PAL Special Needs Camps: Welcome

Special Needs Camps

Suffolk County PAL is planning a three day Sports/Activity camp at
the PAL faculity in Holtsville. The dates are Aug. 26-28 for three
hours each morning 9-12. This is the first time the PAL has planned an
event like this so we are looking for input from parents and
assistance from volunteers
At this time the activities are Soccer, Basketball Wiffleball
Thurs. Bike ridding (child brings bike) PAL supplies helmets.
Also on the last day bouncer / slip-n-slide.
Attendance will be limited to 50 children with Autism and their
siblings. Oldr siblings 12-15 wanting to volunteer, can.
Any input that parents may have will be greatly appreciated.
Ican be contacted for more info or reserving your spot at