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Welcome to the official Soddy-Daisy High School soccer website. 


SDHS vs Ooltewah

2 - 1 

A scrappy Soddy Daisy soccer team stunned Ooltewah at Ooltewah 2-1 Thursday night. The Trojans totally took the Owls by surprised when they put points on the board less than 4 minutes after kick-off. The Trojans scored on a throw in by Alex HItchcock to Trent Sanders who head flicked it to Kyle Odem. Odom then angled the ball into the net. Ooltewah attacked back but the defensive play of Soddy Daisy kept them from scoring in the first half. The Owls managed to score to tie the game in the second half after an Ooltewah player's header hit the bottom of the crossbar and fell straight down behind the line. The Trojans final goal came on a PK after Alex Hitchcock was taken down in the box as he had a breakaway to the goal. Patrick Doub took the PK and scored the winning goal for the Trojans. Soddy Daisy is now 3-1-1 in district play.


SHDS JV vs Ooltewah

0 - 0 


SDHS vs Cleveland

2 - 2 

Soddy-Daisy fought Cleveland to a 2-2 tie Tuesday night at Soddy-Daisy. The first goal was scored for the Trojans when a low cross by Jordan Edwards bounced off of a Cleveland defender and into the goal. This goal (coming eight minutes into the game) would be the only goal scored in the first half giving Soddy-Daisy a 1-0 lead at halftime. After halftime the Raiders scored quickly when Taylor Jewett rocketed a shot from out deep. The game was scoreless for almost twenty minutes until Charlie Witt capitalized on a botched stop by Cleveland's goalkeeper, once again giving Soddy-Daisy the lead. It looked as if the Trojans would walk away with a win, until Eric Ingraham put the ball in the back of the net from outside the eighteen, tying the game.


SDHS vs East Hamilton

1 - 2

The East Hamilton boys soccer team defeated Soddy-Daisy 2-1 Tuesday night. The Hurricanes scored first when Jaxon McClure put one in on a free kick taken right outside the eighteen. Five minutes later, Soddy-Daisy answered back when a shot by Pat Doub was deflected off the goalkeeper and picked up by Alex Hitchcock at the corner of the six. Hitchcock placed the ball right in front of the goal for Jordan Edwards to tap in. The score was tied at halftime, but East Hamilton would score midway in the second half. The final goal would also come off of a set play when a corner kick connected with the head of McClure. McClure expertly placed the ball onto Steven Sloan's foot and Sloan put the ball in the net. The Hurricanes outshot the Trojans 31-5. Drew Hale had 17 saves for Soddy Daisy and Trevor Kepler had 2 for East Hamilton. The Trojans record is 3-3-1.


SDHS JV vs East Hamilton

2 - 1 

The Soddy-Daisy Junior Varsity beat East Hamilton 2-1. The Hurricanes played at a slower pace, methodical game concentrating a passing to each others feet. In contrast Soddy-Daisy's strategy was fast paced and based on counter attacks and through balls. Though East Hamilton had 12 shots in the first half, the Trojan's defense limited most of those shots to outside the eighteen which allowed goalkeeper James Delashmitt to stop everything that came his way. Soddy-Daisy was limited to one shot the entire half (a well placed through ball from Kyle Sneed to Christian Dean), but made the shot count. Soddy-Daisy led 1-0 at halftime. The Hurricanes came back with renewed vigor, allowing them to score early in the half. Soddy-Daisy would answer back five minutes later when a throw in by Christian Dean flew across the field and found the foot of Connor Firat for the final goal of the game.


SDHS vs Walker Valley

3 - 1

Soddy-Daisy beat Walker Valley 3-1. The Trojans dominated the first half of the game taking 15 shots on goal while Walker Valley managed only five. Soddy-Daisy controlled the half with lots of one-two passing, and used a combination of through balls and crosses from the outside to earn most of their shots. This strategy culminated into a cross by Jordan Edwards which hit the head of Davan Howell giving the Trojans their first goal during the 23rd minute of play. Throughout the half, Soddy-Daisy's defense prevented the Mustang's from posing a serious threat. The few shots Walker Valley had were either off target or the result of miss placed through balls and crosses easily picked up by goalkeeper Drew Hale. Walker Valley returned from halftime full of life and easily controlled the early minutes of the second half, shooting many of their 12 shots early in the half. Two minutes into the half, this rally led to the Mustang's only goal in part due to a miscomunication between Hale and the defense. The Trojans soon regained their composure and took control of the game once more. Soddy-Daisy managed 14 shots in the second half, two of which resulted in goals. Jordan Edwards ripped one in from the top of the eighteen, ten minutes into the half. The final goal was scored by Pat Doub off of a free kick right outside the box during the last 5 minutes of play.




SDHS JV vs Ooltewah

2 - 0

Charlie Witt scored and was assisted by Aaron Givens. Witt returned the favor by assisting Givens later in the game. Soddy-Daisy had 12 shots on goal while Ooltewah managed 8.  




SDHS vs Rhea County

3 - 0

Jordan Edwards scored two goals and Nick Oberg got the third. Pat Doub assisted two of the goals while Brandon Givens assisted the other. Drew Hale had 5 saves and shut out Rhea County. The Trojans out shot the Eagles 22 to 9. 


SDHS JV vs Rhea County

2 - 0

Kyle Sneed scored with an assist from Garrett Helmick. Christian Dean was assisted by Charlie Witt. Soddy-Daisy had 15 shots compared to Rhea County's 11, and James Delashmitt had a shut out. 


SDHS vs Coffee County

2 - 2 

Jordan Edwards scored on a PK. Trent Sanders assisted Brandon Givens. Drew Talon had 6 saves.


SDHS vs Blackman

 0 - 3

Drew Talon had 8 saves.


SDHS vs Franklin

1 - 4

Jordan Edwards ripped one in from the top of the box unassisted. Drew Talon made 11 saves.

SDHS vs Red Bank
2 - 1
Nick Oberg scored unassisted from the corner and Pat Doub  stuck from the top of the box unassisted.