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Football interview with Premier League Oranje FC's coach, Tom Bus

I'm sure many of us enjoy reading Tom Bus's weekly game report masterpiece under that's Shanghai online magazine. On May 11th 2013, FC Oranje won Hebiguchi Cup 2013. It seems good timing to know a little more about Tom Bus and his team.


  • Question: You always put your own total game countdown in Oranje FC game report. Where do you stand exactly knowing Shanghai Shooters have celebrated their 400th game against Beaver United on 13th of April, 2013?

Tom Bus: Our club was established on April 20, 1993. With 2 decades under our belt we are the oldest amateur football club in Shanghai. Our first match was against Belgium on April 20, ‘93. We played them again a few weeks after that, played a game versus a German team as well and 2 matches versus the Asia Pacific Brewery in that year. In 1994 we played 33 games. In total FC Oranje has played 494 games including friendlies (excluding int’l tourneys since 1995 and 7s football). Later this year we expect to play our 500th game. My total number of caps for FC Oranje: 441. Total number of SIFL caps: 360. I have been manager/captain of FC Oranje since it was set up.


  • Q: Beside your SIFL total game record, you are recognized as one of the figures of the SIFL league. From the Taliban issue to your weekly masterpiece league reports on That's Shanghai... How you would describe yourself?

TB: The Taliban had infiltrated the Krauts and Tali B. wuz going for me head. As can be clearly observed from photographic evidence. I am a football lover. It’s the world’s most popular sport and in Shanghai it’s also a kind of lifestyle with the involvement of various pubs/bars and entertainment venues that support many teams. At the same time you can meet people from every corner of the world regardless of nationality, background, race or religion all showing love for the game. That’s what connects us all and to me that is a wonderful ongoing experience. I enjoy managing and coaching our club, specially seeing our players enjoying themselves during training and matches. I also enjoy writing the roundups and write it with enthusiasm with a twist. Life is already serious enough, more laughter is needed.


  • Q: It seems that you are both Owner of (cf. your LinkedIn profile) and Oranje FC. Which club is the most important for you?

TB: Both are important to me. I was born in Twente so FC Twente is the club I grew up with. In 2008 I set up a Chinese version of their website and the next season they became champions for the very first time. It felt like liberation of an entire region, even the folks from Amsterdam were sympathetic. FC Twente is an ambitious club with great plans for China. FC Oranje is also very important to me as this club has given me enormous joy for over 2 decades now. I have met many people and made great friendships with all the players that have passed through the Orange door as well as with players from the clubs we have competed against. Can say that Saturday is my favorite day of the week.


  • Q: It is my understand that Oranje FC is one of the founding teams of the SIFL and has been playing since 1995 (Correct me if I'm wrong). On the league website, I found 3 trophy lines with SIFL Cup Winners in 1996/1997, 1st Division Champions in 2007/2008 (below) and now Hebiguchi Cup winner in 2012/2013. Anything missing?

TB: Yes, we are a founding team. We won a number of other SIFL trophies as well. Personally I treasure the ‘coach of the year award’ in the 07/08 season a lot. Winning our first SIFL tourney was special as well (below) as it was an unexpected win as we started drinking beers after the first win in that tourney and continued to do so up to the final where we beat the Shooters 1-0. Heineken does wonders! 2002/2003 SIFL Opening season Tourney 2007/2008 SIFL Best Defense 2007/2008 SIFL First Division-Coach of the Year 2000/2001 SIFL Fair Play Cup 2010/2011 SIFL Charity Shield-Crime Count Kings We have won a number of other cups as well outside the SIFL. Such as the first international tournament in Shanghai in 1997. Plate winners in the first international 7s tourney in 2001. We won the Shanghai Mini Euro Cup in 2008 and the Fantasy 7s Summer Cup in 2011. For overview of all our trophies see attached. We had 2 very special overseas events, one was the in Mongolia versus their national side in 1999 during which we won the runners-up cup and one was in North Korea in 2005 where we played 2 North Korean teams (1-1, 2-2) and ended up on the podium. (below)


  • Q: Any words about last Hebiguchi cup final on Saturday 11th of May against Shanghai Shooters?

TB: We prepared well, lobbied for David, the best referee, made profiles of players tailor made for this game and put them on positions where the best Shooter players were playing. We created more chances than them, played better combinations and pressured them early when they had ball possession winning most 2nd balls. However we almost failed to score and the unwritten rule in football that a team that doesn’t score their chances ends up losing almost prevailed. In the end our determination paid of and we disproved the rule all together by equalizing in the last minute and then went on to win the penalty shoot out. We practiced them as well and the guys who scored their penalties in the final did so during practice too. It was a final that worked very well for us and a perfect victory to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year.


  • Q: Who is Oranje FC's best player in season 2012/2013?

TB: Hard to say as we have a number of excellent players. Wim Andriessen, Chris Nie, Matteo Casini and Mattieu Ginnestet are all up there with the best. Fafah Fanentenako is an exceptional player and person, both on and off the pitch.


  • Q: Who is Oranje FC's best player ever?

TB: A player called Everton van Oliviera from Brazil. Younger brother of Edu. His grandparents were Dutch. The player who impress you the most in SIFL history? In my opinion there are 7 players that have stood out a lot. Udo Leiphold from Germany playing for the Krauts in the first SIFL season. Gil Manou of Morocco playing for the English Lions. I also like Jon Grant of the Shooters a lot. Steve Philips of Azzurri is a fantastic player as well. DIB’s Didier Njewel is a fine player as is Yin Shang. Most recently Azzeddine Takouloufa of the Puxi Lions, I think he is an awesome all around player and the best this season. I also need to mention the goal-scoring machines of the First Division, Dong Chen of Shining HFC, Jordan Campbell of the Shanghai Cosmos, Shiwei (David) Wang of Long Tang AFC, Zhikai (S.Louis) and Yunpeng Zang of Shentong Metro FC.


  • Q: How can people follow your team? Website, QQ, WeChat, renren?

TB: They can follow our team from our team page of the Shanghai Dutch Association. Or can inquire at Abbey Road our new bar sponsor. From the SIFL website one can admire our efforts as well.


  • Q: A team you like in the SIFL?

TB: I like any club in the SIFL that gets a team together and bust their asses come rain or shine and play with passion and determination week in week out. Throughout the years there are several teams that we are close to. The Shanghai Vikings FC, we were both sponsored by Omalleys for many years. The Shooters are a great team, many of my friends play in that team, they have won many international tourneys and are the SIFL record holders as in number of titles won. I also like the Krauts, culturally we are very similar and we love to see them drink Heineken. The Lions are a great squad, have many friends there as well. I also like DIB FC of Tony Zhang, he is a true lover of football and has set up his team wining several trophies in their maiden year and competing for the championship in the next year. Quite an amazing feat.


  • Q: A team you don't like in the SIFL?

TB: There isn’t any team that I don’t like. However, we have rivalry with the German teams but after all is said and done we also have great camaraderie. Perhaps the Shooters need special mention here. They poached several of our players to set themselves up in their first year (Daniel Craig-top photo bottom left) and have been poaching players on a yearly basis. Robb Pollard last season and now Benoit Doche. Let it be, we can still win cups and when our friends are needy we shall help them.


  • Q: Which professional Chinese team do you support (if applicable and beside Twente FC)?

TB: I like Shanghai Shenhua and hope they can get another championship in the new season.


  • Q: Which national team do you support (guess I know the answer)?

TB: I support the Netherlands since I’m from there. That can change should Twente ever become independent reuniting with Twente Germany.


  • Q: A little history: It is said that you're one of the founder of the SIFL. Is it true? If so who are the other founding members?

TB: That is correct. Bokke Veltkamp (Netherlands),(top photo back row 3rd from right) Ian Jameson (Northern Ireland), Jan Berges (Belgium) and Brian McCloskey (Ireland) are the other founding members.


  • Q: We all now understand that you're the Gandalf of the SIFL. A little football moment or witticism you'd like to share with us?

TB: Witticism, criticism, bagism and shagism, all we are saaaaaaying, is give peace a chaaaance. John Lennon, Liverpool supporter. Two cannibals are eating a clown, one says to the other “Does this taste funny to you?” Tommy Cooper, Swansea supporter.


  • Q: What do you think of Chinese football in general? What are the problems and what should be done to solve those problems?

TB: Chinese football is improving all the time. It goes hand in hand with the development of China. A lot more football players are needed though. I think what is very important is grassroots development so that it can be made easier for local amateur clubs/leagues to organize themselves. There is a lot of outstanding Chinese talent out there and it’s just a matter of finding, supporting and nurturing them.


  • Q: Any question you would have liked me to ask? What's the answer?

TB: Does the SIFL have any long-term vision? I think that with the number of clubs that are in our league and the number of clubs that wish to be in our league we can think big. What the Rugby Club have done to promote the cause of Rugby we could do as well with football as football is one of the most popular sports in Shanghai and China. With investors on board and in cooperation with the local government we could explore the feasibility of setting up comprehensive SIFL grounds. We can then also cater to teams that do not have time on weekends and wish to compete on weekdays.

Saturday, May 18
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 26

Shentong Metro FC

May 18, 2013 was a day of several firsts for the Shanghai International Football League. Shentong Metro FC clinched their first SIFL Championship with a 1-3 victory over Shanghai 3United. It’s the 2nd consecutive year a Shanghai team has won the First Division Championship in their maiden season. The final of the day was the SIFL Plate Cup between Shining HFC and Long Tang AFC. It turned into a real thriller, as the match was tied 2-2 after 94 minutes. Penalties had to bring the decider from which Shining emerged winners edging out Long Tang 6-5 to win their first SIFL silverware. Another surprise for the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC as Shanghai Japan FC got the better of them. DIB FC beat Champions Shanghai Lions FC ending their unbeaten streak. Kangbei United FC booked first win of the season by upsetting Voodoo who further slipped up in their quest for Premier League promotion. In all 19 goals were scored from 5 fixtures.

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Saturday, May 11
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 25

Hebiguchi Cup 2013

On May 11th 2013, FC Oranje wins Hebiguchi Cup 2013! It was the Dutch first main SIFL trophy since 2008, beating hot favorites the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC 5-4 on penalties after 1-1 in regular time. It was a well-fought high quality contest and great promotion for the SIFL. Shentong Metro FC 1 point away from First Division Championship. Cosmos’ Jordan Campbell wins meter beer wager scoring 2 consecutive hattricks. His colleague Chris Colman scored 4 in their 12-0 dissecting of the Shanghai Sauerkrauts. A new SIFL goal scoring record was established with a total of 64 goals from 10 fixtures in round 25.

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Saturday, April 20
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 24

On April 20, 2013 the quarterfinals of the SIFL Cup of the Shanghai International Football League as well as the Plate Semis were on the program. Six fixtures were played netting 22 goals. FC Oranje celebrated their 20th anniversary with a win and reached the semis. DIB FC, Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC and the Shanghai Lions FC all reached semis as well. Long Tang AFC and Shining HFC reached Plate Cup final. Shining’s Dong Chen scored a hattrick versus Shanghai Sauerkrauts.

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Saturday, April 13
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 23

Shanghai-Lions-SIFL-Champions-2012-2013It was history in the making on April 13, 2013 as the Shanghai Lions FC managed by Freek Boelen clinched their first ever Premier League Championship. It all happened in the Shanghai International Football League in round 23 with a full schedule of 10 league games netting 48 goals. FC Oranje secured Premier League presence for next season. Shanghai 3United’s winning streak continued. First Division thriller in the Long Tang AFC versus Shanghai Sauerkrauts fixture. Beaver United and Shanghai Vikings FC relegated.

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Saturday, March 30
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 22

On March 30, 2013 seven league fixtures were played and a total of 47 goals were scored. That’s an average of 6.7 goals per match and a new SIFL record! The DIB FC versus Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC fixture turned into the thriller of the day. As was the case in the relegation battle between Shanghai Japan FC versus Beaver United. Shanghai 3United booked 3rd consecutive win. Shentong Metro FC’s Zhi Kai (S.Louis) scored 4! FC Oranje banned from Rugby club, reinstated 3 days later.

Saturday, March 23
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 21

On March 23, 2013 a full round of league games of the Shanghai International Football League was on the menu. In 9 fixtures a total of 46 goals were scored. DIB FC broke Shanghai Lions’ perfect run as they kept them to a draw. In the relegation battle Shanghai Japan FC did good business in their fight to stave off relegation. In the First Division the top teams all booked victories and the championship still up for grabs as only 1 point separates top dogs Shentong Metro from Voodoo. The resurgent Shanghai Sauerkrauts upset the Anzacs FC. The Shanghai Vikings’ bus tour made headlines around the world.

Saturday, March 16
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 20

On March 16, 2013 the semi-finals of the Hebiguchi Cup as well as the 1st round of the SIFL Plate were at stake in the Shanghai International Football League. In 6 fixtures 23 goals were scored. The semi-final between Shanghai ReUnited and the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC turned into a real thriller with 10 goals (4 by Guillaume Leclercq) in real time. It frizzled out a bit at the penalty shoot afterwards. The Plate game between Voodoo Child and Long Tang AFC was the opposite. A spectacle score of 0-0 over 90mins turned into a spot kick goal bonanza afterwards with 9 scorers. Benoit Doche scored 4 in the FC Oranje vs Shentong Metro FC semi- final.

Saturday, March 9
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 19

On a warm spring day on March 9, 2013 Round 19 of the Shanghai International Football League took place with league games. A total of 46 goals were scored in 10 fixtures. The Shanghai Lions fought an epic battle with Shanghai Japan. Controversy continues to haunt the Shooters. Shanghai 3United finally broke their losing streak and recorded the highest score of the day. Shentong Metro FC are the new sheriffs in First Division. Best debut ever as 3United’s fresh of the boat sign-up Henri Ripatti scores 4! It was a day of keepers with spectacular saves as well as blunders.

Saturday, March 2
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 18

On March 2, 2013 Round 18 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape when the first round of the SIFL Cup was being played. A total of 44 goals were scored from 8 fixtures. Most favorites managed to win their matches. Shanghai Japan FC upstaged Azzurri FC in their fixture. Controversy in the Shanghai Cosmos vs Shentong Metro FC match.

Saturday, February 23
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 17

On February 23rd Round 17 of the Shanghai International Football League was on the menu. It was a perfect day to burn off some excess fat after the Chinese New Year festivities. Main title contenders Shanghai Puxi Lions FC (above) marched on edging closer their first ever championship. In all 9 matches were played and a total of 43 goals were scored of which 27 were scored in the Premier League. Controversy in the Shanghai ReUnited versus Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters fixture.

Saturday, February 16
Football interview with Premier League D.I.B. FC's captain, Qi (Chris) Zhou

Qi (Chris) Zhou
D.I.B. FC's captain, Qi (Chris) Zhou
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hope everyone enjoyed Chinese New Year festivities. For this new year of the Snake, a few words from a Snake himself and also member of one of the best Chinese amateur team in Shanghai (since U-Team FC back in 2009). Hip-Hop fan, a little narcissistic (cf. picture) but also a captain his team and SIFL committee can rely on, I’m naming controversial D.I.B. FC captain’s Chris (Qi) Zhou.
Question: To start, any words to say about coming Chinese New Year and the year of the snake?
Chris Zhou: This year is the Chinese Year of the Snake, and is my native year as well. For the New Year I wish that each SIFL team achieves its targets and of course my team especially with good scores. “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, good health and let’s enjoy playing football!!!
Q: Your image is sometime controversial in the SIFL? How you would describe yourself?
CZ: I have played in the SIFL for many years. In the past, maybe I was a little too young and not very mature in some aspects. I have to admit that probably some teams may not like me so much while my teammates and some other teams would probably think the opposite. I hate failure/defeat very much… so in every game, I try my best and push my team to win. Sometimes, while on the pitch and facing adversity, I have arguments with other players but it’s mainly related to excitement and emotions. It has always been in the attempt to help my team to win without any judgment or revenge feeling! If I have ever hurt anyone on the field, I would like to say sorry.
Q: What D.I.B. FC stands for?
CZ: Do It Better!!! D.I.B. is the abbreviation of “Do It Better”. Whether it’s about a football game, life or work, Do It Better!!!
Q: In 2011/2012 for your first season in the SIFL, you won 3 titles! What's your hope for 2012/2013?
CZ: Indeed, in our first year in the SIFL, we have been delighted to win 3 trophies (SIFL 1st Division Champion, SIFL Hebiguchi League Cup, SIFL Closing Tourney)! But the honor of the past is now history as we’re now competing in the Premier League. Only a few DIB players and I understood that it will be very difficult to keep the pace of last year and win the championship… As a result, we lost two games already but we’re still in the race. Hope also we’ll learn from that next season.
Q: Who is D.I.B.'s best player?
CZ: Very difficult question to answer… You need a team of a least 11 people for a game of football and one single guy cannot make it alone. In D.I.B. FC, team work is key and every player has its own characteristics such as: defensive skills, speed, aggressiveness, scoring ability etc… The DIB players have different task in a game, so in D.I.B. everyone is important and the best!
Q: How can people follow your team? Website, QQ, WeChat, renren?
CZ: Our team has a Sina Weibo official Blog.
Q: A team you like in the SIFL?
CZ: The French team, because it focus on team works and passing while not simply rely on physical strength and long pass like English team! I like also Azzurri (Italians)!
Q: A team you don't like in the SIFL?
CZ: Every team is different in its strength and playing style. No team I dislike.
Q: Why did you leave Beavers team after playing so many years for them?
CZ: I have played many years for the Beavers and till today, I am very grateful to Beaver United family and without them I may have never played in the SIFL. Although Beavers is probably not be the best team in the premier league, as a Chinese national, I have always been treated very well like a family and I am very grateful to Misha, Nick, Matthieu, Leeboy, Kendall and all the others... Even in the past when I went to a French professional club to test my skills, everyone give their blessing and supported me. Special thanks especially to Misha Bobylev (my Big Bro) when I told him I wanted to leave for DIB. It was actually very hard for me to make the decision… DIB FC owner, Tony Zhang, which I met in summer of 2011, was interested in SIFL’s good amateur standing and his goal was to prove that Chinese people can also play football well in an international environment. As my personality and character fit the Western style, he asked me to be DIB captain and helped the team join the SIFL.
Q: Which professional Chinese team do you support?
CZ: In Chinese Super League (CSL), as a Shanghainese I will always support Shanghai Shenhua F.C.
Q: Which national team do you support?
CZ: Since 4 years old, I always been a fan of Roberto Baggio and for him I will always support the Italian national team. Due to some special things, I have also interest in France and Brazil
Q: What do you think of Anelka and Drogba's recent departure?
CZ: I’ve been very happy they join Shanghai Shenhua F.C. but football also is a business. Anelka seems to have life adaptation problems and miss the western culture… I think he has not been able to truly understand the culture and thinking way of the Chinese people. Drogba, while 30+ is still very good and I understand the fact he’d like to play as high as possible. So I only wish him well!
Q: In D.I.B.'s SIFL page, you say that you want to "show that the Chinese can play football!!!" What do you think of Chinese football in general? What are the problems and what should be done to solve those problems?
CZ: I keep believing that in the future of Chinese football will also be able to nurture good player like “Messi” or “C.Ronaldo”. As a matter of fact, every parents in China can only raise one child and this child have the attention of the whole family. The living conditions of children in China are better than any country in the world. Any child will easily have whatever he asked and will rarely have to do any efforts on their own to get what he wants… Now, Chinese children have severe lack of sport exercise and for any small health issue, parents will forbid them to do any sport. In Chinese parents mind, football is a dangerous sport. In Shanghai there are many players in amateur level that could have been professional, but because of the reasons mentioned above they had to give up on their dream to become professional football players. To improve the situation, government must give real concern about youth football training and parents need to allow their child to do sport and enjoy the spirit and joy of football. Football is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle. Youth football is key and only way to give a future to Chinese football!
Q: I was wondering why so many Chinese teams are asking to join the SIFL league recently… Is there not any good Chinese amateur league in Shanghai beside the SIFL? If yes, what's the name of this league?
CZ: For other amateur competition there’s the Chen Yi Cup (Note: It’s a summer Cup in Shanghai which corresponds to the highest amateur level in Shanghai… Not easy to get in and register a team) In Chinese people mind, sport is still mainly seen as a body exercise… Fierce confrontation games such as in football are for sure raising complains and it takes everybody’s effort to comply with the rules and spirit of fair competition. So, we hope that D.I.B. will keep playing in the SIFL, and enjoy the play of true football!
Q: Any question I forgot to ask you?
CZ: We (DIB FC) would like to know what the other SIFL teams think of us. What we’re doing well or wrong… Anyone is welcome to tell and let us know as our goal is to get better and better!
Qi (Chris) Zhou
D.I.B. FC Captain
For more information about D.I.B. FC team:

Saturday, February 2
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 16

On February 2nd Round 16 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape. Nine fixtures were played in which 37 goals were scored. No major upsets. Floater Joel Terrades scored a hattrick for the Shanghai Sauerkrauts. Congratulations to Herr Flick who welcomed a new baby girl to the world: Xiao Flick.

Saturday, January 26
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 15

On a sunny day on January 26th 2013 Round 15 of the Shanghai International Football League took place. At stake were the Hebiguchi Cup quarters and four league fixtures. A total of 25 goals were scored in 8 games. One major upset as First Division Shentong Metro FC upstaged Premier League Shanghai Japan FC in their quarterfinal match.

Saturday, January 19
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 14

On January 19th 2013 Round 14 took shape of the Shanghai International Football League. It was a record-breaking day with a new goal scoring record of 59 goals from 10 matches. Premier league leaders Lions cemented their lead at the top. In the First Division Shanghai Cosmos remained top dogs despite a loss. A wet day saw a runaway Beaver heaving & humping all over the Vikings. Controversy at the Rugby Club pitch.

Saturday, January 12
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 13

On January 12th 2013 the first games of the year of the Shanghai International Football League were on the menu. It was a bone-breaking affair with 52 goals from 9 games and shattered ankle. Three 9 goal fixtures were recorded. No upsets in the Premier League. In the First Division Kangbei United caught the hibernating Anzacs by surprise.

Saturday, December 15
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 12

On December the 15th 2012 a place in the 1st round of the SIFL Cup was at stake when 4 preliminary round fixtures were being fought out. Just 4 matches were played with a staggering 41 goals scored and a new SIFL record was set averaging 10.3 goals per match in one day. There was utter confusion in the Beaver versus Voodoo match were Voodoo were declared winners at first but Beaver ran away with victory. A goal scoring record was established when 15 goals were scored in the DIB FC versus Long Tang AFC fixture.

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Saturday, December 8
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 11

On December the 8th 2012 a full schedule of the Shanghai International Football League was played at the Rugby Club and Tianma Golf & Country Club. It was a day of records as 3 new SIFL records were set. In 10 matches 58 goals were scored-two more than the previous record! The quickest SIFL goal ever was scored after just 9 seconds in the Anzacs FC versus Shining HFC fixture and a new cap record was set. No upsets in the Premier League but in the First Division Shanghai 3United upset Shentong Metro FC. Azzurri FC played 2 matches this weak and leapfrogged from the basement to mid table.

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Saturday, December 1
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 10

On December the 1st, 2012 the first round of the Hebiguchi Cup of the Shanghai International Football League took place in Puxi and Pudong. Seven cup games were played and a total of 41 goals were scored. Two First Division teams made it to the 2nd round. There were upsets in the Azzurri FC versus Shanghai Puxi Lions FC and Shanghai Krauts versus Shentong Metro FC fixtures. The Anzacs FC forfeited their fixture versus Shanghai ReUnited as they were held up in the Middle East on their peace mission with Kofi Watson.

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Saturday, November 24
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 9

On a sun soaked day on November 24, 2012 seven matches were played in the Shanghai International Football League. It was a perfect day for football as the rain of the days before ensured juicy wet pitches to the delight of players. Four matches were played in the Premier League and three in the First Division. A total of 30 goals were scored of which Shining’s Dong Chen got 4. Shanghai Puxi Lions FC (above) regained top spot in Premier League with a perfect record. Azzurri FC went to Thailand and won the Phuket 7s. Congrats boys!

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Saturday, November 17
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 8

On November 17, 2012 four matches were played in the Shanghai International Football League; two in the Premier League and two in the First Division. A total of 21 goals were scored. In the clash of champions DIB FC upset Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. Azzurri FC get 2nd win of the season.

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Saturday, November 10
SIFL 2012-2013: GAME WEEK 7

On November 10, 2012 Round 7 of the Shanghai International Football League was being played out at Songjiang and Waigaoqiao. Apart from regular league games 4 preliminary round Hebiguchi Cup fixtures took place. On the day a total of 59 goals were scored in 10 matches-a new SIFL record! Shanghai 3United upset Shining FC. Controversy haunts Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. Didier Njewel, Chen Tan, Kevin Wiessler and Marin Delchev all scored hattricks.

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Saturday, November 3
SIFL 2012-13: GAME WEEK 6

On November 3, 2012 Round 6 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape. As the Rugby pitch was unavailable all fixtures were played at Tianma with 4 Premier League and 2 First Division matches. A total of 27 goals were scored. History was in the making as the Australia & New Zealand Army Corps staged a coup becoming First Division leaders for the first time ever. Basement residents Azzurri FC got their first win of the season when they rolled over Shanghai Japan FC.

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Saturday, October 27
SIFL 2012-13: GAME WEEK 5

On a sun soaked day on October 27, 2012 Round 5 of the Shanghai International Football League got underway. In a full program 48 goals were scored from 20 matches, 26 in the Premier League and 22 in the First Division. Offside controversy in the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC versus Shanghai Vikings fixture. Shanghai Cosmos upset Voodoo to become new First Division leaders.

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Saturday, October 20
SIFL 2012-13: GAME WEEK 4

On October 20, 2012 Round 4 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape at Tianma and Waigaoqiao. In all, 20 teams competed in 10 matches where 47 goals were scored; 21 in the Premier League and 26 in the First Division. The Kangbei United FC versus Long Tang AFC match turned into a real thriller. There was controversy in the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC versus Shanghai ReUnited FC fixture. Born again Elvis is a footballer in Shanghai and speaks German!

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Saturday, October 13
SIFL 2012-13: GAME WEEK 3

On October 13, 2012 Round 3 of the Shanghai International Football League took place. Pitches at Tianma were in for a trim and manicure and were closed on the day. Seven matches were played at the Rugby Club, 3 Premier League and 4 First Division fixtures. A total of 39 goals were scored of which 10 were netted in the Shanghai Puxi Lions FC versus Beaver United game. Lion Allan Mendel, Shining’s Dong Chen and Shentong’s Xiang all scored hattricks.

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Saturday, September 22
SIFL 2012-13: GAME WEEK 2

There were some clouds and a bit of splash made all Shanghai pitches wet on September the 22nd 2012. A perfect day for football to settle some scores as round 2 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape. The top two fixtures of the day were between Shanghai ReUnited and league leaders Shanghai Lions FC and between current champions Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC and the champs of yesteryear Azzurri FC. Two top teams in the First Division did battle in the Voodoo versus Long Tang AFC Fixture. In all 50 goals were scored in 10 matches, 29 in the Premier League and 21 in the First Division.Read the rest of this entry »

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Saturday, September 15
SIFL 2012-13: GAME WEEK 1

On September the 15th 2012 the first round of the 2012-2013 season took shape at the Rugby Club and Tianma. Five matches were played in the Premier League and 4 in the First Division. Several clubs got reinforcements during the transfer free of-season and for some that yielded results. Nonetheless there were a few upsets on the day. Premier league newcomers DIB FC upset the Shanghai Vikings. The rejuvenated FC Oranje surprised Azzurri FC and champions Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC lost valuable points in their opening game. Many high scores were noted and a staggering 53 goals were scored of which 9 happened in the Beaver versus ReUnited match while one goal by Voodoo Child’s Matt Eddy counted for 2 almost.

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