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True Blue Crew
Coach Kelly
6500 W. Glendale Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Royals Varsity Team 2008 In Oskosh WI.
Coach Kelly with his former team...Varsity Royals 2007 Oskosh WI Summer Shootout
Welcome To Coach Kellys "TRUE BLUE" Basketball Team Website!!

Please visit us at our new webpage.  Keep it TRUE BLUE!!  

Welcome to Coach Kellys "TRUE BLUE" BASKETBALL CLUB   Coach Kelly, formerly Head coach of the Royals of Midwest Basketball team, has started his own team OR "CREW"  as he likes to call them...  His team understands that...













Coach Kelly says there are "Ten Keys To Success" in a word...  and the word is...


We belive there is no I in team...  We belive in starting and stopping together...  We belive that we're only as strong as our weakest link... 
We belive that we win and lose as a team...  We believe in Student Athletes not athletes that happen to be students.  Our over all goal is that "Each One Reach One To Teach One..."  That simply means that when one succeeds, he reach back and help someone else succeed.  
We strive to provide an opportunity for gifted Student Athletes to not only learn and play the game of basketball, but more importantly how to learn to achieve success in life.  We display excellent sportsmanship, win or lose...  We are disciplined in our approach to the game as well as in life.  We are a Christian value based Club that desires to represent God, our club, our families and ourselves to the very best of our abilities.

Coach K
Coach Kelly
Monday, May 5

Monday, May 5

Coach's Semi Circle Chat

(Revised Friday 05/09/08 1:57am)  

Greetings to one and all...  It is with a great deal of sadness that I greet you as I'm sure by now most of you are aware that I will not be coaching with MAIA and the Royals of Midwest Basketball Team this summer.      As former Head Coach of the Royals of Midwest Basketball Teams, let me say this...  Last year, in an effort to reach and teach more young men the value of teamwork as well as to enjoy the thrill of high-level competition, MAIA (Midwest Athletics In Action) added a Junior Varsity team to the club.  As many of you know, I had been Head Coach of the Varsity team since the beginning of this organization.  At the request of Ms. Nickols and some very persistent parents, I agreed to take on the challenge of the Junior Varsity team as well as continue to coach the varsity team.  As there is no varsity team this year, I will be venturing out on my own to start the "True Blue" Basketball Club.  Please understand that I had every intention of coaching with the Royals this season but due to circumstances well beyond my control, this will not be possible.  Not to worry though...  MAIA has welcomed Coach Karl Bartcher to the Junior Varsity Team.  

To my Junior varsity team parents...  After having overseen the preparation of Royals teams as Head Coach from the moment I accepted the offer to coach with this organization, I assisted as best I could this year in preparing your young people for the 2008 summer season.  As I was no longer responsible for preparing the team, I tried to simply humble myself and just be part of the coaching team.  Now I trust that your young people will be in good hands with Coach Alicia Nickols team coaching plan assisted by Coach Bartcher as well as by her husband Coach James Nickols.  I on the other hand will begin to build my club and seek out new challenges...  My coaching style is not well suited for the direction that MAIA appears to be going in and so maybe its all for the best.  Rest assured, prior to leaving I did all that I could to assist in preparing your young people for the 2008 summer season.  Now I fully expected this team to go through some growing pains last summer and we did!!  We got smacked around a bit...  14-22 in the summer of2007 Ouch!!  We were a 15U team that also played in some 16U division tournaments...  I told you not to worry as I expected that somewhere down the road we would subject other teams to a little "smacking around" of our own!!   Well we did!!  We took Second Place in our second tournament at the Center Court in Waukesha Wisconsin and by summers end; we won the Gold Medals at the HLC End Of The Summer Shootout in Oshkosh Wisconsin!!  I told you that the key was that the younger team would learn valuable lessons from the older team and that it would make our team even stronger next season!!  It did and it has!!  Pretty successful over all huh?  Well at least I thought so...  Oh but I digress...  

So this summer you begin again but with a major change...  No Coach Kelly...  I suspect that you will again have some growing pains...  Don't worry, it's natural and your young people will persevere!!  Don't forget, two seasons ago, it was was tough as our varsity team got smacked around in the beginning playing in 19U tournaments as a 16U team featuring several 15 year olds!!  Ahh...  But by seasons end...  Well let's just say we brought home some Gold!!  Last summer our varsity team went 29-9 and every Student Athlete on that team is heading off to College!!  Now that's success!!  Well I mean it is successful isn't it?  Well...  Oh who knows right?  Well anyway, with a little hard work and dedication, your young people can do the same.  So again, to all the parents...  Don't get discouraged if it appears that your young team is struggling out the gate...  Expect it and know in your heart that they will overcome it!! 

So why am I leaving so abruptly?  The main reason...  The schedule that the MAIA Club has put together this year is impossible for my schedule, not to mention my pocketbook!!  In seasons past, I've always chosen what tournament our teams would participate in.  This year I prepared a schedule as I had done in seasons past and well lets just say that the schedule that you have is not the schedule that I made up...  Not by a long shot!!  I always tried to make sure that my schedule would allow me to be available for every tournament that I attempted to schedule.  I also tried to be mindful of vacations and well the pocketbook!!  I can tell you with out a doubt that since accepting the Head coaching position with MAIA I have NEVER MISSED ANY TOURNAMENT THAT I WAS SCHEDULED TO COACH IN.  The thought of having that happen this year was too much to bear.  Although I tried to make it work, alas it's to no avail.  As many of you all know, I believe that we can go and lose or win anywhere...  So why not win or lose right here in Wisconsin?  We played teams from all over the country last year and beat a team from MN. that hadn't lost a game all season until they played us!!  We were competitive and well on our way to becoming a very good team in my humble opinion.  Apparently not everyone felt that way as MAIA is moving in a different direction this summer and a direction that is not really suited to my particular coaching style.  So, just as some of your teammates from last year won't be with you this year...  Nor will I... 

So what now?  Well it's time to step up and play ball!!  As in summers past, MAIA will be playing against some very talented teams...  Your schedule suggest that you may even venture well beyond Wisconsin this summer...  I wish you nothing but success in your quest for gold!! ;-)   Over the years, I've  done my best to pick out quality tournaments for your young people to play in...  Hopefully providing them an opportunity to compete, succeed, endure defeat, and most importantly, develop the Discipline to deal with whatever challenges they are faced with in an organized and systematic way...  Relying on their teammates as well as trusting their coaches and always remembering that Teamwork Require a United Effort...  To Be Respectful, Learn all you can and to Expect Success!!  (TRUE BLUE)  Why?  Because then they will be prepared to deal with anything that life challenges them with.   Lastly, no longer will your young people be subject to my "benevolent dictatorship" and while they may no longer be yelling "True Blue..."  I hope they will continue to carry it's meaning in their hearts and apply it to their daily lives so as to be successful.  You know I've been coaching basketball from the "Pee wee" level to the advanced level for over 18 years now and have been pretty successful if I do say so myself.  Please know that I gave 100% of myself for the sake of our teams  and then some...  Apparently it's evident as I've never had to beg to get young people to play for me and quite frankly I never intend too...  

It's come to my attention that some of your Student Athletes came back to the Royals this year because they wanted to play for me again.  I truly regret that I am unable to complete this season with the Royals and had I known how drastically things were going to change this summer, I would have advised everyone prior to the start of the season.  Please know that I am truly thankful that your young people have confidence in my abilities.  I'm pleased to know that I've had a positive affect on your young people and know in your hearts that I tried to stay with MAIA just for them!!  I am truly humbled by the confidence and trust you have placed in me during my time with MAIA.  Again I wish nothing but success for your young people!!   So I'll close with this...  Your sons have a ladder to climb...  So climb it!!  I'll see you at the top and maybe at a tournament or two this summer!!   

God Bless to one and all... 

Coach Richard G. Kelly Sr.


I know, I didn't state what many of you may be wondering...  As I'm starting my own club, will I be coaching this summer?  Well that's yet to be determined.  Much to do and no time to do it in...  I hadn't planned on putting my club together until next summer but due to so many young people that were turned away by the announcement that MAIA would not have a varsity team for the first time since I've been coaching with them, I just may have to put a team together...  I know...  Would I welcome any of my former Royals players?  Yes of course...  While it is not my intention to take any player away from MAIA...  I do understand that some of your Student Athletes may still want to play for me even if it means leaving MAIA.  That is up to you the parents and your Student athletes.  If you are considering leaving please contact me and I'll see what I can do to accommodate you.  Hmm...  Do I have a plan?  Ok the down and dirty...  $250.00 Team Fees...  I'm going to be looking for at least 12 and no more than 14 players.  The fees will cover tournaments and uniforms only.  I'm looking at four or five tournaments depending on how quickly this comes together.  That should get us about a college seasons worth of games in (Aropx 20games).  Still working on a practice space and time.  Peace, Coach K. True Blue!!  


True Blue Basketball Inc.
True Blue Basketball Inc.
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