St. Joseph - Hammonton Wildcats Volleyball: Welcome


Hello everyone.  To those who have never met me, my name is Karla Maisto and I am the Girl's Volleyball Head Coach here at St. Joseph-Hammonton.  This will be my fifth year at the helm of the program, and my seventh year coaching volleyball overall.  My first coaching experience came in 2006 at Gloucester Catholic, where I was the assistant coach for the girl's program.  I then spent the 2007 season as the assistant coach at Sterling High School in Somerdale where my JV team set the school record for wins in a season with 22.  Coaching volleyball has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life and I hope to continue this passion for as long as I am able.

A little about me:  I began my volleyball career at the age of 14 when I entered Eastern High School.  I played all 4 years there, and in 2001 (my senior year), my team brought home the first State Championship to South Jersey.  After high school, I went on to attend Camden County College where I received my Associate's degree in Criminal Justice.  Since the college did not have a team, I played recreationally until 2004 when I decided to attend Rutgers University in Camden.  I played varsity volleyball there, while pursing my Bachelor's degree.  I split both of my two years there as both a hitter and a setter.  I hold numerous school and NCAA national records, the most decorated being the only person to ever serve out an entire 5th set, 15-0.  In the same match, I also set the NCAA record of 19 aces in a 5-set match, both of which still hold true today.  I currently rank 16th in DIII career service aces per set.  As you might expect, I continue to play 3-5 times a week women's, co-ed, and men's leagues during the indoor season, and beach doubles during the summer.

A message from me: Many high school coaches (girl's and boy's alike) believe mainly in negative reinforcement.  If you make even the slightest mistake on the court, they make sure you and everyone in the stands knows it.  In my experience, I have found that that kind of behavior might work on boys, but it only serves to dampen girls' spirits; so much so to the point of no longer enjoying the sport.  I refuse to let myself become one of those coaches where it is either "my way or the highway."  I am always willing to listen to the questions and concerns of my players.  I will always hear suggestions on different drills we can try or skills you believe we need to work on.  However, I do have the final say.  In order to play on my team, you must respect the decisions of both myself and my assistant coach.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I am looking forward to a fun, successful 2012 campaign!

 *How you practice is how you play*  *Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy*