Ridin' for Research: Ride Agenda / Reminders

What to Expect on Sunday, Event Day!


  • 7:30am -- Doors Open
  • 8:30am -- Cyclists should be on or near their bikes
  • 8:45am -- MC's, Guest Speaker, National Anthem, Presenter & Sponsor Introductions
  • 9:00am -- Session 1 (ends at 9:50)
  • 10:00am -- Session 2 (ends at 10:50)
  • 11:00pm -- Session 3 (ends at 11:50)
  • 12:00pm -- Session 4 (ends at 12:50)
  • 1:00pm -- Session 5 (ends at 1:50)
  • 2:00pm -- Session 6 (the cycling ends at 2:50), but event concludes with yoga for cyclists!
  • 3:15pm -- Top Fundraisers should report to Check-In to collect prizes*.
  • 3:15pm -- Grab a Sub & Congratulate Yourself for Making a Difference!

* If you are top fundraiser, and cannot stay until the end of the event, please elect someone to choose your prize for you; if you leave you will skipped over and given the final prize remaining. 



Organize your things the night before -- pledges, towels, water bottles, change of workout clothes, shoes, special foods (if different from what we provide), and a smile - we are going to have fun!

If you did not check-in on Saturday, please arrive an half hour before your first session so we can validate fundraising minimums, give you your Rider Wristband & Bike Assignment, goody bag & dedication heart. Don’t forget to bring pledges or email receipts of online pledges collected after 5PM on Friday.

If you did not collect enough pledges, we accept Mastercard, Visa, personal checks and cash.

If you are bringing your OWN bike & fluid trainer, you should be set-up by 8:30AM, and remember it should stay in place until 3:15PM.  

For safety reasons, please do not try set your coats & large gym bags around your bike; these items can be placed along the walls in the room or in a locker  You may be bring a small bag (the size of your goody bag) to your bike for your personal items. 

Please lock valuables in the trunk of your car.

When your session is over, please gather your belongings quickly, and exit the room as soon as possible so we can accommodate new arrivals to the next session.  

Wristbands will have your bike assignement on them - don't lose these!  

R4R provides donated bagels, oranges, bananas, Nuun tablets (in your Goody Bag), and of course water from 10AM-3:30PM, which is graciously served by the ever-so-famous UWM Women's Basketball team.

Subway on 7222 N. Teutonia is donating sub sandwiches for everyone when the entire event concludes at 3:10PM.

Additional items to bring include:

  • water bottle(s) -- 2 is great!
  • towels
  • change of workout clothes
  • heart rate monitor (to pace yourself)
  • any other food items, YOU might need