Wyandanch PAL: Welcome

Wyandanch PAL logo
The history of the mighty Warriors have long been documented and legend has it that some of the greatest competitors were great warriors who once roamed the land still known as Wyandanch.

Well today, the Wyandanch PAL players continue to hold up that great tradition.

Wyandanch PAL got its start over 20 years ago under the direction of retired police officer John Carter. Other Wyandanch residents joined in to keep the programs going. They are: Clyde Davis, Alfred Arroyo, Cesar Romero, Hector Burgos, Theodore Walker, Kathy Johnson, Samuel Burnett, Yvonne McGee, Barry White, Harvey Jenkins, Wyndell Hurtt, Rashad Giggetts, and Robert McGee.

With the help of dedicated volunteers Wyandanch PAL has been able to offer, baseball, soccer and basketball to many youth in the community.

We strive to keep quality programs in the community and look forward to anyone joining in toward this effort.

Please contact the PAL office for information on program availabilty.