Rio Vista Little League: Rules For 2015: FARM RULES 2014




  • GAME TIME is 1:45 minutes/ No new innings after 1:45 minutes. Drop dead at 2 hours.


  • OFFENCE: A batter is allowed up to 7 pitches it hit a ball or 3 swings to hit the ball/ 3 Strikes(swinging) is an out. On the 7th pitch, the batter hits a foul ball, the batter will receive another pitch until a swing and miss, no swing or hits the ball fair will end that players time at bat. The batter continues his time at bat if he continues to hit foul balls.


  • CONES: Cones are placed at 125 ft. from home plate. If a ball is hit over the cones in the air, it is a HOME RUN. A ball that goes past the cones on the ground, it is a ground rue double. Players on base are awarded  bases accordingly (example/: runner on 1st would have to stop at 3rd base. Runner on 2nd would score by          advancing 2 bases.)


  • Batter or runners can advance no more that 1 base on an overthrown ball, at the risk of being put out.


  • NO on Deck Batter: Only 1st batter of every possession on the offense is the only one allowed out of the dugout swinging a bat. Bats in the dugout are NOT in possession of players at any time.




  • A Maximum of 5 runs per team, per inning or 3 outs whichever comes 1st.


  • All Players in Attendance at the game will be placed in the batting order:  If a child is injured, ill, or must leave the game after the start of the game, the team will skip over that player whit it is their time at bat WITHOUT PENALTY. Coaches need to let the other team aware of that player leaving.


  • DEFENSE: If a player sits in the dugout on defense 1 inning, they must be put in a defensive position the following inning. 10 players can be on the field defensively. 4 outfielders. OUTFIELDERS are on the grass outside infield dirt. NO more than 5 infielders in the field. Pitcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & shortstop inside base path.


  • Players and coaches are the only ones in the dugout: The players need to remain in the dugout. THERE MUST BE A COACH in the dugout if players are present in the dugout.


  • Coaches should pitch from a minimum of 35ft. (Preferably around 40 ft.) Overhand pitch. Coaches can pitch from a knee. Any ball that hits or is caught by the coach (pitcher) shall be considered a dead ball, and be re-pitched.


  • 2 Coaches (defense) allowed on the field to help instruct players









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