South Carroll Soccer Club: FAQ's

Club Soccer FAQ's

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about club soccer.

*Who can play on club teams?

Boys and girls ages 8-15. Age is determined as of July 31 this year. For example: If your child turns 11 in June, on July 31 they are 11 and must play Under-12 (U12). If the child turns 12 in October, on July 31 they were 11 and can still play Under-12 (U12). Although players can join club teams at any age, the ideal time for children/coaches to switch to a club soccer team is the 3rd-4th grade when new U10 teams are forming. This provides an opportunity to join at the entry level and build a team that stays together through the years.

*What’s the difference between club and recreational soccer?

Club soccer offers separate teams for boys and girls usually in single age groups, concentrating on advanced skill development through training and participation in competitive travel league soccer games, tournaments and team-building activities. Teams generally stay together from year to year and have the option to continue to play indoor soccer through the winter and outdoor leagues in the spring.

*Why should I play on a club team?

You’ll never know how good you can be unless you give it a try! When you play on a more challenging level with a team focused on player development, your skills dramatically improve. Area high school coaches encourage several years of club soccer experience prior to trying out for a high school JV team and continuing club play throughout high school to maintain performance level.

*Do I have to tryout?

Tryouts are conducted for each age group and consist of drills and small-sided scrimmages. All new and returning players must attend at least one tryout session to be considered, although it is recommended that players attend all tryouts for their age group. Players must wear shinguards and should also bring a water bottle and ball to each tryout. See the newsletter for details and call the coach to verify times and locations.

*What if I don’t make the team or decide it’s not what I want to do?

There is absolutely no risk! Those who are not selected for a club team or decide it’s not for them are guaranteed a spot on a recreational soccer team through 8th grade.

*When are practices and games?

Club teams usually practice twice a week beginning in late-July or early-August. Most teams participate in a one-week evening team soccer camp in mid-summer. Games begin in September and run through early November. Teams usually play one game a weekend (which day depends on the league).

*What is the “travel” commitment – how far do you have to travel?

There really is not much traveling involved in club soccer. All our U13 and older teams practice at their Linton Springs ES or South Carroll HS home fields. Our U12 and under teams practice at their Winfield ES home field. Usually half of the games are played at the home field. Therefore, in a 9 or 10 game season, you only go to 4 or 5 away games, most of which are within an hour’s drive.

*How much does it cost?

Individual player cost is determined by each team and based on the total cost of league, tournament, administrative fees and uniform expenses divided by the number of players rostered.

*If I coach a team in another program, can I bring them to SCSC to play?

New teams may be added to the SCSC family for any season. Rec coaches who want to form teams to play indoor or spring soccer or coaches from other clubs who wish to bring teams to play for SCSC should contact Brian Sturm at

*Who should I contact if I have other questions?

For specific team information, contact the coach directly by phone or e-mail through our website. For general club questions, contact Brian Sturm by e-mail.