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03-29-17 08:34 PM
Roseville Local Weather
Revolution Express Track Club
Roosevelt Kent, Jr.
Roseville, California

Roseville Express Track Club

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Wednesday, March 29
Welcome to Revolution Express Track Club!

First T&F Meet Results

Full meet results will be loaded to Athletic.Net within a few days.  Wow, RETC families are amazing, just love how everyone jumped in and did what needed to be done.  As we were picking up the last of the trash around the stadium ... in came a boys soccer team.  They had a game that started at 1:30 pm.  Quite wonderful that we were completely cleared out and cleaned up by 12:30 pm.  Appreciate those who stayed after the meet to help put everything away and sweep the stands for trash.  Makes the work easier when the load is spread around.

Meet results can be located at this link.  Not every athlete could be identified with a club.  Also, several athletes ran in the wrong age group heats.  That is okay, the key was to get a baseline mark.  Finally, Sac Speed Factory asked that we not upload any of their marks so they aren't listed here either. 


Second RETC Competiton 
Our next meet will be hosted by Sac Speed Factory.  Each year they put on an exceptional meet. Last year over 1,000 athletes were entered which resulted in a very long meet.  
  • Link to meet flier:
  • Date:  Saturday, April 1
  • Time:
    • 7:30 am:  Sub-team warm-up (athletes are on the track with their palos ready to warm-up as a team)
      • Due to how many athletes are registered for this meet only these athletes need to warm-up at 7:30 am  
        • Aaron, Aashritha, Allison, Aniya, Ashley, Bryson, Emily, Hunter S, Jacob, Jamie, Katie, Kaycee, Kylee, Lila, Nick, Paetyn, Riley B
    • 8:00 am:  Athletes in the following events need to be checking into the clerking area (running) or at their designated field event area
      • 3000m Run
      • Turbo Javelin (Group 3:  11-12 year olds)
      • Shot Put (Group 2:  9-10 year olds)
      • Javelin (Group 5-6:  15-18 year olds)
      • Long Jump (Group 1:  7-8 year olds)
      • High Jump (Group  5/6:  15-18 year olds)
    • 8:30 am:  Remaining team needs to arrive and warm-up together.  This group won't be able to warmup on the track and will have to use the warm-up field behind the track.  If you want to come warm-up with the rest of team at 7:30 am you can ... just trying to save you some time on the bleachers
      • Natalie, Riley P
  • Location:  Elk Grove High School (9800 Elk Grove Florin Rd., Elk Grove)
  • Awards:  
    • 1-3 in each event, per group will receive a medal
    • 4-8 in each event, per group will receive a ribbon
    • Medals and/or ribbons can be collected by coares or parents only
  • Athlete Registration:  
    • RETC will be working with the athletes & coaches this week (March 20 & 23) to select their events for this meet
    • 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 year olds can compete in only 3 events
    • 13-14, 15-18 year olds can compete in only 4 events
  • Parent Volunteer Roles:
    • Secure team area at 6 am:  Schroeder family
    • Pick up and distriubute athlete bib numbers:  Bromfield family
    • Pick up RETC athlete awards:  ? (need a volunteer for this role)
  • Athlete Events (please let me know if I need to make changes -
    • 7-8 Year Olds
      • Aashritha: 100m, 200m, Long Jump
      • Bryson: 800m, Turbo Jav, Long Jump
      • Riley B:  100m, Turbo Jav, Long Jump
      • Hunter: 100m, Turbo Jav, Long Jump
    • 9-10 Year Olds
      • Lila: 800m, 100m 400m
      • Aniya: Turbo Jav, Long Jump, High Jump
      • Natalie: 100m, 400m, 200m
      • Kaycee: 200m, Turbo Jav, Long Jump
      • Nick: 100m, 400m, Turbo Jav
      • Jamie: 800m, Turbo Jav, Shot Put
    • 11-12 Year Olds
      • Emily F: 100m, 400m, Turbo Jav
      • Paetyn: 80m Hurdles, Turbo Jav
      • Ashley: 800m, Shot Put, Long Jump
      • Aaron: 800m, 100m, 400m
      • Riley P: 100m, Long Jump, High Jump
    • 13-14 Year Olds
      • Katie: 100m, 100m Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump
      • Allison: 800m, 400m, Javelin
      • Jacob: 3K, 1500m, Long Jump
    • 15-16 Year Olds
      • Kylee: Long Jump, High Jump
  • Full meet entries can be located at this link.  Be aware that the deadline to complete registration closes at midnight this Wednesday, March 29.  Changes to what other clubs have entered their athletes into will be occurring all the way up to the deadline.  When you go to the link below, click on the button that states, "View Entries." 

Third RETC Competition
Run Rocklin is a local fun run offering various race distances.  Last year a number of our RETC athletes, coaches and parental units participated.  If you decide, sign up under Team RETC.  Then let Team Mom Linda or Coach Maura know so we can track who will be there.
  •  Run Rocklin website: 

Mandatory Parent Meetings
RETC has found it valuable to educate our parents early and frequently during the season to ensure success for both the athlete and their supporting parental units.
  • Third Parent Meeting 
    • Who: At least one parent unit for each new & returning RETC 2017 athlete 
    •  Why: Walk through what RETC has to do to host home meet 
    • Where: Rocklin High School track (meet at shot put pit) 
    •  Date: Monday, April 24 Time: 6 pm 
  •  Fourth Parent Meeting 
    • Who: At least one parent unit for each new & returning RETC 2017 athlete 
    • Why: Putting together team packets for our meet (collating bib numbers, counting safety pins ... exciting stuff like this!) 
    • Where: Rocklin High School (meet in the stands next to the snack bar) 
    • Date: Thursday, April 27 Time: 6 pm

RETC 2017 Season Details  
  • Training Schedule Practice Days: 
    • Monday & Thursday (each week) 
      • March/April will keep this practice routine 
      • Time: 6-7:30 pm 
      • Location: Rocklin High School 
    • May/June/July 
      • Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (each week) 
      • Time: 6-7:30 pm 
      • Location: Rocklin High School   

Watch Cody's video of RETC 2016 season
Cody is a member of RETC's 15-16 year old squad and is an accomplished thrower ... now video creator!

Desire extra training?
Coach Kent offers personal training to any RETC and non-RETC athlete that wants to take their competition to the next level.  He can be reached at (916) 412-7280 or

How to buy fanwear and team sweatsuit
RETC is partnering with GTM Sports to make it easy to purchase extra team shorts, team sweat suit (for athlete or anyone in the family!) and fanwear.  Everything sold at cost.  Before purchasing a team sweatsuit though, make sure we don't have any left in our team inventory first.  Save the cost of shipping!

Are you on RETC Group E-mail List?!

Are you receiving the team email updates? You won't unless you sign up at the link below. RETC can't add you due to Yahoo privacy policy. 


How to contact RETC

To learn more about our club contact:

Team Results

RETC keeps all meet results on Athletic.Net.  See how you are improving from one meet to the next or year-over-year.  Check out the RETC Top 10 best all-time performances ... have you made the Top 10?  Club record holder yet?

Upcoming Meets
Date Event Time Location
Sat 4/1 Track & Field Sac Speed Factory - Speed Showcase 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Elk Grove High School
Sun 4/2 Track & Field Run Rocklin 8:15 AM - 12:00 PM Johnson Springview Park, Rocklin
Upcoming Practice Schedule
Date Event Time Location
Thu 3/30 Track & Field March/April Practice (2x a week) Schedule 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rocklin High School
Mon 4/3 Track & Field March/April Practice (2x a week) Schedule 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rocklin High School
Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 4/16 star Easter All Day
Revolution Express Track Club
Revolution Express Track Club
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