions

The sports concussion legislation requires all coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to complete a concussion awareness on-line training program.

The organizing entity must provide educational materials on the signs/symptoms and consequences of concussions to each youth athlete and their parents/guardians and obtain a signed statement acknowledging receipt of the information for the organizing entity to keep on record.

The law also requires immediate removal of an athlete from physical participation in an athletic activity who is suspected of sustaining a concussion. The student athlete must then receive written clearance from an appropriate health professional before he or she can return to physical activity. 

Public Act 343 of 2012

Michigan Law regarding Compliance of Sports Concussion Awareness Training for
organizing entites, sponsors or operators of an athletic activity in which youth athletes
will participate.

 All coaches will be required to complete the online training before the league season begins. More information and handouts will be available at our league meeting.


Handout: Parent & Athlete concussion Information Sheet

Monday, October 23
Message Board Policy

In order to keep our message boards as current as possible, all postings will be removed once they are 30 days old. You are free to repost your message if you need to so.

Jim Spruytte

Coaches and Softball Players

If you are a Softball player looking for a team to play on or a coach that needs a player to fill your roster you can post your information on the message board.

Sunday, March 13
SMAFF Softball is now on Twitter


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