Rio Vista Little League: Welcome

Registration for the 2014 Spring Season is now open!

Registration is NOW CLOSED!! Teams are formed and started They're games. GOOD LUCK ALL


  As a reminder to all families and freinds of RIO VISTA little league

NO PETS ALLOWED to game and practices

no matter how big or small cute or not.This includes all parks Church Field, Rio Vista and practice fields  






  Farm Teams ONLY- There will be some one stopping by your games to take pictures.



2014  Tentative time line


-April 6th  Board Meeting  5:30-7pm  Its All in the Game

-May 4th   Board Meeting  5:30-7pm  Its All in the Game

-May 17th  Coaches Meeting  6pm  Church Field

-May 22nd  Farm Closing Ceremonies

-May 27th   Minors/Majors Closing Ceremonies 

-Tournament  (Major &Minor Divisions) May 28th – June 13th.

-Closing Day Ceremonies  -- TBD.

stars Tournament and Practices  July 15.



Little League Pledge

I trust in God                          And strive to win
I love my country                     But win or lose
And will respect its laws           I will always do my best.
I will play fair

Please join us at our monthly meetings during the 1st week of each month. Our next meeting will be on March 2nd (4:30pm) at "It's All in the Game" on Paradise Lane. You are welcome to attend, just stop by or call 623-566-5066.




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