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Last updated
05-24-15 02:35 PM
Roseville Local Weather
Revolution Express Track Club
Roosevelt Kent, Jr.
Roseville, California
Wednesday, May 20
Welcome to Revolution Express Track Club!

Pictures of your athlete needed

Each year RETC will present your athlete with a special certificate.  Please can you send to Coach Maura K ( any pictures you've taken this season of RETC athletes.  Thanks! 

Scholar-Athlete Award 

Beginning this season we will honor all RETC athletes in either of our spring or summer 2015 teams that have earned a 4.0 during their spring semester.  Please submit a copy of your report card or a letter from your teacher confirming your GPA if a report card isn't available.  Submit to Coach Maura or Team Mom Kristi no later than Thursday, June 4 at practice.  If your child doesn't earn letter grades yet, then a letter from the teacher confirming what they have earned would equal an A is also acceptable.

Recognition of these Scholar-Athletes will be held at our end-of-season party. 

Practice location change 

Each year RETC is required to relocate practice to accommodate the Rocklin High School graduation ceremony.  Over the years we've found that Buljan Middle School works well for a substitute practice location. 

  • Location: Buljan Middle School (100 Hallissy Dr., Roseville, 95678)
  • Practice relocated on these days only:  June 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Time:  6-7:30 pm 
The closest bathrooms are across the park so please use the facilities before coming to practice or have a parent handy to walk you over.  None of the youth athletes are allowed to go to the park bathrooms by themselves.  Also, make sure you bring water as there are no water fountains nearby. 

May practice schedule 

  • Monday (6-7:30 pm)
  • Tuesday (6-7:30 pm) ... 7-8 year olds optional to attend
  • Thursday (6-7:30 pm) ... no more 5:30-6 pm for javelin or HJ
In June we'll add Thursday to the practice regime as the team will be preparing for the Junior Olympics.  At that time the 7-8 year olds still only need to attend two practices each week. 

No practice on Monday of Memorial Day weekend

Enjoy your day off!  Monday, May 25

PAC (Pacific Association Championship) May 30-31 

  • Location:  Whitney High School, Rocklin
  • Time:
    • 7:30 am:  RETC team warm-up
    • 8:30 am:  Field events begin
    • 9:00 am:  Running events begin (events can start up to 30-minutes prior to posted start time) 

This is our first championship meet of the summer.  It officially ends the spring season for some of our athletes.  If your child plans to continue competing through the summer please review the next article on this home page for pricing information.

We are blessed to have this meet in our backyard.  That blessing comes with a few strings!  We need to help in three key areas because we are the host club.  Please can you sign-up for 1 or more of these volunteer roles? 

  • Event Set-up
    • Date:  Friday,  May 29
    • Time:  3-6 pm
    • Jobs:  Distribute tables, chairs and other equipment throughout facility in preparation for the meet
    • RETC Parents:  Anna & Gavin Glatt, Barnaby Nnaji, ???
  • Volunteer Lunches
    • Date:  Saturday, May 30
      • Time:  10-12 noon
      • Job:  Drive to location where food has been pre-paid, bring it to WHS and distribute to all meet volunteers
      • RETC Parents:  Sean Moore, ???
    • Date:  Sunday, May 31
      • Time:  10-12 noon
      • Job:  Same as above
      • RETC Parents:  Joanna & Morgan Ross, Charlize Golden, ???
  • Event Clean-up
    • Date:  Sunday, May 31
    • Time:  4-6 pm
    • Jobs:  Stack tables, chairs and gather all equipment throughout facility and put it away
    • RETC Parents:  ???
Because this is a championship meet we run our team dynamics differently.  For this meet only, athletes do not all show up for first team warm-up together unless they are competing within the first 3-hours of the meet.  Review the meet schedule and time your arrival so that you show up at least 2-hours before your child will compete.  Keep in mind that parking is crazy and your child will need adequate time to warm-up and check into the clerking area if they are in a running event.
Link to meet schedule: 
As a club we will sit just to the far side of the home side press box as you walk in from the parking lot.  This will be the first part of the stadium to receive shade each afternoon.  Two years ago at this meet it got to 109 degrees the first day of the meet so we want to secure as much shade as possible!

Extending your season through the summer?

Having so much fun you want to continue training & competing?  Maybe you've just finished your middle or high school season ... or this is your first foray into youth track & field.  Here are the details you need. 

  • What it costs (pay what applies to you):
    • $20 - annual USATF membership
    • $100 - summer RETC training fees
    • $35 - Palo (training implement)
    • $56 - uniform
    • $60 - sweat suit (optional for summer only athletes)
  • Meet fees
    • These are more tricky as it will depend on what meets you attend.  What you attend will depend on your age and your area of focus as well
    • Remainder of spring season meets you can still join
      • May 23-24 (Central Valley Road Runners) @ Ripon HS ($16 per athlete)
      • May 30-31 (PAC Championships) @ Whitney HS ($24 per athlete)
    • Required summer competitions:
      • June 13-14 (pick one)
        • Golden West (9-18 year olds) - can't figure out what it costs per event or athlete ... can you figure it out?
        • Sub-Bantam Championships (for 8&U only) -- $8 per athlete
        • Region 14 Junior Olympic Combined (triathlon, pentathlon, heptathlon, decathlon) - $15 tri/pent & $20 for hep/deca
          • Top 2 finishers in each age group will automatically advance to USATF National JOs in Florida at the end of July
        • Nor Cal Hershey's qualifier in San Jose ... if you finished in the Top 5 at the RETC home meet on April 25 and you are 9-13 years old you can attend this meet -- $5 per athlete
        • If none of these fit with your skills sets ... you can pass on this weekend
      • June 19-20 (Mandatory)
        • Pacific Association Junior Olympics @ Diablo Valley College
          • $24 entry fee per athlete
          • No pre-qualifications to compete in this meet
          • Top 8 finishers per event / age group will advance to Region 14 Junior Olympics on June 27-28
      • June 27-28
        • Region 14 Junior Olympics @ Diablo Valley
          • $7 entry fee per event
          • Can only compete in this meet if you finished Top 8 in PA JO on June 19-20
          • Top 5 advance to the USATF National JO meet in Florida
      • July 11-12 (Mandatory)
        • Hampton-Phillips Classic @ Granada HS, Livermore
          • $16 entry fee per athlete
      • July 27-August 2
        • USATF National Junior Olympics @ University of Florida, Jacksonville
          • $8 entry fee per event 
          • Can only compete in this meet if you were Top 2 in the Region 14 Combined meet or Top 5 in the Region 14 T&F meet
    • Optional summer competitions
      • June 30-July 5
        • USATF Hersheys Youth Nationals in Lisle, IL (no pre-qualifications required)
          • $8 per event
      • July 18-19
        • California State Games (no pre-qualifications required)
          • Meet will be held in Escondido (So Cal)
          • Opening Ceremonies will be held at San Diego Chargers stadium
          • $12 for first event; $3 for each additional event 

Season Party / Pictures

Please have your athlete come in their team uniform for the team picture, individual shot and buddy shots, then they can change into something to wear during the party.  There is a sand volleyball pit so if anyone can bring a volleyball that would be great!   If it isn't cold, the kids can also bring their squirt guns ... parents & coaches are off limits though!

  • Date:   Thursday, June 11
  • Time:  6 pm
  • Where:  Kaseberg Park (1151 Rand Way, Roseville, 95678)
  • Who:  Spring & Summer teams
This is a family BBQ.  Each family is requested to bring their own plates & plasticware plus the following (sorted by last name) to share with the team:
  • A-I = Dessert
  • J-Q = Side Dish or Salad
  • R-Z = Drinks (no alcohol)
RETC will BBQ hamburgers & hot dogs.
  • ACTION:  Do we have any parental units that are good with a BBQ?  Would you honor our team by cooking up our burgers and dogs?! 
    • Parent BBQers:  Robert Ross, Coach Mike, ???
This is also the time for athletes to recognize their coach's support throughout the season!
  • Sprints:  Coach Kent, Coach Christina
  • Distance:  Coach Kelly, Coach Denise
  • Throws:  Coach Sue, Coach David
  • Jumps:  Coach Mike
  • Team Mom:  Ms. Kristi
  • Administration:  Coach Maura 

7th RETC Competition (May 23-24) 

Soon as I receive results will identify who has PRs and made the RETC Top 10 list.
  • Athlete Results
    • 8U Girls
      • Jazlyn (200m, 400m, Long Jump)
      • Zilah (200m, 400m, Long Jump)
      • Jessica (200m, Shot Put, Long Jump) 
      • Morgan (800m, Shot Put, Long Jump) 
    • 8U Boys
      • Chimobi (100m, 200m, Long Jump) 
      • Ryler (800m, Shot Put, Turbo Javelin) 
    • 9-10 Girls
      • Destin (200m, 400m, Long Jump)
      • Ashley (200m, Long Jump, Shot Put) 
      • Angeline (400m, 800m, 1500m) 
      • Audrey (100m, High Jump, Turbo Javelin) 
      • Ginika (100m, 200m, Long Jump)
    • 9-10 Boys
      • Jack (200m, High Jump, Turbo Javelin)
    • 11-12 Girls
      • Kaitlin (100m, Discus, Turbo Javelin) 
      • Allison (400m, 800m, Shot Put)
    • 11-12 Boys
      • Brandon (1500m, 3000m, Turbo Javelin) 
      • Devin (1500m, High Jump, Turbo Javelin) 
    • 13-14 Girls
      • Anjalee (100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m Relay)
      • Jessica (100m, Javelin, Long Jump ... 4x100m Relay) 
      • Rebecca (100m, 4x100m Relay, Javelin, Long Jump) 
      • Makena (High Jump, Discus) ... Both days
      • Angela (100m, 200m, 4x100m Relay, Discus) 
      • Madi (100m Hurdles, 200m, High Jump, Discus) 
    • 13-14 Boys
      • Brent (100m Hurdles, Javelin, High Jump) 
    • 15-16 Girls
      • Hannah (400m, Javelin, Long Jump) 
    • 15-16 Boys
      • Cody (Javelin, Discus)
      • Sean (100m, 200m, 400m) 

Buffalo Chips Challenge!

Don't miss this unique, first-time challenge. 

  • Date:  Thursday, June 4
  • Location:  Folsom or Vista del Lago High School in Folsom
  • Time:  6 pm or later
  • What:  Mock distance dual meet
  • Who:  Anyone who races a 400m distance or longer
  • Cost:  Free
  • Timing:  Hand timing 
  • Events
    • Younger athletes:  400m, 800m, 1500m, 4x400m Relay
    • Older athletes:  800m, 1500m, 3000m, 4x800m Relay
    • Relays are mixed age groups and boys/girls
Parents are also invited to jump into any of the races as well.  Coach Kelly and Coach Denise have kindly agreed to take the team to this meet.  Met with the parental units of our distance runners and we had 100% buy in so we're going to accept the challenge. 

6th RETC Competition (May 9)  

Only 429 athletes registered to compete so the meet went very quickly.  Huge thank you to Sean and his dad who stayed long after the meet was over to collect all the awards for our club athletes.  We so appreciate you!

As a reminder only PRs or 1st time attempts in an event are recorded here.  Full meet results are always available on Athletic.Net.

  • Athlete Results
    • 8U Girls
      • Morgan
        • 100m (20.70) 25th place / PR by 1.06)
        • 400m (1:33.91) 7th place / PR by :12.32 / #5 on RETC Top 10
        • Shot Put (8' 5.18") 2nd place / #2 on RETC Top 10
    • 9-10 Girls
      • Audrey
        • 100m (17.25) 24th place / PR by .51
      • Ginika
        • 100m (14.42) 1st place / PR by .12 / #4 on RETC Top 10
    • 9-10 Boys
      • Jack
        • 200m (36.85) 19th place / PR by .67
      • James
        • 400m (1:24.06) 16th place / PR by .38
        • Long Jump (8' 10.69") 12th place / PR by 10"
    • 11-12 Girls
      • Allison
        • 100m (16.17) 23rd place / PR by .56
    • 11-12 Boys
      • Ajani
        • 80m Hurdles (16.61) 6th place / PR by .98 / #3 on RETC Top 10
      • Brandon
        • 400m (1:23.89) 13th place
        • 3000m (13:03.03) 1st place
        • Turbo Javelin (49' 6.49") 9th place / PR by 6'7.5"
      • Devin
        • 1500m (5:43.56) 3rd place (you should have seen it!) / PR by :14.2
        • High Jump (3' 9.28") 4th place / PR by 3"
        • Turbo Javelin (73' 8.65") 7th place / PR by 9"
      • Ethan
        • 80m Hurdles (17.00) 8th place / PR by 1.67 / #4 on RETC Top 10
        • High Jump (4' 3.18") 2nd place / PR by .75" / #4 on RETC Top 10
        • Long Jump (13' 4.63") 4th place / #5 on RETC Top 10
      • Cole
        • 800m (3:02.70) 6th place / missed PR by :00.02
        • 1500m (5:47.85) 5th place / PR by 14.39
        • Turbo Javelin (46' 3.51") 11th place / PR by 4' 8.5"
    • 13-14 Girls
      • Cassie
        • 400m (1:12.09) 12th place / PR by :05.81
        • 1500m (6:02.03) 5th place / seasonal PR by :07.01
        • Long Jump (10' 3.75") 3rd place
      • Anjalee
        • 100m (13.97) 8th place
        • 200m (27.42) 4th place / #5 on RETC Top 10
        • 400m (1:02.95) 4th place / PR by :02.98 / #3 on RETC Top 10
      • Maddi
        • 100m Hurdles (24.70) 8th place / PR by 15.73
        • 800m (3:27.75) 7th place
        • High Jump (3' 9.28") 6th place / PR by .28"
    • 13-14 Boys
      • Luke
        • 400m (1:13.15) 12th place / PR by :04.16
        • Long Jump (13' 1.48") 11th place / PR by 7.75"
    • 15-16 Boys
      • Sean
        • 100m (12.17) 2nd place / PR by .33 / #4 on RETC Top 10
        • 200m (25.93) 3rd place / PR by .65
        • 400m (56.36) 2nd place / PR by 2.20 / #10 on RETC Top 10

Are you on RETC Group E-mail List?!

Are you receiving the team email updates? You won't unless you sign up at the link below. RETC can't add you due to Yahoo privacy policy. 


Link to 2014 Team pictures   

Here is the link to the gallery:!i=3278981945&k=L2N5fdZ

Password:  Track2014 (make sure to capitalize Track…it will only work that way)

Send e-mail to Kara Schroeder @ to order your pictures.  She charges $10 for team picture plus one individual.  If you want additional individuals then it is $5 per additional picture.  She mails dvyou the proof and copywrite to make as many copies as you desire.    

How to contact RETC

To learn more about our club contact:

Team Results

RETC keeps all meet results on Athletic.Net.  See how you are improving from one meet to the next or year-over-year.  Check out the RETC Top 10 best all-time performances ... have you made the Top 10?  Club record holder yet?

Upcoming Meets
Date Event Time Location
Sat 5/30 Track & Field PAC (Pacific Association Youth Championships) 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Whitney High School
Sun 5/31 Track & Field PAC (Pacific Association Youth Championships) 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Whitney High School
Recent Meets
Date Event Time Location
Sat 5/23 Track & Field Central Valley Road Runners 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Ripon High School
Sun 5/24 Track & Field Central Valley Road Runners 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Ripon High School
Upcoming Practice Schedule
Date Event Time Location
Mon 5/25 Track & Field RETC Practice 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rocklin High School
Tue 5/26 Track & Field RETC Practice 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rocklin High School
Thu 5/28 Track & Field RETC Practice 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rocklin High School
Mon 6/1 Track & Field RETC Practice 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rocklin High School
Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 6/21 star Father's Day All Day
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Revolution Express Track Club
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