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ASA Softball Home Page
The Home Page of ASA Softball. Lots of great news and information pertaining to Softball.

Tryout Programs & Tips
Tryout Scramble - Tonya Sparkes
useful drill for tryouts because it reveals a number of skills


Softball Tryout System - Coach Jim
A scoring system used for tryouts that appeared to work very well

Coaching Tips - Stepping Outside the Bubble
Tips for Coaches. Coaching Philosophy.

Coaching Tips & Drills
Around the Horn and Back - Steve McLean CGSL Geckos
A drill that teaches fast, accurate throws

Fielding/Tag Drill - Evan Kirschner
Drill to work on base running, fielding and throwing

Run Down Drill - Coach Paul
Drill For Rundowns

Hitting Tips & Drills
Tossers - Joe
Enhancement of the traditional soft toss drill gives players a true feel for the swing

Training Drills - Keri Butcher
Hand-eye coordination drills

Tee - Coach Mike
Tee drills that teach the proper techinque for hitting

Tennis Ball - Coach Mike
Drills that use tennis balls to makecertain the mechanics are correct

Knee Hitting Drill - Coach Scott
Allows players to concentrate on proper hand and arm movement without worrying about the legs

Milk Jug - Coach Mike
Teach hitting through the ball with a solid follow through

Seeing the ball and consistency - Coach Mike

Fielding Tips & Drills
1,2,3 - Stacey Baker
teaches players to catch three types of flyballs

Barney Bop - Coach Mike
Drill to work on throwing accuracy while involving fun and competition

Bobble Ball - Vickie O'Brien
A fun drill to help players learn to claim their errors and deal with them positively

Break Down - Tiffany
basic drill that focuses on the fundamentals of fielding

Clockwork - Andy Bell
drill where fielders get to field all outfield positions, work on throws, and get some conditioning

Colored Numbers - Valerie Greer
Helps players to keep their eyes on the ball

Cones - Coach Mike
teaches players to go to the path of the ball and not directly at the ball

Football Flys - Gracie
drill for improving out fly ball catches

Funnel - Tonya Jungwirth
teaches fielders to be in front of the ball, and scoop or funnel the ball to their waist

Grounders - Rick
drill that allows each fielder to field nearly 75-100 ground balls within 20 minutes

Catching Tips & Drills
Backstop - Chris
drill for catchers to work on retrieving balls near the backstop and making the play at the plate

Bounce at Plate - Pam
gives catchers practice fielding balls that bounce at the plate

Catcher's Circle - Loran Zenonian
gives catchers practice blocking balls with their body

Catcher's Paddle - Corky McGarrity
teaches catchers quickness, coordination, and helps overcome the fear of incoming pitches

Drawing a Cross - Diana J
drill for catchers to practice popping up to throw on steals

Garbage Can - Raymond O'Donnell
gives catchers practice throwing to the bases

Hoop - Bill Shupe
develops accurate throws and gives the catcher a target area to throw to

Ping Pong - Gretchen
teaches the catchers to keep the ball in front of them at all times no matter where the ball goes

Pop-Up - Jolly Molly
gives catchers practice fielding pop-ups

Reaction - Lisa Ottum
two drills to help improve a catcher's reaction time

Repetition - Weazell
gives catchers lots of practice fielding different kinds of balls

Second Base Steal - Megan
sitaution drill helps catchers deal with runners stealing second base

Second Base Throw Down - Sara
drills for strengthening and quickening throw downs to second base

Side to Side Speed - Robert Cogley
Drill to to enhance a catcher's speed and the ability to move from side to side quickly

SOFT / QUICK HANDS - Pete Giangiulio
Drill to help catchers NOT drop the ball

Soft Hands Drill for Catchers - Josh Donelson
Teach quick reflexes and soft hands for catchers
Trio - Jenny
focuses on speed and accuracy for the catcher, short stop and pitcher

Wild Ball - Raymond
drill for catchers to practice fielding wild balls