Rolando Little League: Who Do I Contact

Who Do I Contact?
Please contact the appropriate board member if you have any questions or problems.


  • I want to coach or manage
  • Unresolved player issues
  • Problems with coaches, managers, umpires or league volunteers
  • Questions about volunteering in the league
  • Getting involved on the board
  • League Operations
  • Questions about volunteering in the league


  • Registration Fees
  • Snack bar deposit check return

Player Agent: Baseball    Softball

  •   Player related issue 

Umpire in Chief:

  • Where is umpire gear stored 
  • Are there umpire clinics to attend
  • I want to umpire 

Equipment Manager:

  • My son/daughters uniform doesn't fit 
  • We have run out of game or practice balls 
  • I need new team equipment

Field Director: RolandoKing Street

  • Issues related to field maintenance 
  • Graffiti on structures at field 
  • Problems or damage at the fields 
  • Where is field equipment stored 
  • What proper field set-up

Information Officer:

  • Who's responsible for updating the website
  •  How do i get access to the website

Safety Officer:

  • Player Injury during game or practice. 
  • Fan or guest injury at either field location. 

Director of Sponsorships:

  • I want to sponsor the league or a player.
  •  I want to advertise or get a banner on the web site and field.
  • I want to donate to the league.
  • My company wants to contribute to the league

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