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Saints Basketball

Saints Basketball  
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Saints Basketball
Virginia Beach, Virginia






JUNIOR BOYS TCBL CHAMPIONS: 1995, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2013 

SENIOR GIRLS TCBL CHAMPIONS: 1995, 1998, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009

SENIOR BOYS TCBL CHAMPIONS: 1995, 1997, 2005, 2007, 2012


Monday, September 30
2013-2014 Saints Basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Saints basketball! I hope that the upcoming season is filled with cheers and memories. At St. Gregory, our goal is to provide an environment that not only promotes the game, but also promotes teamwork, skill development, sportsmanship and fun.

St. Gregory the Great is one of the largest basketball programs in the region. There are more than 125 participants each and every year. Along with the responsibility of selecting coaches to mentor your sons and daughters, there is an underlying commitment for student-athletes to apply the same energy and focus inside the classroom.

It takes the efforts of many to maintain these high levels of participation and competition. With this in mind, each family will be required to serve eight (basketball) volunteer hours. There are a number of ways to become involved. Please check this website frequently for important dates and opportunities. Thanks for your continued support!

Please download, print, and fill out the SGS Basketball and TCBL Registration Forms below.

Handout: 1314SGSForm

Monday, September 30
TCBL Registration Form

Handout: TCBL Reg form

Monday, September 30
2013-2014 Important Dates

-Sept. 30: Open Registration 3pm to 6pm

-Oct. 1: Open Registration 3pm to 6pm

-Oct. 2: Final Registration 3pm to 7pm

-Oct. 5: Coaches' Meeting 8am to 9am

-Oct. 7: Midget Girls Assessment/Team Selections 615pm to 7pm

-Oct. 7: Jr. Girls Assessment/Team Selections 715pm to 8pm

-Oct. 8: Midget Boys Assessment/Team Selections 615pm to 7pm

-Oct. 8: Jr. Boys Assessment/Team Selections 715pm to 8pm

-Oct. 9: Sr. Girls Tryouts Day 1 615pm to 7pm

-Oct. 9: Sr. Boys Tryouts Day 1 715pm to 8pm

-Oct. 10: Sr. Girls Tryouts Day 2 6pm to 730pm

-Oct. 10: Sr. Boys Tryouts Day 2 730pm to 9pm

-Oct. 16: Pratices Begin/Times TBD

Monday, November 19
Reasons for missing shots

There are some reasons for missing shots. Obviously, one of them is not practicing enough and another is practicing the wrong way. Here's a link that will help you get a better idea on how to shoot the ball properly and more accurately.

Monday, February 27
Players Have To Improve Skills and So Do Coaches

The offseason is the time where players improve their skills but it's not just the players that need to improve their skills, coaches also need to do the same. One of the key components of a team getting better is by coaches improving their knowledge and skills as a basketball coach. Players get better because their coaches decided to get better. So check out to help elevate your game.

Tuesday, April 24
Shooting Mechanics

Pistol Pete Maravich demonstrates the proper techniques in shooting the basketball in these videolinks:

These videos should be watched in order from top to bottom. They are in sequential order.

1. Setting up your shot:

2. Shooting Mechanics:

3. Shooting Mechanics II:

4. Psychology of shooting:

5. Applying the techniques:

6. Recap:

With the holiday break coming up, you should have plenty of time to work on your shooting.



Tuesday, April 24
Passing the Basketball

Being a good passer means being a good decision-maker with the basketball. Many young players today struggle with passing because either they don't do it correctly or they don't practice it enough. Jason Kidd and Sue Bird are two of the best passers in the game today. Here are some passing drills from the great "Pistol" Pete Maravich that you can work on with your friends or parents: There are some fun passes that Pete demonstrates but don't do them until you have mastered the 4 basic fundamental passes. Remember, no pass is a good pass unless your teammate catches it and if they know the ball is coming to them.

Tuesday, April 24
Tips On Handling The Basketball

Being able to handle the basketball is probably the most important skill in the game. If you can't handle the ball, how can you shoot or pass it? How can you get the ball down the court for fast breaks? Or even be able to shoot layups. Here are 2 videolinks on how to improve your ball handling from one of the greatest ball handlers of all time, "Pistol" Pete Maravich: and

Tuesday, April 24
Tips on shooting free throws


Being a good free throw shooter takes a lot of hard work and a great amount of concentration. It's the only part of the game of basketball where you can think only of yourself and still help your team. If you look at the box score of teams that lose games by 4 points or less, take a look at how many free throws they miss. Chances are, if they had made half of what they missed, they would have won the game. Here is a link of some tips on free throw shooting from one of best free throw shooters of all time, Larry Bird:

Saints Basketball
Saints Basketball
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