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Welcome to another season of Rusty Bones Lacrosse 2014

Rusty Bones Lacrosse Club of New Hampshire

The idea of Rusty Bones Lacrosse was born in the summer of 2002 when one of the original founders who just turned 45 started playing lacrosse after a 13-year hiatus.  As he played it occurred to him, "why isn't there a team or league for older players?"  This idea was shared with other older men who were interested in getting back to the game they enjoy.  The team was founded in the late winter of 2003 by a group of men who wanted to build a team that consists of older players (the average age of our players is 43) who pride themselves on helping others in various capacities in their community and who still had a burning desire to play the game.  The original idea of Rusty Bones is centered on the principle, "the strength of one's character is a reflection of the caliber of people you associate yourself with."

     Our name, "Rusty Bones" is an amalgamation of "being rusty" (we don't play as good as we once did) and "old bones" (another expression for being "over-the-hill").  Our registered trademark, the skull and crossed sticks (referred to as "Warcharger") was created by the founder when he was vacationing in the Caribbean and was inspired by a flag bearing the "Jolly Roger" while pondering the name Rusty Bones.

     With this having been said, Rusty Bones has gradually become an admired institution of older men playing, winning, losing and working together as a team.

     To date, team members have given their time and energy in the local community by: providing free lacrosse skills training to deserving young boys as an alternative to conventional lacrosse camps; sponsoring children for having good grades and maintaining excellent conduct in school by covering the cost of their lacrosse team registration and purchasing their lacrosse equipment; coaching and mentoring local youth lacrosse teams, working with inner-city kids through the Police Athletic League, team members have volunteered to donate bone marrow to local a citizen in need of a transplant and as a Thanksgiving ritual the Bones collect turkeys and groceries for the local soup kitchen.  The Rusty Bones organization also sponsors their own youth indoor team called the "Bone Spurs."  Which have won a league title and has never placed lower than 2nd place in league competition!

     The Rusty Bones Lacrosse Club has been honored by receiving a proclamation from the City of Nashua, New Hampshire and a commendation from the Governor of the State of New Hampshire in recognition of their many community efforts.

    Lacrosse is the thread that binds their players as a team. Their community involvement is what they are all about.  Rusty Bones is a member of the rapidly growing Olde New England Lacrosse League, established in 2004, it is an association of like-minded over-30 and Over-40 Men's teams who represent various communities throughout New England.

Tuesday, July 31
Rusty Bones Travel to North Shore to Play Cape Ann Gaspin' Greenheads

By Steve Donohue

How do you say Hat Trick in Spanish? Tres Veces. Tripleta... Tres tantos seguidos? Yo no se.
Well I'm not sure how to say it, but it was sure fun to watch Joe Cruz score three times Monday night against the Gaspin' Greenheads. Highlight reel of the first quarter shows Joe at about 15 yards out launch a sweet side armed shot that hit the net before the goalie could react.  Another goal was in a fast break scenario, where Joe slalomed in and tagged a nice bouncer. All three goals were fantastic, way to go Joe.  It's official you're a middie now!

Not to be outdone by Joe's shot, the Fagan brothers have been practicing their Irish version of an olde favorite. On a fast break, Sean Fagan at midfield connects to brother Scott- Scott then passes it back to Sean on a cut towards goal and Sean buries it. It's called the Give and Go Bra! Great assist, great shot Fagans!  Late in the game Steve Donohue single handedly beats half of the Greenheads defensive corp getting a clean look on goal only to be robbed by a good goalie and a lucky save.  Nice effort Steve!

Bravery in goal by Mac the first half followed by Steve Johnson the second half... Both worked overtime defending an onslaught of Greenhead shots on goal.  (Maybe you two should share that kilt? It's good for at least one save per quarter!) The Greenhead defense and goalie were in awe..they sounded like a broken record "Nice save.. Nice save.. Nice Save.."

ONELL League's most athletic midfielders, Sean Fagan, Lee Byrne and Chris Mayer run circles around other team, create turnovers galore.  Bobby Simone, Stephan, and even Mark Condo grabs a long stick and together valiantly defend against an aggressive fast paced Greenhead offense.

Mountain Man Murray Wigsten, Brian McHugh and Mark Condo log time on both sides as the midfield and around the Bones goal is where most of the game is played.  Looks like Jim Trait has been converted from attack to midfield as well, ( is that like going from Catholic to Protestant, or Protestant to Catholic?)
A heroic extra effort by the entire midfield squad on a muggy night on the North Shore.

Monday evening punctuated by the Walking Wounded- Rusty Bones suffer several injuries:
- Our own Shu takes a hard shot to the side in the first half- Tommy Boy fashion-- ooo that's gonna leave a mark
- Brian Dwyer gets stick checked by an overambitious defenseman ( the same guy Scott Fagan said "Hey.. would you at least try to hit the stick .. ?) you better ice that Brian..
-Scott Fagan with injured foot is on stilts at attack- but still gets the job done
-Shag got cleated in the shin in Sunday’s scrimmage and took a stick check in the same spot tonight.  Ouch!

WTF segment
-Stephan- what happened no penalties?? Perhaps the North Shore officials do not share the same bias as the local refs....
By the way I did hear some chopping of wood down at the other end of the field, but I guess the officials didn't hear any.
-What is it with the name Lance that makes me think of fencing, not lacrosse..? way to go Lance!
-I think Joe Cruz scored more times than the Greenhead All American from Hopkins!

Take Away
Bones had a great first quarter, jumping into it with quick goals and aggressive play, big change for our team and something to recognize.
Like last week, not enough possession time. Dave Mac calls them 5 second possessions and we all know what he means.
Heroic efforts at goal, defense and in the midfield are undermined by dropped balls and bad passes on offense that lead to quick turnovers.
A more disciplined, slow it down approach to offense is what has worked before, and we need to get in that rhythm again. Settle it down, get it behind goal, or to a corner, work it around and wait for good opportunities. Also don't play two days in a row.... over 40 bodies cannot handle it...!

Next and Last game is against the Groton Ancient Warriors, they have 2 wins just like us, let's end the season on a high note!

Thursday, July 26
Rusty Bones take on NH Thunder


By Steve Donahue

Wednesday night, July 24th the Rusty Bones took on the Granite State Thunder at Divot Field (aka Mine Falls...)

Well, you know it's going to be a tough night when the other team has guys who can run as fast as Sean Fagan. Deja Vu all over again when in first quarter Thunder sneak in 4 or 5 quick goals, happened so quickly I lost count. (Scott McKenzie says we should play 6 quarters and not count the first 2, great idea!)

In the second quarter Bones come alive outscoring Thunder 2-1, great goal by Todd Warden placing it right between the goalies legs. Brian Dwyer gets his first goal as a Rusty Bone. Highlight reel of the first half shows O'Shag with a fantastic clear, across the midfield line and into the box, pass to Brian Dwyer, who beats a defender changes from right to left handed and bangs it in. Great look Shag, great shot Brian!

Bones are happy to have Mark Condo back, taking shifts at both attack and midfield. Midfield worked all night on offense and defense with Scott and Sean Fagan, Jim Dalton, Dave Jones as LSM.

Most dedicated players Jason Jagentenfl and Chris Mayer for covering the entire field- extra effort is noticed by all. Both were a puddle of perspiration by the end of the game.

Both Steve Johnson and Mac were both spectacular in goal facing a number of shot in tight throughout the game. Mac we saw up your kilt on one of those full field clears.

Most of game was played on the defensive side of field so Dave Jones, Christian O'Shag, Brian McHugh, Rob Shu, Stephan Condo and Bobby Simone had to work overtime. Sean Fagan even took a few shifts with the long pole. At one point we were 2 men down.

Stephan Watch- sorry to report only two penalties. One for slashing and the other for un-neccesary roughness- and that was after he slowed down and just tapped the guy. (I thought it was necessary!) When the penalty was released, Stephan went booking in yelling and a Thunder attack turned and dropped the ball. Turnover!

Second half Scott Fagan connects on a blistering shot for the Bones 3rd goal of the game.  Rumor has it, it clocked in at around 4 MPH!!!!!   I heard the Thunder's goalie ask his defensemen did one of you guys touch that? I guess he knows your secret of bouncing your shot off the defender!

Later in the game Todd Warden went down with an injury to his foot. Please join me and the Fagan brothers (BG Graduates) in saying a few Hail Mary's for his speedy recovery.

We sorely missed Wudi, and Chelmsford contingent Joe Cruz and Brian McCall.

Final Score, Thunder 9, Bones 3. Important to note that Thunder scored only 3 goals in the second half…

WTF Moments?
Sean Fagan is fighting for a ground ball against 3 GS Thunder, and he gets called for pushing (didn't the same exact thing happen to Wudi a few weeks ago? )
Was the face off official related to the Thunder's faceoff Middie, and what was the F/O guy's pink stick?

What was with that Thunder dude, who scrunched his pinnie up in the back…..was he trying to distract us with his bare shoulders?

And the Thunder's 19, was that his age or his number?

Take Away
Games are won by possession. For some reason we could not get and maintain possession. Heroic efforts to strip ball from the Thunder and get upfield were undermined by a bad pass, or missed catch. Just amateur mistakes, for some reason things just did not click.

Throughout game the Thunder were effective at getting ball to offense, setting picks and rolls, passing and finding people open.

Let’s sharpen our skills in the scrimmage on Sunday and bring it to the Gaspin’ Greenheads Monday! They are 1-4 so far this season so definitely beatable!

Congratulations to our All Stars Jason Jagentenfl, Joe Cruz, Chris Mayer and Stephan Condo and alternates Todd Warden, Bob Simone and Lee Byrne. Good luck in the game- make us proud.

Thanks to all for generously contributing to Eric Lindberg gift basket. We raised over $220 in gifts and gift cards.

Friday, July 20
Bones Fall Short in Attempt at Third Consecutive Win


After 2 glorious weeks of wins, the Rusty Bones fell short Wednesday night at Mines Falls Field in Nashua to the NH Gray Wolves, 11-3.

First Half
That mangy wolf pack put a few goals in early. In spite of an impressive effort by Rob Shu, Brian McHugh, Bobby Simone, O'Shag and Stephan on D and several great saves by Steve Johnson, NH Gray Wolves lead 4-0 at halftime.

Second Half
After halftime things picked up, with the Rusty Bones holding the wolf pack scoreless for most of the third quarter.  So the trend of the Bones coming alive in the second half continues, but not quite enough to squeak out a win.

Not to be outdone by Todd Warden's casual yet sporty khaki fashion statement last week, this week Dave MacPherson showed up in his Highland Kilt. Mac takes the goal in Brave-heart fashion, and plays like a Scottish warrior.

At Midfield, Murray Wigsten did well with ground balls.  Wudi once again looked great, putting a body check on a wolf and causing a big turnover. Way to go Wudi!
Chris Mayer, Sean Fagan and Lee Byrne showed their typical speed again this week.  I heard the goalie on the other team yell "Watch him- that 32 has wheels!"
I think I heard Cruzer saying he misses Defense... Are you trying to tell us something Joe?

At attack good passing and feeds by Todd Warden, Brian Dwyer and Jim Trait. Excellent backing up of shots by Jim Dalton and
Brian McCall. Great ball control and maintaining of possession by Steve Donahue and Jason Jagentenfl.

For the second week in a row, goals by both Sean Fagan and Todd Warden.

Sean Fagan's goal comes in the third quarter on an unsettled change in possession where he rockets a bounce shot past the Gray Wolf Goalie. Nice shot Sean!

Second half highlight reel shows Lee Byrne connecting to Todd Warden with a textbook give and go and give back- on a fast break opportunity that Todd finishes for the second goal by the bones. It was pretty!

Most Dedicated players, Rick McKenzie for bringing his pooch and rooting us on, in spite of a sore back, thanks!  Also to Mac for his midfield clears and behind the goal charging of Gray Wolf Attackman that caused a turnover.  No one expects a guy in a dress to play that aggressive..!

WTF moments
-Lee Byrne got clotheslined in the second half.
-Bone yard looked neglected with patches of dirt right next to really long grass. Can somebody speak to the Commissioner??? It is the worst field we have played on all season.
-Did we use a single time out all game?
-Did the officials call a record number of penalties? (Am I crazy or were 90% called on on bones?...)

Take Away
The Rusty Bones in Game 5 head and shoulders from where we began the season.
Much improvement so far, still more needed.  Substitutions were a bit smoother this week as we managed an overabundance of guys.  Thanks to Scott Fagan and Joe Cruz for putting together Midfield, man down/up and attack lines prior to game!
We are launching more shots and doing a great job of backing them up.

The Gray Wolves were a bit more effective at gaining and maintaining possession, and efficient with their passing and teeing up shooters in front of the goal.
Plus they seemed like a nice group of guys, helmets off to them for their win.


Next week, Thunder.  Bring it!

Go Bones!!

Wednesday, July 11
Rusty Bones Win...Again!!!


For the second straight week the Rusty Bones come from behind to win. Way to go Fighting Irish, uh, I mean fighting Greeks?!!?   Rusty Bones beat the Manchester Elder Tribesman 5-4 in overtime Tuesday night at Londonderry High School.


Stephan watch…well Stephan did get ejected. But the surprise of night was his brother; mild mannered Mark Condo got ejected too (WTF?)

In the first half, Mark Condo has possession of the ball behind the goal ,he successfully draws a penalty, First he gets pushed, then slashed by a member of the Tribe, I guess the opposing player was a little too enthusiastic in his penalty that the only way Mark could get him to stop was to kick him in the helmet. (Mark how many times does Scott McKenzie have to tell you it's kick the ball..the BALL!!)


Not to be outdone, big brother Stephan gets ejected a few minutes later for an F bomb match with an opposing player. (Ok, how come the other guy didn't get ejected for saying the same thing?) The Bones seemed a bit out of rhythm for the first half, offense not getting the ball around the perimeter and not quite numbering up on defense. Also we were man down for about 1/4 of the game.


Highlight reel of first half shows Dave Jones hitting a Tribe member so hard his shoulder pads came off. Way to go Dave!

Zack made some key saves at goal in the first half, if not we would have been in much worse shape. 


Well, all this fighting spurred a comeback as the real game begins at halftime. At faceoff Rick McKenzie was spectacular, winning and scooping up ground balls one after another.  After scoring once in the first half, Rick Mackenzie scores again early in the second half to narrow the Tribes lead , 4-2.


In the 3rd quarter The Rusty Bones come together. 


On defense several instances of stripping the ball, Dave Jones, Bob Shu, Brian McHugh and Bobby Simone play a physical game that results in several forced turnovers. Midfielders, Joe Cruz, Sean Fagan, Todd Ahern and Lee Byrne bring a physicality and speed to midfield that the opponents cannot answer. With that aggressive style of play, the ball changes directions so quickly that the Tribesmen cannot keep up.


WTF moment of the game was when Zack was playing midfield, hey I though Zack was a goalie?


Extra effort and hustle resulted in The Rusty Bones dominating possession for the second half. Chris Mayer covers just about every inch of the field.  Maybe we should send a thank you note or edible arrangement to Shag for bringing him in? Chris is tough at middie on both offense and D, sending one Tribe member to the sidelines rubbing his hand after some stick checking. Oh, and he is always really polite to the refs (Stephan and Mark please see Chris after practice for the proper way to address an official..)


Chris Mayer launches several shots and connects with 2 key goals to tie the game.


Outstanding second half as defense and goalkeeper Dave MacPherson, hold the Tribe scoreless. You gotta’ love when Mac wheels out of the goal and gets past the midfield line on a clear!


At end of regulation we are tied at 4-4.


The key to winning is possession and Bones do this the old fashioned way, hustle. Big contributions by all lead to the win. Unsung heroes are Wudi for getting and maintaining possession.  Rob Shu for using his verbal jiu jitsu to get the opponents off balance then finish them off with a good wack with the wood shaft. Murray Wigsten was all over ground balls. Brian McCall was key at the X, with smart passes, rebounds, and backing up shot after shot to maintain possession. At key moment late in game, the ball comes close to going out of bounds in the corner, Brian McCall and Steve Donohue use the man-ball drill to save the possession and draw a penalty for a man up situation. 


In overtime the highlight reel shows the Bones gain possession,  Jason Jagentfl has the ball driving towards goal, he fakes a shot and then lays a nifty behind the back pass to new player Todd Warden who scores the game winning, sudden death goal. Todd is a classy, yet sporty guy wearing his tan docker khaki shorts with his Rusty Bones jersey. It's a new look. Joe is it too late to redesign our uniforms? 


Most dedicated Bones of Week- tie between Jim Trait fighting downtown Boston traffic then speeding up 93 to get there to play for the second half and Scott Fagan for showing up with an arm infection (wash your pads!)... I thought he was gonna’ take Mark Condo's place and play in his flip flops...   


Oh and tailgating we discover the best genetic heritage combination for success in lacrosse is not Iroquois, Irish or Scottish, but a unique mix of Italian, Polish and Puerto Rican that make the best all around lacrosse player…our very own Cruzer!


This makes two in a row, Bones on a Roll!! Watch out Wolves!





Tuesday, July 3
Bones Win!! Bones Win!!

Monday's game against the Misfits can be best summed up in two words- Bones Win!

The Rusty Bones of Nashua beat the Misfits 3-2 at Chelsea High School.


Building upon weeks of improvement, the game was upbeat from the start.  Jason Jagentenfl has a difficult name to spell, but you know what is even more difficult? Beating Jason at the face-off.  Jason dominated face-offs throughout the game.


We may have three goalies, but Monday night we only needed one.  Steve Johnson stole the show, making numerous big saves to keep the Misfits off the board and the Bones in the game. 


Right from the start the Bone’s D, O'Shag, Bob Simone, Stephan Condo and Dave Jones brought the physicality to the Misfits putting them on their heels and taking them off their game.  It was apparent that they had reviewed the handouts coach provided as they continuously won ground balls and patiently cleared the ball to the streaking middie’s.   The confidence then shifted to the offense where the middie’s controlled the ball, got into the box and were able to move the ball to attack Jim Trait, Brian McCall, and Steve Donohue and Scott McKenzie.  The attack then did a great job of moving the ball to X and started the cycle.


The Bones got their first goal of the season to tie the game 1-1 with a goal from Scott McKenzie. Scott always says kick the ball in the goal, but tonight he did the opposite. He jumped up and used a fly swatter technique to plunk the Bones first goal past Andre the Misfits goalie.


Our offense controlled the ball for much of the game and gave the defense a much needed rest. Extra effort by entire team resulted in numerous ground balls and and forced turnovers that were capitalized by Wudi, Sean Fagan and Chris Mayer scooping ‘em up and getting the ball back into scoring position. Brian Dwyer had some great moves and was able to charge the net, and hold the ball in key moments in spite of being mobbed by defenders. Joe Cruz did double duty with long and short stick at midfield.


Substitution was smooth, with LSM/Defensemen and shorties on and off field with ease. Dave Jones was remarkable with rigorous attack of the Misfuits offense- they did not know what hit them.


A highlight reel of the first half would show the ref counting down the last ten seconds, Scott Fagan has the ball. He winds up and shoots bouncing the ball of the shoulder pad of the defender and up into the right-hand corner of the goal. Bones on the field and sideline erupted into jubilation as Bones Lead at half-time 2-1.


Another notable moment when Bobby Simone had a great clear brining the ball all the way down the field, then turned his one man into a fast break and launched a shot that went wide, but Bones backed up his shot and kept possession.


WTF moment of game when Wudi is double team and tripped up by 2 Misfit players, then the official calls Wudi for a push.  Homers!


Stephan Watch- 1 penalty!! Plus you could see the misfits cringe when he yelled MAN!! in a ground ball situation.  Hell, we all cringe when we hear that!


Second half of game Sean Fagan scores making score, 3-1.   Misfits would answer bringing  game to 3-2 but that was as close as they would get.


Final Score  Bones 3 Misfits 2.  Watch out tribe we are on a roll!


Wednesday, June 27
Improvement for Bones vs. Silver Foxes at Melrose High

Short story is IMPROVEMENT vs. last week.  The score didn’t indicate it but we certainly made strides in the right direction.

First off, in Goal the Steve, Zack and Mac trio getting it done again after making several good saves and contributions on clears.


The defense had a bit more recovery time this week, as the offense was able to control the ball with some composure and patience.   Bobby Simone showed up sore shoulder and all, joining Shu, O’shag, and Stephan to turn in a solid defensive effort.  Stephan had ZERO penalties!!!  WTF!!!  Overall a much better effort on defense, especially in the second half.  Between the middies and the D tightening the box we were able to keep the ball to the perimeter much more effectively.


At midfield Chris Mayer again, left it all on the field…way to hustle. There are almost enough Fagan’s to have their own midfield line.  Scott and Sean, do you two have a brother... (How about a sister?)  Wudi made some key plays, with great ground balls (after showing up to play in the second half). Good clears and fast legs by both Todd Ahern and Bill Durling.  Substitutions were MUCH more fluid this week as we nailed down some lines.  Nice to see Joe Cruz with the long pole in his hand, great as a midfielder, long stick, short stick or club!  Whatever works!

Also on offense at Attack Brian Dwyer, Georges, Scott, Jim and Steve (despite a very sore knee), controlled the ball.... brought it behind the goal and moved it around the perimeter. Good ball movement, settling it down and increasing time of possession.

Most dedicated player award was a toss up between Brian McCall for tipping the tow truck driver 20 bucks to drop him at the game after his truck broke down and to Chris Mayer who came to the game from his vacation in Wells, ME.  Not to mention, last week he came and played on his 14th Wedding anniversary...He's all in.  That's dedication...but how’s the back after sleeping on the couch all week?


Also wanted to extend a big welcome to new player Jim Trait who started at attack and looked great.


The level of play increased by yards and we played much better the second half as we only gave up 4 goals.  Next week let’s muster up some offense and put a few in. 


Go Bones!

Wednesday, June 20
New Uniforms, Big Turnout for Bones vs. Seacoast Sack 2012

The Good

First, a thousand thank yous to Joe Cruz and Christian O’Shaughnessy for the uniforms.  We realize that it took a great deal of time, effort and financial commitment to make it a reality. They look great and the artwork is just fantastic! Also a big thank you to our uniform sponsors and Atlantic Benefit Company.

A big turnout for the Portsmouth game with 20 or more Rusty Bones players. As many of you recall last year we only had 10, no subs. So no wonder this year substitution was a bit foreign.  

Who knew our team has 3 goalies- and that they are all really good!  Dave McPherson did a fantastic job the first half, many saves and some of those Classic Dave one man clears too!  Second half Zack Papadakis was a natural in the net with some great saves and Doug Flutie Hail Mary Passes to our midfielders at the midfield line.

The Bad

Well we lost, and we didn't score.  But we still had fun didn't we? 

Highlights of the Game

Having Jeff Smith as a fill in coach was wonderful. He has a great lax background as the goalie for the Warpigs of the ALL,, and he also runs the NE Elite lacrosse club  Jeff took the time to offer sound advice, and pointers, before, during and after the game. I know that The Bones can really benefit from Jeff's guidance, and the team felt a boost from his enthusiasm.  Maybe we should consider supporting his New England Elite program- can we help sponsor one of his youth teams?

The Fagan brothers, Sean and Scott contributed with ground balls and some good clears. Welcome back to Bill Durling. Good effort by the Brian Mc’s (McCall and McHugh).  Scott Mackenzie and Georges brought some experience to attack. 

Having depth at the face off with Mark Condo, Joe Cruz, Rick McKenzie and Jason Jagentenfl all taking turns. Tough night specifically for defense and goaltenders- as the Sack possessed the ball most of the evening.  Helmets off to Christian O'Shaughnessy, Bobby Simone, Dave Jones, Stephan Condo, and Rob Shuman for playing at least three entire quarters of the game.

New player Chris Mayer was all over the field and really polite to the refs too!

Stephan Watch- my kids always ask me "Did Stephan Get ejected?" No, but don't worry he had a few slashing penalties!

Let's baptize the new uniforms with some dirt, sweat and blood and really bring it to the Silver Foxes next week.

Go Bones!

PS- I am writing to the league commissioner to request that the Sack make the trip to Nashua next year to avoid home field advantage...

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