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2018 News and Updates



1) Baseball Players who were not on a Majors teams in 2017 and wish to be considered for the MAJORS Divison for the Spring 2018 MUST ATTEND a player evaluation* (baseball 12 year olds and eligible 9,10 and 11 year olds) 

2) However, ALL Baseball Players in the MINORS Division are strongly encouraged to attend a player evaluation* for proper team placement and balance.  ALL baseball 8 or 9 year olds who wish to be considered for the MINORS Division for the Spring 2018 MUST attend a player evaluation*

*Player evaluations will be held on Saturday, March 10th from 9am-2pm at the URI baseball barn.  Players will be notified of their specific time as we get closer to the date.


1) Girls league age 4-6 should sign up for T-Ball which is a Co-Ed League

2) Instructional softball (ages 5-7) has merged with Instructional baseball for the Spring 2018.  This is a Coach pitch league and will provide players with the fundamentals to progress to Minors softball. 

3)MINORS Softball - Flat/No Arc Pitch (Ages 7-10) - NEW THIS YEAR... No previous experience needed to play if league age 7 or older. Minors provides advanced instruction on softball fundamentals, and players are introduced to real game play. Team practice begins in April, followed by a full schedule of games. There are modified game rules (no stealing, etc.) so the focus is on learning and having fun. The players pitch along with the coaches.

4)MAJORS Softball - ages 9-12 (travels to other towns). Builds on fundamentals while teaching other aspects of the game (stealing, sliding, etc.) Team practice begins in April, followed by a full schedule of games. Little League Softball rules apply. Players only pitch. Players from this division are chosen to represent South Kingstown on District All-Star teams. 


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Sign up now at

Programs offered for boys and girls ages 4 - 16.  New players needto provide birth certificate and proof of residency.  Questions? email 

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Changes in the Major League Baseball Division: Only wood bats will be allowed for all practices and games for the 2018 spring season. For more information, click on the CHOOSING A WOOD BAT tab above.

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New Bat Regulations effective January 1, 2018 - Click on NEW BATS REQUIRED 2018 for more information



The next meeting of the SKLL Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, March 20th at 7:00pm at the Peace Dale Office Building 3rd floor. Items on the agenda include open coordinator positions; Spring 2018 Season Schedules; 2018 calendar of events.


SKLL is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization.  We encourage all our families to volunteer in whatever capacity you are able!  As a reminder, ANYONE who wants to help out on the field (or in the dugouts) must complete a Volunteer form and be approved by SKLL. The forms can be found in the Handouts section. 

Friday, December 1
2018 Spring Baseball and Softball registration is now open!

Registration for the South Kingstown Little League 2018 Spring Baseball and Softball season is open! Register before February 15th to avoid a late fee. All registrations are processed online through Sports Illustrated Play at . If you want to paying by check, the payment must be made within 3 weeks of the registration and all payments must be received by February 28.  

Please note that SKLL reorganized the lower divisions last year.
Tee Ball will provide very basic introduction to baseball including positioning, hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, sportsmanship and the basic rules of baseball. Tee Ball instruction and games will be centered on the kids hitting off of fixed tees.
Instructional baseball will provide an atmosphere for teaching/improving the basics of baseball in a non-competitive game setting including hitting a pitched ball, fielding, throwing, catching, base running, sportsmanship and knowledge of the basic rules of baseball. Instructional baseball is a coach-pitch league intended to prepare participants for Minors baseball, a player-pitch league. Baseball league age 5 and 6 year-old players must have played atleast 1 year of T-ball; and may be asked to attend a group evaluation prior to entry into the Instructional League.
Minors baseball provides a positive experience for the participants and to introduces players to a higher level of play in preparation for graduation to little league Majors baseball. This includes a continued emphasis on learning the fundamentals of the game and instruction on the finer points and strategies of baseball. The goal of Minors is to develop players of different ages at different positions in preparation for majors in a more competitive atmosphere still while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship in a positive team environment.

If you are not sure what Little League age your child is please follow these links (Baseball age chart & Softball age chart) or see our handouts page. 

Sports Illustrated Play was our registration vendor last year, so your log in information is the same. Please remember to update any information that might have changed, especially phone nmbers, addresses, and school information.


Thursday, December 1
Little League's new USA Baseball bat standard has been implemented for the 2018 season

IMPORTANT NEWS for ALL SKLL families....As of January 1, 2018, new bat standards will be implemented: USA Baseball Bat Standard 

 Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018. This applies to ALL divisions except Seniors. To assist families, an online resource page has been assembled by Little League® International, which is dedicated to the new 2018 Bat standard:

Please email us at  if you have any questions. 


Thursday, December 8
2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

It's time to get ready for another great season of South Kingstown Little League Baseball! On behalf of South Kingstown Little League, we wish to personally invite you to become a SKLL sponsor for 2018. 


South Kingstown Little League cannot operate without the generous support of our community.  Your tax-deductible sponsorship offsets the costs of equipment, player insurance, umpire training,  field maintenance, operational expenses, and will help supplement participation fees.  It’s a great way to reach local families and support your community's youth at the same time! We are proud to offer the following sponsorship opportunities for 2018:


GRAND SLAM:  Spring & Fall Team Sponsorship plus Banner - $1000 (Majors/Junior/Senior) or $850 (Minors/Softball)

ü  Sponsor a team for both Spring and Fall 2018 seasons

ü  Company name and logo will be displayed on a 5’ x 3’ banner on the outfield fence at Tuckertown Field


HOME RUN:  Spring Team Sponsorship plus Banner - $800 (Majors/Junior/Senior) or $650 (Minors/Softball)

ü  Sponsor a Spring 2018 team

ü  Company name and logo will be displayed on a 5’ x 3’ banner on the outfield fence at Tuckertown Field


TRIPLE:  Full Year (Spring & Fall) Team Sponsorship - $650 (Majors/Junior/Senior) or $500 (Minors/Softball)

ü  Sponsor a team for both Spring and Fall 2018 seasons


DOUBLE:  Spring Team Sponsorship - $500 (Majors/Junior/Senior) or $350 (Minors/Softball)

ü  Sponsor a Spring 2018 team


SINGLE:  Outfield Fence Banner - $500 

ü  Company name and logo will be displayed on a 5’ x 3’ banner on the outfield fence at Tuckertown Field


All sponsorship levels include recognition on the South Kingstown Little League website with linked company logo. All team sponsorships include your company name printed on the team uniform and a team plaque to display at your business.


Your sponsorship will allow us to continue providing a quality, affordable program for the youth of South Kingstown.  Please complete our Sponsorship Application Form to join our team.


If you have a child participating in the league and would like to be matched as the sponsor of their team, please indicate so in the “Team Request” section of the form.  We can’t guarantee team assignment, but will do our best to accommodate your request. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 781-727-2307 or via email at


Thank you for your support!


Ben Wood

Sponsorship Coordinator


Saturday, June 3
SKLL now offers apparel for its families
Show your spirit and support South Kingstown Little League. Order t-shirts, sweat shirts, and other apperel and have it shipped to your home. Visit the Prep Sportswear store to order your today.

Saturday, September 9
SKLL 2017 Annual General Membership Meeting

The South Kingstown Little League will hold its annual General Membership meeting on Wednesday, September 20th at 6:30pm at the Guild. The meeting is open to parents, coaches, volunteers, and anyone with a vested interest in the operation of South Kingstown Little League.

The agenda will include a review of 2017 annual reports and election of the 2018 Board of Directors. The SKLL Board of Directors (elected from and by the adult members of the league who Volunteered during the 2017 season) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the league within the rules, regulations and policies of Little League. In addition, the SKLL will amend their Constitution, by approval of the General Membership. 

If you are interested in serving on the Board or as a member of a committee, please respond by email by Sept. 17 to or by regular mail to SKLL, PO Box 388, Wakefield RI 02880 by September 25th.  Descriptions of the Board of Directors Roles are listed on the League Officers page.

Please visit our website for more information. 

Friday, July 1
SKLL Senior Baseball All Star team is the District 3 Champions

Congratulations to our own District 3 Champions.

2016 Senior Baseball District 3 Champions 

Eddie Blessing, Lucas Crook, Jason Fera, Noah Greene, Max Hempe, Harison Loud, Connor McGee, Owen Miech, Ethan Palazzetti, Zack Rameaka, Keegan Records, Nick Rizzo, Philip Ruhle, Peter Torphy, and Jared Walker.
Manager Frank Gallucci, Coaches Dave Hempe and Dave Palazzetti. 

Friday, November 18
Important Rule Change for the 2014 Season Residency and School Attendance Eligibility

In an effort to accommodate Little Leaguers® playing with their classmates, and ease the burden on parents and guardians, Little League® recently amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries where they attend school is located. To verify enrollment, parents will need to bring an official school document, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school for the current academic year, dated before October 1, 2013. Read the full text of the new rule here.

 In order to facilitate the change, Little League has recently created an official Little League school enrollment form. This form can be utilized by players that attend school within a league's boundary but would prefer not to provide a school performance record or school registration record in order to enroll in a league for participation. For further clarification on the new residency requirements, please view the video.

Wednesday, January 20
South Kingstown Little League

Wednesday, May 18
SKLL Message Boards!
Message Boards have been added to the website to give all SKLL families a place to communicate with each other. To access the Message Boards, click the link on the left menu.

Thursday, May 19
Lost & Found
A Lost & Found section has been added to the Message Boards. If you have lost or found any items at any of the SKLL fields or events, please check the board to see if information about the item has been posted.  If not, feel free to post information about the item on the Board.

Saturday, March 16
Little League International Bat Resource Page

Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. Click above to find the latest bat information, including the current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

They have also developed a mobile-friendly webpage that provides a current listing of licensed baseball bats with a 2 1/4 inch maximum diameter that are approved for use in the baseball divisions of Little League (Little League [Majors] Division and below).

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