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Saturday, October 17
Target on the Undefeated Bucks Back?


(10/17) Power Rankings Week 2: Bucks Alone At the Top

For the 2nd week in a row the Bucks (5-0) Remain at the top of our power rankings and they are rolling on the court. at number 2 we have the Hawks with the record of (7-4) and are looking mighty formidable. and Kings, Hornets, and Raptors round out our top 5.


(10/17) Bucks Remain Undefeated Remain in Peak Form

 The prophet lead Bucks are looking unstoppable at the moment and remain undefeated. James Harden is looking like the early MVP favorite through the first couple of games. Can anybody stop this team?


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(10/16)  Raptors Still Searching for First Win

We are already 1/3 way through the season and the Toronto Raptors. Their record is currently (0-5) and in desperate need of a win now ! when will it come? Against who? Will it ever come? only time will reveal the answers.


(10/16) *Trade Deadline Is HERE ! *

No more Trades can be conducted after this point. The Teams are offically set and the season is well under way ! 


 (10/14) Kings Get First Win of the Season !

The I.O lead Kings finally get in the W column today with their 81-62 win over the Raptors. Steph Curry had 28 points and was MVP of the game. If they can string a couple of wins together they may move up in the power rankings. Their current ranking is 4th with a record of (1-1)   


(10/13) Week 1 Power Rankings: Bucks at top

The new power rankings are out and there has been some movement along the bottom but at the top alone are the undefeated Bucks (3-0). The only team left that is unbeaten in this early season. With losses to the Bucks and Hawks the Hornets (5) are now sitting out of the top 4 with a record of (0-2). We have the Hawks Move 1 spot up into number 2 in the rankings after going a lack luster (3-2) this week but that is good enough to keep his spot at the top. coming in at number 3 we have the Raptors(0-1) lead by Young Haze, and remaining at number 4 we have the Kings(0-1) and I.O.


(10/13)* Trade Deadline and Free Agent Signing ends after the 10th Game !*


(10/13) Are the Two Times lead Hornets (0-2) in trouble? 

In last nights big game the Hornets did not show up. This has been a problem for awhile now. The fans had high hopes for this Hornets squad coming into this season but after an (0-2) start it has us questioning if they deserved the number 2 spot in the pre season? Their offense last night looked stagnant at times with no one creating shots for themseves. Their defense look equally as bad, at one point being down by 20 points. We asked Two Times about his performance and he had this to say," Yall niggas don't get tired"? Two Times was later fined 10k for his words but Can they turn it around and prove the critics that say he folds in big games wrong? or will it be another ringless year for the Hornets.


(10/13) Rico The Real Deal? beats Two Times by 8 (79-71)

 In this highey touted game, Rico lead from start to finish and it didn't live up to it's hype. Seemingly cruising towards victory the Hawks were getting everything at will. Their offense lead by LeBron James was clicking on all cyinders and looked very formidable. The Hawks defense is at least on paper are number one and they made their case this night At one point he was up by 20. Very solid effort by  his squad but will it translate to a championship? 


(10/13)Two Times V. Rico I

In the first big game of the year we have the Rico and LeBron Lead Hawks v, The Two Times and Blake Griffen lead Hornets. This game has it all from the star power, to the skills perspective, and of course the trash talk!

NBA2K Insider had these comments from the Managers- Rico said he's going to beat him by 15 POINTS!!!

Two Times is shocked and angry!

Two Times says he's going to be in his *** all night and he's going to beat him by 16. 

Who will come out with the victory?


(10/12) Pre Season Power Rankings have Bucks and Hornets 1&2

The Pre Season power rankings are here. To no one surprise the 2x defending champion Bucks(Scatchin' Prophet) are sitting large at the top of the rankings. They Are a complete team and are looking dangerous early. Coming in at number 2 we have the runner up to last years champions the Two Times lead Hornets. They look to be contenders this up coming season and have the right pieces to do it. We have the Hawks, Raptors, and Kings rounding out the top 5 respectfully.  

Power Rankings (week 1)

Power Rankings (Week 1)

LW    Team  Record
 1  1  Bucks(Prophet)   (3-0)
 2  3  Hawks(Rico)   (3-2)
 3  5  Raptors(Haze)   (0-1)
 4  4  Kings(I.O)   (0-1)
 5  2  Hornets(2Times)   (0-2)


Power Rankings (Pre Season)

Power Rankings (Pre Season)
#  LW               Team   Record  
1  n/a   Bucks(Prophet)  n/a
2  n/a Hornets(2Times)  n/a
3  n/a Hawks(Rico)  n/a
4  n/a Raptors(Haze)  n/a
5  n/a   Kings(I.O)  n/a