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The Rockwall Mustangs Track Club will Unleash your Speed!

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Season number 11 is in the books. All of the kids this season put in consistent work, showed improvement, and represented their families and selves well.  


On behalf of coaches Rob Bronson, Christopher Balancier, Joanna Gibbs, Daniel Juren, Dawn and David Hall..we are extremely proud of the kids and parents.  


We will have our annual end of year celebration on Tuesday August 11th.  Location to be determined. We will have our end of Summer track break until September 9th to allow the kids to enjoy  the rest of Summer and get settled in to their new grades. We start of with a speed and agility camp through September 23rd before beginning Fall cross country training.

We start developmental meets in Late April and those continue through mid-June. In June, the qualifying meets for USATF begin, in July the regional meet for TAAF will be held.  We participate in all events that are offered in the US Olympic program if we have interests.  This includes racewalking, throws, jumps, sprints, and distances.  We have experienced coaches to direct in each of these track and field disciplines. 

The USATF developmental meet schedule can be located at (This is the most competitive division we compete in.) 

   The TAAF developmental meets for Region 7  can be found at 

 We will determine which championship series (USATF or TAAF) for individual athletes based upon athlete family schedules, stage of development, and interest level.  The level of competition should be a joint decision with our coaches and parents.


Who are the Rockwall Mustangs Track Club?

Ø      We are a year-round youth track & field club for boys and girls ages 5-18 

Ø      We participate in United States Track and Field (USATF) program, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and Texas Amateur Athletic Association (TAAF). 

Ø      We offer summer track from March through July, a fall speed camp in September, cross country in the fall/winter, and indoor track from December through February. 

Ø      Each of our participants get instruction on goal setting, racing strategies, a positive atmosphere built upon diversity, evaluation of correct shoes, coaching based upon event, team bag, T-shirt, USATF & TAAF memberships as applicable, and lots of fun with new friends.  

Ø      In addition, we are classified by the IRS as exempt under IRC Section 501 (c)(3) and as a "public charity" under IRC Section 509.  Therefore, donations from individuals and corporations, as well as grants from private foundations, qualify for maximum tax benefits allowable by the IRC.

Ø      Regional, State and National competitions for those who qualify.

  Team registration fee is only $99.00 per athlete for the entire YEAR from 1/1-12/31.  *Participants with a B average or better receive a $9 price reduction!

We are a team with a winning tradition and proven success in improving individual performance.  We promote academic excellence and provide an opportunity for youth to participate regardless of their financial situation.  After completing a season in our program, our athletes gain self-confidence and become leaders on and off the track.

USATF Member Club
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