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Cal Ripken Baseball - Explains the Divisions

Keeping baseball FUN, especially in the early stages of youth baseball, is a primary concern of Babe Ruth League's Cal Ripken Division which is comprised of Major, Minor, Rookie, and T-Ball Divisions.

Babe Ruth Baseball

Over fifty-fiveyears ago, a group of men dedicated to the youth of America met in a suburb of Trenton, New Jersey, and formed what became the very first Babe Ruth League. This group of men eventually agreed to name Marius D. Bonacci as the “founder” of the program which was initially registered under the name Little Bigger League. The program was renamed in 1954 when Claire Ruth, Babe Ruth’s widow, who had learned of the merits of the organization and its tremendous growth, met with the administrators. She subsequently gave the organization permission to change its name to Babe Ruth League. She has been quoted as saying, “Babe Ruth was a man who loved children and baseball; he could receive no greater tribute than to have a youth baseball program named after him.”

The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)
ASA Softball

The ASA youth program, also known as the Junior Olympic program, is among the nation's largest youth sports organization. Over 80,000 teams, 1.3 million players and 300,000 coaches participate in ASA youth softball on an annual basis. It is the single fastest growing program in the ASA, and has had membership growth every year since its inception in 1974.

The ASA youth program provides recreational and competitive opportunities for boys and girls in both fast and slow pitch. Whether a player views softball as a new sport to learn, as a way to have fun with friends, or as a path to the Olympics, the ASA youth program has something for them. Foremost, the goal of the ASA youth program is to help aspiring young softball athletes learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime in a positive, safe, and supportive environment.

Southern Indiana Babe Ruth
Welcome to the new website for Southern Indiana 's Babe Ruth Leagues. We hope to use this site to provide information to the various Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken divisions. We will be adding to the site as we grow and find it necessary. If you have any suggestions or ideas as to what you would like to see and what would help your league, please contact us using the link to the left.

Official MLB Rulebook

Top 40 Baseball Myths

Click on the number leading each myth for an explanation and defining OBR. Note these are BASEBALL (OBR) not SOFTBALL myths. If you have a similar link concerning softball rules, let me know at

Softball Tips and Drills
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Baseball Tips and Drills
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