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Coaching Practice Plans

Click on one of the groups below to access that Age groups Practice Plan. These project plans are courtesy of MYSA (Mass Youth Soccer Assoc.):

Micros  Travel  Other Activities

U6 Practice Plan

U6 Dynamic/Competitive Activities 

U10 Practice Plan

U10 Dynamic/Competitive Activities 

Goakeeping Activities

U7 Practice Plan

U7 Dynamic/Competitive Activities

U12 Practice Plan

U12 Dynamic/Competitive Activities

Special Activities & Games

U8 Practice Plan

U8 Dynamic/Competitive Activities

U14-U18 Practice Plan

U14-U18 Dynamic/Competitive Activities




Upcoming Coaching License Courses

Are you looking to further your education with coaching.  Mass Youth Soccer offers a variety of coaching courses throughout the year. Click on the link to see when the next course is being offered. 

As a RYS Coach we strongly recommend you get your G License.  You can do this class on line.  RYS will reimburse you for this course at the completion of the class. 

 RYS Offers Coach Licensing Courses RYS is pleased to offer coaches licensing classes to all RYS coaches and volunteers. You can easily get your G license by attending the online course MYSA offers.

There is also a F license course that RYS will be hosting. Here are the details: Mark your calendars for this offering. RYS will be offering a 2 part F license course at the Esten School on Friday March 7th and Friday March 14th from 6p-10p. This 8 hour course will be broken up into two 4 hour sessions across those Fridays. Here is how to sign up: To register ( Click the register button near the bottom of that page. Coaches must have their G’s before taking an F class. Click ( ) to register for the online G course. The cost will be reimbursed to any active RYS coach/volunteer after presenting proof of completion (the certificate & email confirmation) to John H ( and Ed Joseph ( Please send an email with your name, the age group you coach, a copy of the certificate and also the email confirmation and RYS will get you reimbursed. Any questions regarding any of these courses can be directed to Ed Joseph at 

RYS Coaches License Information

Hello All Coaches,

RYS and I would like to start by thanking you for volunteering to help the players and the program improve. RYS feels education, training/practice and games are the best way for anyone to improve. Knowing how to do something, having drills to build and improve those skills and then putting them to use in scrimmages and/or games is how I feel is the best way for building skills & success. This Spring RYS will be offering another Coaches’ Class that will start with the education part of soccer and cover practice plans. Expect more info in the upcoming weeks. On the RYS web site ( ) under Coaches Corner I hope to have links to various Practice Plans to assist all coaches, once up we will let everyone know. RYS also works with Mass Youth Soccer (MYS) to promote MYS training. The first level is the G course which you can now do on-line. If you haven’t already gotten your G, please take the time to do so as it offers some good insight to soccer practices & drills. If you are coaching, any MYS licensing course will be reimbursed to you by RYS, after proof of successful completion. If you take outside training you will have to get prior approval if you are looking to get RYS to reimburse you. Please look over the information below and included is the link to the MYS website for further information. If you plan on taking a course, please let me know as I try to keep track of what licenses the Coaches have. If you have questions, feel free to email at

I hope to see all coaches this Spring.

Best wishes, Coach Ed Joseph


Licensing info for RYS Coaches

Well-trained coaches usually develop better soccer players faster than lesser-trained coaches. The license coaching courses offered by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association are an excellent starting point for developing Rockland Youth Soccer Coaches. Age-appropriate coaching licenses, combined with coaching experience, will help build stronger players and consequently build stronger teams. In addition to license courses, coaches are also encouraged to seek out new soccer games/drills, to learn about proper stretching for the prevention of soccer injuries, and to understand the laws of the game. Some great information can be attained through the MYS web site or from the Director of Coaching. The youth soccer coaching standards outlined below are not meant to be an obstacle or a prerequisite to coaching a team. Instead the standards are meant to convey reasonable expectations that RYS has for new and existing coaches to continue learning and growing as a soccer coach, both in class and on their own.

Coach Licensing Standard:

RYS would like a new coach to have completed their 4-hour G license before their first practice, which can be done in sections on-line.. If coaching a travel team RYS requests that you have completed an 8-hour F course, before the start of that season Then complete their 16-hour E within the next two years after that. RYS understands that these courses take many hours but feel it will help make you a better coach, which will help make your team better players.


In order to encourage coaches to actively seek out coaching licenses RYS will reimburse each coach for license course tuition up to and including the “D” course, (D course need prior approval) License courses eligible for reimbursements include the courses listed below that have been taken on/after April 1st, 20011. Coaches will need time to properly apply their classroom material into their soccer practices. Consequently, a coach’s annual reimbursement will be limited to one course per calendar year. In order to limit the organization’s financial exposure, one and two day soccer symposiums, seminars and other various clinics are not eligible for reimbursement.

Coaching License Course Descriptions:


The G Course: Duration 4 hours
Prerequisites: None
For whom: Novice coaches, or coaches with little experience of U6, U8 and U10 teams.
Course content: Ideas about how to organize practices and game days, lots of practical activities and stimulating games for practices, brief demonstration of basic techniques. This course is now offered by Mass Youth Soccer on line!
G on-line


The F Course: Duration 8 hours (held Spring 2011 at Esten School )
Prerequisites: Recommended G License
For whom: Novice coaches, or coaches with some experience of U8, U10, or U12 teams.
Course content: Ideas about how to organize practices and game days, many games and exercises for practices, basic technique (skills), elementary goal-keeping, some basic tactical ideas.

The E Course: Duration 16 hours
Prerequisites: Successful completion of the F course.
For whom: Coaches, with some experience, of U10, U12, or U14 teams.
Course content: Systems of play, laws and restarts, more games and exercises for practices, more tactical ideas, including the tactics of 2v1 and more goal-keeping.

The D Course: Duration Pre-D 6 hours, D 32 hours Prerequisite: E Course, No exceptions or waivers.
For whom: the experienced coach of U12, U14, or U16 club or town teams or high school teams.
Course content: Coaching methodology, fitness, goal-keeping, technical sessions on dribbling, receiving, and shooting, coaching demonstrations, economical coaching methods for technical and tactical topics and for making corrections. Each candidate must pass a written and practical examination.