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Wednesday, July 1
Calendar Sale

Calendars: allparticipants prepay for the calendar fundraiser at registration.

Every participant (including all siblings) will recieve five (5) calendars.

They are sold for $5.00 each.

The bottom half is filled out (and be sure your childs name and team color are on each stub).

They are then turned in to your Team Mom before deadline so that every particpant is accounted for.

Any money you collect for these calendars is your refund for purchasing them up front.

Please understand that the reason the calendar sale is done this way is so that everyone participates.

stubs must be turned in by the team mom no later than October 19th to be entered in the drawing.

Wednesday, July 1
Soda Fundraiser

Each particiapant is asked to donate one twelve (12) pack of  a Coke Product soda.

The brand names are listed below. The Coca Cola Co. donated our soda coolers so in turn we are expected to sell their products.

Soda must be turned in: (change in date from parent newsletter!!!)

 Football Teams on Wednesday August 20th and Thursday August 21st.

                                       5:00pm - 6:30pm

Cheerleader Teams on Sunday August 24th before the Cheering Rally

 Coaches or Team Moms should track players progress.


Both football players and cheerleaders bring the same flavor assigned to their team.
Team                  Flavor
                         Black                    Diet Coke
                         Maroon                   Diet Coke
                         Blue                         Sprite         
                         Green                      Sprite
                    Gold                    Sunkist Orange
                         Purple                     Barques Rootbeer
                         Red                          Coke

                         Little Red Raiders    Coke


Monday, July 7
Cook Shack News

 The most important part of the consession stand other than how much food and drink we sell, is the parents, family and friends who help run it during the games. As with many sports your children are involved in, concession help is asked and expected of every parent. Two games at a minimum plus Jamboree,play off games, Championship Game and Prow Bowl 

For parents with one child in football and one child in cheering, they may be asked to cover more than one time. Please remember Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, friends....anyone can help as long as they are 16 years old or over. Ask them to help if you can;t or choose not to.

The concession schedule is planned well in advance. Your Team Moms will be filling out the schedules so please be kind....Please come in and help. We actually have a fun time and it involves only 2 - 3 hours.

Remember...the Play Off Games, Championship Game and Pro Bowl Game need coverage too! So we may all have to give extra volunteer time other than the scheduled week. 

week 1 = Blue Team                  week 5 = Black Team

week 2 = Green Team                week 6 = Maroon Team

week 3 = Red  Team                  week 7 = Gold team

week 4 = Purple Team



Tuesday, July 1
Roger Allen Season Records dating back to 1994

This is a record of the top two teams for every season

These are the teams who went to Pro Bowl not necessarily the Championship game winners                                              

  • YEAR        1st Place                          Runner Up
    1994          Bandits -American Legion Post 7             Panthers-Poor Peoples Pub
    1995          Bandits -American Legion Post 7             ?-Willis Corrooon       
    1996          Fighting Irish -Brown & Horsch               Bandits-American Legion Post 7
    1997          Bandits -American Legion Post 7            
    Outlaws-VFW Post #1772
    1998          Outlaws -VFW post 1772                         
    Marauders-Collins Sprts
    1999          Outlaws -VFW POst 1772                        
    Devils-II Steve's Construction
    2000          Marauders -Collins Sports Center           
    Outlaws-VFW Post 1772
    2001          Outlaws-VFW Post 1772                           
    Devils-II Steve's Construction
    2002          Marauders -Collins Sports Center           
    Panthers-Poor People's Pub
    2003          Devils-Paul Berry's Electric                    
    Fighting Irish-Rochester Stove
    2004          Blue-Windjammers                                  
    Devils-Paul Barry's Electric
    2005          Maroon-Collins Sports Center                 
    Prowlers-Jonesy's Barber Shop
    2006          Gold-American Legion Post 7                   Prowlers-Jonesey's BarbeShop
  • 2007          Prowlers- Spence and Mathews               Gold-American Legion Post 7 
  • 2008          Prowlers-Spence and Mathews                  Gold- American legion Post 7
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012          Panthers-Poor Peoples Pub