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Sunday, November 30
LHSAA 2008 Cross Country Championship Results
There was some great racing today by our Running Raiders in Nachitoches at the LHSAA 2008 CC Championship Meet. We are so proud of each one of our runners and their efforts. Our runners were aggressive and never gave up the race...they fought the entire 3 miles for their final finish times. One of our favorite statements of the day was by one of our runners as he described the last part of his race and epitomizes the efforts of everyone..."I was so tired I could not wipe the snot from my nose." The boys competed against 141 runners and were led by James Benham and his 17th place finish. This was the first year that our boys competed as a team and they took the honor of placing 7th in Class B! The girls competed against 105 runners and were led by Sarah Pressley and her 5th place finish. Ashton Baker ran a personal record of 21:11 for a 3 mile race, along with Sarah Pressley, Ali Goldberger, James Benham, Dillon Roy and Luke Matheny running their fastest races on the Nachitoches race course! WAY TO GO 2008 RUNNING RAIDERS!

Thursday, November 13
Running Raiders Slosh Through the 2008 Metro Meet!

Rain was predicted for the 2008 Metro Meet but the Running Raiders predicted record-breaking times.  It rained and the Running Raiders dropped records all over the course.  The race conditions were sloppy and slow but that did not dampen our team. Sarah Pressley was a 9th place finisher setting a personal record of 20:18.  Ali Goldberger and Laura Rack both set personal records with Ali’s time of 22:15 and Laura’s time of 22:35.  KatelynBrian ran her best race on the Highland Road CC Course with a finish of 24:19.  Way to go girls!  The Varsity Boys Team finished in 12thplace out of ~20 teams and was led by James Benham and his finish time of 18:39.  Luke Matheny bested his personal record with a time of 20:20. Both Dillon Roy and Patrick Bryan ran their fastest Highland Road CC Course, with Dillon crossing in 20:02 and Patrick close behind with a finish of 20:10.  Ashton Baker bolted across the finish in 21:31, passing at least 3 other runners in the last 25 yards, which is his best time on the Highland Road CC Course.  The Varsity Team is well prepared for our final contest at the LHSAA State Cross Country Meet.  The Junior High Team slung a lot of mud before bringing in 6 personal records. Jake Johnson led the team with a finish of 13:54 (a personal record) with Andrew Brouillette close behind sprinting to the finish in 14:13.  Other personal records set by ourJunior High Runners include Matthew Brouillette (15:10), Joey Fairley (16:53),Andrew Mackay (18:36), Caroline Bonaventure (19:06) and Olivia Zachary(20:04).  Those Junior High Runners that logged their best race on the Highland Road CC Course include JoeyGuilfoyle (15:12), Andrew Hyde (15:50), Kyle Lee (18:19) and JD Roy (19:36).  Kevin Gabriel also ran one of his best races (17:16).  There is no doubt that our Junior High Runners finished their 2008 CC season saving their best races for last and achieving their personal best.  Great job!

Saturday, October 25
Running Raiders Boogied Their way to St. Michael's Finish Line
The racing started early at Highland Road and our 6th grade boys team ran their best 1.5 mile race of the season.  Joey Guilfoyle was a top 10 finisher and received a T-shirt.  Way to go, Joey!  The rest of the 6th grade squad raced well and finished fast.  In the Junior High Boys and Girls 2-mile race, Andrew Brouillette, Kevin Gabriel and Jake Johnson broke their personal records.  Andrew ran 14:01, Kevin crushed his previous record by 1 minute and 6 seconds, running an impressive 16:30 and Jake continues to improve with a finish time of 14:11.  Both Matthew Brouillette and Olivia Zachary ran their best times on the Highland Road Course for 2008.  The Varsity Girls continue to work hard.  Sarah Pressley finished in the top 25.  Ali Goldberger, Laura Rack, Sarah Pressley and Katelyn Brian all crossed the finish line running their best times on the Highland Road Race Course for 2008.  James Benham led the Varsity Boys by setting another personal record this week, running 18:09.  It will not be long until James breaks 18 minutes!  Luke Matheny also broke a personal record smashing his previous record by 26 seconds. Great racing, James and Luke.   Dillon Roy, Patrick Bryan and Ashton Baker all ran their best times today on the Highland Road Course for 2008.  

Sunday, October 19
Running Raiders Crush Personal Records at the Walker High Shootout

The Cross Country Race was flat and fast as the Running Raiders flew on past their previous personal records. As a team, this was probably the best meet in the two years that we have been running cross country with 14 personal records being set on a single day. AWESOME!  The following runners set personal records: Katelyn Bryan 23:45; Ali Goldberger 22:38; Laura Rack 22:41; Ashton Baker 21:39; James Benham 18:15; Patrick Bryan 19:54; Dillon Roy 19:55; Olivia Zachary 21:10; Matthew Brouillette 15:30; Joey Guilfoyle 14:56; Andrew Hyde 15:15; Jake Johnson 14:15; Kyle Lee 18:26; and John Daniel Roy 19:43. 

Sunday, October 12
Fast Times at the Catholic High Invitational
With over 1000 runners and 100 schools at the Catholic High Meet, the Running Raiders continued to run competitively and strong. Once again, personal records were broken! This week Ali Goldberger broke the 24:00 barrier and raced to a 23:50 finish. Patrick Bryan continued to improve his race, lowering his personal record by 45 seconds running 21:03. James Benham consistently leads the Running Raiders on a weekly basis with this past race being his best for 2008 at 19:07.  In the Junior High Division, Andrew Hyde set a personal record with a 16:35 race time, which is an improvement of 23 seconds. Jake Johnson ran his race in 14:25, which is an improvement of 1:14 seconds from his first race of the season. JD Roy set his personal record with a finish time of 20:38, which is almost 4 minutes faster from his race last week! Make sure to congratulate these runners for a fine effort as well as all of our other runners. Everyone who raced this weekend invested in their best and accomplished great final results.

Saturday, October 11
Runnels takes a big lose at the St. Joseph's CC Invitational
The Running raiders were flying last Saturday.  Our Junior High Runners were back on the course with many setting either personal records or their best 2008 race time.  The Junior High Boys competed against 242 other boys and placed 19th in the team competition.  Joey Fairley, Joey Guilfoyle, Andrew Hyde, Jake Johnson, Kyle Lee and Olivia Zachary set personal records.  Those posting thier best race in 2008 include Andrew Brouillette, Matthew Brouillette, and Kevin Gabriel.  The Varsity Girls left minutes all over the course.  Sarah Pressley dropped 1:14, Ali Goldberger dropped 51 seconds and both Laura Rack and Katelyn Brian improved their race times by at least a minute.  The Varsity Boys posted an average team total race time of 22:59 indicating that each one of them left nothing on the course and ran well and strong.  Dillon Roy and Patrick Bryan set personal records with Dillon's final race time of 21:53 and Patrick's final race time of 21:43.  The Running Raiders are getting Stronger, Better, and Faster.

Tuesday, September 23
Running Raiders set their pace at the Episcopal High School Round Table CC Meet
The Running Raiders had a great opening meet for the 2008 Cross Country Season, last Saturday, September 20.  The Varsity and Junior High Runners all posted respectable times with both Luke Matheny and Dillon Roy setting personal records, with several of our other runners posting their best 1-mile.  This meet established what great times are in store this season for all of our runners.

Wednesday, October 1
Running Raiders Leave the Dust Behind at the LSU Tiger CC Festival
The Running Raiders left many in the dust at the LSU Tiger Cross Country Festival last Saturday at Highland Road Park.  The Boys Varsity Team continues to improve.  Ashton Baker battled for his finish with impressive final strides.  Patrick Bryan logged a fast 5K (3.1 miles) by finishing only 2 seconds behind his 3 mile finish a week ago and James, Dillon and Luke all ran strong and consistent races. Katelyn Bryan and Laura Rack debuted their racing careers.  Each of them posted great times, along with Sarah leading the way and pacing our girls to the finish.

Friday, August 15
Running Raiders Go the Distance in 2008!
The Cross Country Season officially begins August 11!  The Cross Country Team is divided into a Varsity division and a Junior High division.  Boys and Girls  in grades 9th - 12th grade compete in the Varsity races and run 3 miles.  Boys and Girls in grades 6th - 8th compete in the Junior High races and run 2 miles.  The season concludes for the Junior High runners at the Metro Meet in Baton Rouge.  The Varsity runners conclude their season at the LHSAA Cross Country Meet at Northwestern University in Natchitoches, LA which is held in November.