South Brandon Little League: Welcome

Thursday, August 14
Welcome to South Brandon Little League!  We have been around since 1961 providing instructional baseball and softball for children ages 4-16. Little League is the largest youth sports organization in the world with 2.4M players from 6 continents and more than 80 countries. Little League is a program of service to youth.  It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in the atmosphere of community participation.
Remember: Our League cannot be successful without the help of EVERYONE!!  Little League is a volunteer-based organization; if everyone does their part, the League will run smoothly.
Don't complain if you haven't volunteered!

Instituted by new President, Tammy McKernan, SBLL Board Members how have standard Gmail email addresses to make it easier for league members to contact them, and make it easier for the board members to access and not get League emails mixed in with their personal emails.  If an individual leaves the board, is on vacation, etc. that email will still be available for that Board position, and can be accessed by other Board Members, if necessary.

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Game 1:  Florida-South Brandon routs West Virginia-Bridgeport 4-3
Game 2:  South Brandon loses to North Carolina 6-2 in 8 innings.
Game 3:  South Brandon beats Georgia  15-0
Semi-final Game:  Defending Champs Tennessee beat South Brandon 13-1 in 4 innings. 

It has been a long, hot summer with tournaments going on in our District thru the end of July. And for those who don't know... our 11-12 Baseball team won the State tournament and played at the SE Region tournament.  This is a huge honor for a team to have made it that far.  A big shout to Manager Tony Saladino, Coaches Oz Malave and Gary Delalley, and the team for this outstanding achievement. There was a lot of buzz around the District every time they played, with text messages flying left and right after each inning with updates, and for the hundreds of us who watched GameChanger as the game was playing live. And then how exciting to watch the kids playing in the semi-final game on TV, with close-ups of all the players!  This is an experience these kids will remember for a lifetime. The smiling faces you see below did a fabulous job of representing South Brandon!

11-12 State Champs

Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Thu 11/20 Baseball Major-Pinecrest vs. Major-South Brandon 6:30 PM Pinecrest LL
Sat 11/22 Baseball Minor-Pinecrest-1 vs. Minor-SBLL2-Cardinals 9:00 AM Pinecrest LL
Sat 11/22 Baseball Minor-SBLL1-Rays vs. Minor-Progress Village 2 9:00 AM Minor Field
Sat 11/22 Baseball Minor-Progress Village 1 vs. Minor-SBLL3-Tigers 9:00 AM Progress Village LL
Sat 11/22 Baseball Jr/Sr-PVLL Marlins vs. Jr/Sr-SBLL Cardinals 10:00 AM Progress Village LL
Sat 11/22 Baseball Major-South Brandon vs. Major-Progress Village 2 11:00 AM Major Field