Rio Vista Little League: Rules For 2015: MAJOR RULES 2014




  • ALL LITTLE LEAGUE RULES APPLY IN MAJORS (i.e., pitching rules, re-entry rules.)


  • Game time is 1:45 min. Stops (drop dead) at 2 hours. If an inning is not completed when time runs out, score reverts back to last full completed. However, all pitch count is accounted for and recorded in the unfinished inning


    •  0-20 pitches          0 days rest
    • 21-35 pitches          1 day rest
    • 36-50 pitches         2 days rest
    • 51-56 pitches         3 days rest
    • 66+     pitches         4 days rest


      • Maximum pitches per game:
    •  7-8   yrs old     50 pitches per day
    • 9-10  yrs old      75 pitches per day
    • 11-12 yrs old      85 pitches per day


  • If a Pitcher starts a batter before hey reach their allotted pitch count, they can finish that batter and then remove from the mound.


  • CATCHER/PITCHER rule: If a player has pitched more that 41 pitches in a game, they can NOT play the position of a catcher for that remainder of the day. (rule book pg 39)


  • Illegal Bats: A batter that is using n illegal bat is an OUT.


  • NO on Deck Batter: Only the 1st batter of every possession on offense is the only ones allowed out of the dugout swinging a bat. Bats in the dugout are not in possession of players at any time.
  •  Players and coaches are the only ones in the dugout: The players need to remain in the dugout. THERE MUST BE A COACH in the dugout if players are present in the dugout.


  • Coaches: NO warming up a pitcher between innings. A player must do that. He/She must be properly equipped. Need to have a mask on and Supporter/cup.


  • Coaches: One coach can be outside the dugout for instructional purpose only. Must remain directly by their dugout. Please remember when you call time that you are granted time by the umpire before you walk on to the field.


  • Speed up Rule: For regular season play. Last batter out can run for the catcher if there are 2 outs.



  • There is no run rule per inning or in a game however, if both coaches agree on a mercy rule of 15 runs after 4 complete inning, it shall be counted as a complete game.
    All Players in Attendance at the game will be placed in the batting order:  If a child is injured, ill, or must leave the game after the start of the game, the team will skip over that player whit it is their time at bat WITHOUT PENALTY. Coaches need to let the other team aware of that player leaving.


  • Defense: Player cannot sit more that 2 innings in a row on defense. 


  • In event of rain, power outage, irrigation, schedule of field problems ect. Make up games will be played as soon as possible. This will include Saturday as possible days to make up games.  


  • NO head first sliding into a base. Only going back to a base. MUST SLIDE RULE in effect.


  • At the end of the game both teams must SIGN off that the pitch count is correct. This is to be Done in the official score book.


  • It is recommended that between innings both teams compare pitch counts to avoid any ISSUES.


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