Rockland Youth Soccer: Referee Corner

Micros Referee Information
Sample email from the referee coordinator:

Saturday Micro refs for / / 2015 (Please let me know your decision by Thursday )
Referee 1__XXX___Referee2__XXX___Referee3___XXX______Referee4____XXX____

Important Information for Micros Games:

  • U6, & U8s ALL have a corner kicks
  • Whistles have not been loud enough and many bad throw ins were not called. Solutions - obviously blow the whistle as loud as you can as your job is to manage the game.
  • Bad throw-ins must be called - player throwing the ball in must be behind the sideline, have both feet on the ground, and when the ball leaves their hands in a 2 handed over the head throw
  • U8s play on a larger field. All calls made in a U10 game should be made in a U8 game

RYS MICRO SOCCER; U6, U8Girls and U8Boys Soccer Games Basics: 

  • U12 and older RYS players are selected to participate in the micro referee program
  • Please submit a request to become a micro referee to the RYS referee coordinator
  • The RYS micro referee program objective is to build a stronger base of certified referees by exposing younger players to the experience of on field refereeing
  • Attempts will be made to allow all those interested a chance to experience this game management experience

 When scheduled to referee: 

  • Please read and understand these guidelines. 
  • Please share your availability by reaching out to the referee coordinator. 
  • Referees are expected to arrive and complete a full day of micro-refereeing when scheduled.

 Before you arrive at Esten: 

  • Arrive at 8:15 AM for guideline review
  • We encourage you to bring your own stop watch
  • Stop watches are available to sign out and borrow. Please return the stopwatch
  • You will need your own whistle
  • Pack a drink, a snack, sun block and maybe a change of socks as the field is wet in the morning

 Work Day: 

  • Referee duties begin at 8:25 AM
  • Referee duty ends at 12 PM
  • You must sign out for a stopwatch if needed at the concession stand

 Saturday Micro Game Schedule: 

  • U8Boys/ 8:30 AM
  • U8Girls/ 9:45 AM
  • U6/ 11:00 AM

 Game Clock Management: 

  • 2 - 25 minute halves
  • A whistle will start each half
  • 2 whistles signals half time
  • 3 whistles will end the game

 Player management: 

  • 4 players for each team on field for U6. 6 players for each team on field for U8s
  • Shin guards are required. Ensure socks are worn over the shin guards
  • Cleats are preferred for safety Sneakers are allowable for micro players
  • No jewelry is allowed to be worn on the playing field

 When the game starts: 

  • Players only on the field. NO coaches or parents
  • Coaches cannot herd or steer players on the field
  • Coaches can direct from the sideline in a positive manner
  • Stay in the area of play to properly observe and judge
  • No scarecrow referees. Move to see the sidelines and all of the players involved in play. Please move around to see the game from the best possible viewpoint
  • Award corner kicks
  • Goal kicks Opposing teams will move back to their defensive half of the field
  • Call bad throw ins. Explain the micro player's throwing error. A second attempt is allowable

 PLEASE BLOW YOUR WHISTLE LOUDLY. It may prevent an injury. 

  • NO penalty shots for all age groups
  • No direct kicks for U6
  • U8 allows Direct kicks 
  • Educate players that are using their hands. A handball will be a turnover in possession to the opposing micro aged team

 Lightning and Injuries: 

  • Blow the whistle and direct everyone off the field in the event of lightning
  • Blow the whistle and keep everyone except coaches and others authorized away from injured players
  • Many RYS volunteers are walking the field and watching for your safety and well being. Verbal abuse by parents or coaches will not be tolerated
  • Report any issues to the referee coordinator or other RYS board members as soon as possible

Information about becoming a Referee


There are 2 entry level courses for Referees: the Recreational Referee Course (Grade 9) and the Referee Course (Grade 8).

Grade 9:  To successfully complete the Grade 9 Recreational Referee course the candidate must be at least 12 years of age and must attend 8 hours of course work, including a written test.

Grade 8: To successfully complete the Grade 8 Referee course the candidate must be at least 16 years of age, must attend 16 hours of course work and pass a 100 question written test. 


Take the Grade 8 Bridge course if:

  • You have been a Grade 9 Referee for at least 1 year and your age plus your years of experience adds to exactly 16 or more.
  • You now want to referee more competitive games
  • You have been a high school referee
  • You have been a Grade 8 referee in the past five years, but let your registration lapse. (Contact the SRA to check your status).
  • Determining which referee course to enroll in can be confusing. Here are some points to consider before you enroll to help you choose the right course for you.

     Take the Grade 9 course if:

    *  You are at least 12 years old 
    *  You wish to referee small sided games only (typically 6-8 players per team on the field)
    *  You want to referee small recreational games only. That means that the players did not go through a formal tryout process for the team and the games take place between teams that come from the same town

    You want to referee only players who are under the age of 14...

    Take the Grade 8 course if:

    *  You are at least 16 years old. Note that you may be asked to referee in other towns, so make sure that transportation is not going to be a problem for you
    *  You wish to referee full-sided (11 players a side) soccer

    You want to referee competitive players... That means that you want to referee the higher skilled players, those that have been selected to play for their town, and who will play in games against other towns.   

    To be a Referee for - Micro Games-- U5-U8 age groups:
    * You must be at least a registered u12 player or registered with Rockland Youth Soccer as a volunteer
    * For scheduling purposes, please contact Mike Harlow, the Referee Coordinator by email at


    Massachusetts Referring Website
    This is the official website for anyone who is interested in becoming a certified referree.