Show Low Little League: Welcome



Tournament 2016 updates coming soon 



Registration will begin February 2017!

Games are held April - June. 



Due to privacy concerns, we have limited individual team websites to those who have registered on this website.  If you are a parent, coach or other fan, you will need to register to access any team information, such as schedule, roster, etc.  Just click on the Teams/Leagues button, select your team from the listed division, and follow the provided instructions on your team's homepage.... 

Coaches and/or interested parents:

IF YOU WANT TO SET UP YOUR TEAM'S HOME PAGE:  You must register on this website for us to add you (or your team representative) as an adminstrator!  We need your email address.  If you are familiar with computers, creating the webpage is easy.  Please advise your daughter or son's coach if you are comfortable taking on the team's website and updating the schedule.  Once set up, it will likely only take 15-20 minutes per week to update, unless you really interested in customizing and adding to it....Thanks to anyone who offers their time!!  You can add photos, roster and practice/game schedule easily!

SLLL'S no tolerance policy requires the umpire to not have contact/communication with fans.  This is a coach's responsibility.  Your fan's actions will not reflect on you, but it will be up to you to try to defuse the issue.  If you desire to question a call (remember that these are elementary kids playing a game), ask the umpire to come to the dugout and quietly ask for clarification.  How the kids and fans see you respond goes a long way towards character development and creating an atmosphere of sportsmanship and respect for authority.  

You will see that we will actually be a little more tolerant than other leagues with "zero tolerance" :  as we give a warning and allow the instigator to remain pending modification behavior.


Just for fun, take a look at this analysis on baseball pitching that discusses stride length.  A hint for our coaches:  It should be around 90% of the height of the pitcher! 

There is a veritable cornucopia of videos for you to learn mechanics  on our LINKS page.  Take a look sometime!

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