South Brooklyn Baseball League: Links

Prospect Park Baseball Association
The SBBL is a proud member of the Prospect Park Baseball Association (PPBA), the umbrella organization that oversees spring baseball in Prospect Park.

Cal Ripken Baseball
The SBBL is proud to be chartered through Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth baseball. Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth is a nationwide network of teams and leagues, similar to but separate from Little League. Teams are eligible to play in district, regional, state, and national tournaments.

Babe Ruth Baseball
The SBBL is proud to be affiliated with Babe Ruth baseball. Babe Ruth is a nationwide network of teams and leagues. Teams are eligible to play in district, regional, state, and national tournaments.

Major League Baseball Rules
Serious baseball players and fans know that the game is played better, and is better appreciated, by knowing the rules. Here you will find the latest edition of Major League Baseball's official rules. You may think you have mastered the game, but even experienced players don't know everything.

Library of Congress Baseball Card Collection
One of the greatest collections of baseball cards in America is held by the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. And they have scanned these cards and made them available online in a collection that will make your head spin! In this exhibit, you will find an extraordinary collection of baseball cards from the early days of the sport, 1887-1914. From Connie Mack to Ty Cobb to Christy Mathewson, these are the players who got the game started and who established the standards that later players tried to beat. These cards are beautiful to look at, as well as helping to teach the early history of the game. (One note: Early baseball cards were often sponsored by tobacco companies, a practice that was later dropped, long before the Surgeon General warned against the ill health effects of smoking.)

The Physics of Baseball
For those of you who like to think about baseball from a more technical point of view, here is a fascinating compendium of information on the physics of baseball. This will tell you exactly what happens when a baseball is hit by a wooden bat. You'll learn the optimum trajectory of a ball hit for a home run. You'll also learn just how much time you have to hit a fastball, There is a mix of easily understood material and some seriously mathematical material. Who knew that scientists and mathematicians spent so much time thinking about the game of baseball?

Sports Injury Handbook
Easy-to-follow do's and don'ts for every common sports injury and symptom, plus the most effective strengthening, warm-up, and conditioning exercises -- in 3 best-selling books by Allan M. Levy, MD, team physician for the NY Giants, and professional health writer Mark L. Fuerst.