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JPW State Champion - Panthers
Sunday, March 1

Rogue Valley Youth Football consists of these associations. South Valley Wolf Pack (Ashland, Phoenix, Talent), Medford, Central Point, Upper Rogue, Grants Pass/Rogue River. Participants must register with association in area that they attend school.

All Rogue Valley Youth Football Coaches, Assisitant Coaches as well as Head Coaches are required to have current, league approved youth coaching certificates and concussion training certificates prior to participating with team. Concussion training is now also included in the mandatory USA Football Heads-Up certification that all coaches must pass annually. See your head coach or association directors if you need to satisfy this requirement.

All  Rogue Valley coaches are encouraged to attend the "Mandatory Head Coaches" meeting on August 2nd. Place and time TBD.


Youth Football Safety Facts Parents – Did You Know??? 

*Organized youth football, like Pop Warner, has 12% fewer injuries per capita than does organized soccer in the same age range? 2 

*Organized youth football has 50% fewer injuries than does bicycle riding in the same age range? 2 

*Organized youth football has 74% fewer injuries than does skateboarding in the same age range? 2 

*Not only is the injury rate lower in Pop Warner football than these activities, but also there is “an absence of catastrophic head and neck injuries found at higher levels (of football)”? 1

Why is Pop Warner football so relatively safe? The answers are simple:

1.          Equipment            All league players wear first class protective gear, including helmets and shoulder pads.  Other sports like soccer, have frequent player contact incidents, but without the benefit of protective equipment.

2.          Age/Weight Restrictions          All league players are divided into specific age and weight divisions, which prevents dramatic differences between players who may collide during play. Moreover, the velocity at which younger players may collide is dramatically less than that which their older counterparts may experience.  The combination of less speed and less weight than at higher levels of play, tend to reduce collisions in youth football to a very small factor, in terms of injuries.

       1      “Injuries in Youth Football”, Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, Lenox Hill Hospital. Pediatrics Magazine.

        2.  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. NEISS



Rogue Valley - Oregon Pop Warner Age and Weight Divisions 2015

Grade 2 and 3         Mighty Mite         100 lbs Max Start of Season Weight

Grade 4                  Jr. Pee Wee         115 lbs Max Start of Season Weight

Grade 5                  Pee Wee               130 lbs Max Start of Season Weight

Grade 6                   Jr. Midget            155 lbs Max Start of Season Weight



First league approved possible start of practice for 2015 season is TBD. 

League Commissioner:   Jon McUne    1750 Delta Waters Rd. #102-268, Medford, OR 97504 

All site postings must be approved by league commissioner prior to listing.

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