Rockland Youth Soccer: Welcome

Next RYS E-Board/General Monthly Meeting - July 7th at 7:00pm

Welcome to the Rockland Youth Soccer website. Please review the following information, as well as any pages for information regarding registration, age groups, coaching and volunteering.

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2015 Elections

 The following positions were voted on at our general meeting. The positions become effective July 1, 2015:

Executive Board

  • President: Kevin Burke
  • Treasurer: John Hennessy
  • Secretary: Beth Lucas
  • Field Manager: Chris DeFilippo
  • Communications Director: Nassim Abouzeid
  • Concessions Manager: Chrissy Berkley
  • Referee Coordinator: Mike Harlow 

Age Directors

  • U5 - Open
  • U6 - Melissa Newell
  • U8 Girls - Rich Lucas
  • U8 Boys - Nassim Abouzeid
  • U10 Boys - Mike Harlow
  • U10 Girls - John Hennessy
  • U12 Boys - Kevin Burke
  • U12 Girls - Tom Higgins
  • U14 Boys - Open
  • U14 Girls - Fred Anzivino

2015 Fall Registration is OPEN!

Important information to remember - see Registration page for more detail:

  • Travel Registration Deadline was June 27, 2015 (U10-U14)
    • Late registrants will be placed on a waiting list pending roster availability
    • Reminder!! Any new travel player will need to purchase a uniform
  • Micro Registration Deadline is August 18, 2015 (U5-U8)

RYS needs Concession Stand Volunteers

Do you want to earn a FREE RYS Registration? If so, RYS is in need of help in the concession stands during the Spring season. If you want to earn this free registration you just need to volunteer 8 hours of your time over the entire Soccer season. That's only 1 hour per week! If you are interested in volunteering your time please contact our Director of Concessions, Christine Berkley @

 RYS Fundraising Notes & Events

RYS will be holding a variety of fundraisers each year. Please click on our Fundraising Events page for upcoming events and details. As always, RYS is appreciative of anything you can do to help the program.

Spring 2015 Practice and Game Schedules 

Spring Micro's Practice and Game Schedule:

Micro's practice and game schedules for ALL Micro's age groups (may change slightly based on field availability):

Age Group 

Practice Day 


Game Day 












 U8 Boys





 U8 Girls





Spring Travel Team's Game/Practice Schedule:

Your Coaches/Age Directors will be in touch with you regarding your practice schedule. Below is the guideline that will be followed closely by the age groups. Times/Days are subject to change.  

Age Group 

Practice Days 


Game Day 


 Travel Girls 

Tuesday & Thursdays, potential on alternating fridays 




Travel Boys

 Mondays & Wednesdays, potential on alternating fridays




Click on the Link below for your son or daughters travel game schedule:

South Shore Soccer League

For a link to all games/practices please click on the Practice/Game Schedule For All Ages tab for more details.

Volunteers Needed

Dr. Martin Luther King said "Everybody can be great because everybody can serve".  Are you one thats looking to serve and make a difference in the Rockland community?  If so, volunteering for RYS is one way of giving yourself that satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment you get when volunteering.  

There are many opportunities to volunteer your time with RYS:

Concession Stand - Director of Concession, Christine Berkley, is always looking for volunteers to help out in the concession stands.  High School students can earn their community service hours if you know of any students interested.  If you are interested please contact Christine:

Coaching - ALL Age groups are looking for Coaches.  If you, or someone you know is interested in coaching for one of the age groups, please reach out to that age groups Age Directors.  You can find a link of Age Directors by clicking on the Divisions/Age Director tab.

RYS Improvements -  RYS is always looking to improve.  Whether it be field improvements, concession stand improvements, etc., we are always looking to get better.  Do you master in a trade? Looking to volunteer your expertise?  If you fall in this category or know of a person or company looking to volunteer their services please consider RYS.  We are always looking at ways to get better. If you want to volunteer your traits please contact RYS at:

RYS Other Important Announcements

  • Cleat Donation Program – RYS is pleased to bring back the cleat donation program. If you have soccer cleats that are in good condition but no longer fit your player please consider donating them to RYS. RYS will make these cleats available to those that are in need of a pair. Please consider donating your soccer cleats to the clubhouse. For those in need of soccer cleats, please come down to the clubhouse to see what we have available.
  • Cones and Pinnies - 
    • Coaches, as many of you are aware RYS has in the past been able to provide Cones and Pinnies for coaches to use at practices and games. As we do not have enough to hand a set out to every coach we keep them in the shed so all can access and use. But in order for this to work we need to make sure that everyone is returning them at the end of their practice. This ensure that they are available to you next time you need them and to the coach who is practicing after you. The travel teams also have a responsibility when they are playing at home to put on a different colour if the visiting team is too close to ours. 
    • So it’s not just a nice thing to have but a necessity.  So right now I have to ask any coach that may have forgotten to put them back after their last practice to get them into the shed. They have all but disappeared and I need to recover what we have so I can determine what is needed. So please check your gear bags, trunks, and garages for any RYS gear that can be returned and shared.