Ridin' for Research: Check-In Information


To help with Sunday congestion, we ask you to consider checking in on Saturday, March 1 rather than on the day of the event, and especially if you are starting at 9am.  If you can only check-in on Sunday, right before you ride, please arrive at least an hour before your ride time - especially if you are a 9AM rider -- there will be 100 plus people trying to find their bikes at the same time.    

Saturday, March 1
12NOON to 2PM
9250 N. Green Bay Avenue
Brown Deer, 53209


Why check-in the day before? What do we have to do? When you check-in, we validate your fundraising minimums, give you your rider wristband (that has your bike assignment), goody bag, and Dedication Heart.  

The Dedication Heart, created and donated by the Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC, is your keepsake item that you write names on for those who are inspiring you to participate. You hang your heart on your bike, and take it with you as a reminder of what you accommoplished on Sunday!

What if you collect more pledges from the time you check-in on Saturday through Sunday 1PM?  We ask that you please print off the receipt (you receive from Active.com) and bring to us during the event, and we'll add that amount to your total balance; if you receive a donation via phone app - just show us and we'll adjust your total during the event, up until 1:30PM.  Top fundraising amounts will be determined by the total we have received or collected by 1:30PM.  

What if I don't collect enough pledges? You have a few choices: you can give up some ride time, ask a friend if they will "share" their over-fundraising efforts with you or make up the differnce by writing a check, paying with cash or using a credit card.  Minimums have been drastically lowered this year to $30 per session.    

Can someone else check-in for me on Saturday? Yes, as long as you have met your minimum in fundraising.  However, remember your friend will have your rider wristband (and bike assignment) which allows you onto the event floor and a bike.  

Do you accept Letters of Intent or Matching Funds as part of personal fundraising amounts?  We are sorry we cannot.  Some companies may not be participating in this program this year, which means we might not really be receiving those promised monies.