Ridin' for Research: Emails to Participants

Wednesday, March 5

Hi Everyone…

Thank you so much for participating in our 14th annual Ridin’ for Research this past Sunday!  And wow – what a great event – every session was amazing & fun – those 6 hours really flew by!  Sorry to keep you waiting for a grand total, but I do think it’s safe to say we raised over $61,000 for the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center, and we did it with only 120 riders!  This awesome amount brings our grand total to $1,173,000 since 2001.

I really hope you take a moment and look at the Thank You flier, and appreciate all those businesses who donated time and items for free.  Without their support our Registration Fee would be much higher, and we couldn’t reward you for your fundraising efforts.  Brent Emery donates his time tweaking bikes, and a beautiful Trek bike as a Top Fund Raising Prize, my husband, Tom Dixon of Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers, not only supports me (Joanne Dixon) in coordinating this event for the past 14 years, but also donates something fabulous from the store, Barrett Moving & Storage donate their moving services to transport the bikes to & from the different clubs, and Shorewood Press prints everything for free – my list can go on and on. 

So as we close the door on the 2014 Ride – I am simply in awe of all the people who make this event possible, not only my friends who support me, but who actually come and help.  Additionally, I must THANK Michael Martz, the Event Experience Coordinator; Peggy LeBrun, from the Medical College of Wisconsin; Ashley Fredericks, Milkus & Lofy S.C., Kim Dandre, David Insurance; and Jenny Hansen & Sandy Bruss, Check-In Coordinators, and all Presenters & Trainers who were there this past weekend, but throughout the year. 

I’d also like to thank Spencer Flores & Liz Flores for capturing the moments with their cameras, and invite you to purchase some to help support the college student.  Plesae click HERE for Spencer’s website.  It's recommended that you order the "Digital Download" so you can use it however you wish, plus it’s much cheaper.

Also if you wish to order a Ridin’ for Research Sports Performance Shirt, please email ridin4research@yahoo.com with your name and size, and mail a $15 check to Ridin’ for Research, 4230 N. Oakland Avenue #108, Milwaukee, WI 53211.  I will place the order next Monday, March 10 but only for those items I receive prior payment.   

And finally, please take a moment to complete this 10 question SURVEY.  


Our Top 5 Fundraising Individuals were:  Pat Dunks, Garry Kelley, Dave Mesick, Joanne Dixon, Frank Fischer – their combined fundraising efforts were: $25,791! 

The Top 5 Fundraising Groups were: Princeton Club - $15,435; Gracie’s Fireworks - $6853; Elite Highlander - $6030; Elite Mequon - $4825; Milwaukee Athletic Club - $4125 

The Top 5 Groups with the Most Participants were: There was a tie for the MOST -- Gracie’s Fireworks and Highlander Elite, Rite-Hite YMCA, and a tie between Elite River Glen & Velocity. 

Thank you again for your time and support of this event! We look forward to seeing you again next year (and everyone should bring ONE new person to participate in the event) – Sunday, March 8, 2015! 


Joanne Dixon
R4R-Founder & Coordinator

Michael Martz

R4R-Event Experience Coordinator

Peggy LeBrun
MCW Cancer Center

 If you want to ride .... call 414-403-1641, and ask what is available:  
  • We have a few bikes open, mostly in the afternoon.  
  • Please understand that we cannot provide Goody Bags at this point because we already turned in our counts with our sponsors giving us items ...  
  • Most bikes will have cages or spd -- if you need another pedal, please bring tennis shoes. 
  • Fees to ride are: 
    • One hour, $60
    • Two hours, $85
    • Three hours, $110
    • Four hours, $135
    • Six hours, $185

Februrary 23, 2014 

Hi Everyone, 

This is the LAST REMINDER email before next Sunday, March 2!

REMEMBER - EVERYONE MUST CHECK-IN TO PARTICIPATE – whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, we need to validate your fundraising commitments, give you your Rider Wrist Band which will have your Bike Assignment, and give you your Dedication Heart (which you write the names of those you are riding for, hang on your bike while you ride, and take with you as a reminder of what you accomplished) as well as your goodie bag (and shirt if you ordered one).  

IF YOU ARE STARTING AT 9AM – we recommend checking in on Saturday, between 11AM & 2PM. If you can’t make it then, Check-In will open at 7:30AM on Sunday.   

Saturday, March 1 - 11AM to 2PM  
Rite-Hite Family YMCA
9250 N. Green Bay Road 
Brown Deer 53209

HWY 57/Brown Deer Road – go east on Schroeder Blvd (behind the Pick n’ Save)  

RE: FUNDRAISING COMMITMENTS – these are $25 per registered hour. These donations can be in form of:

  • Cash and Checks that you collect personally and bring with you to Check-In; we’ll have receipts available for you to take with you. 
  • Online Donations that have been made to your personal fundraising page through Active.com. You should note that our check-in sheet will only reflect pledges collected through 5PM on Friday, February 28.  However because of technology, we will be able to continuously update your totals if people are donating between 5PM Friday, February 28 thru 1:15PM Sunday, March 2.  Top Fundraisers will be determined by the amounts collected before 1:30PM on March 2, or 
  • Personal donation to cover the minimum or remaining balance of your commitment - you may pay with cash, check or credit/debit card -- Master Card or Visa. 


  • NUUN TABLETS (in your goody bag) which turn your water into an electrolyte beverage for your active hydration needs; if you want to drink something else like Gatorade, or other performance enhanced drinks, please bring them.

  • BONK BREAKER BAR (in your goody bag) for your performance food needs, as well as fresh ORANGES, BANANAS and BAGELS during the ride.  If you need goo’s, gel’s, blocks or other foods to snack on while your ride, please bring them.

  • WATER BOTTLE (in your goody bag) – one bottle is good, but bring another to keep the fluids steady – the UWM Women’s Panther Basketball Team will be on hand refilling water bottles, and bringing fruit & bagels to you while you ride.

  • GREAT COUPONS in the bag from Stone Creek Coffee, YMCA, and Brent Emery’s GENEROUS offer of 10% off & free shipping at his two stores – Milwaukee & Menomenee Falls!

  • Sub Sandwiches from Subway for everyone after the ride is over!   

WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING – we recommend packing the night before: 

  • A small bag (like your Goody Bag) to hold your personal needs – performance foods, gatorade ; 

  • Towels for showering, for your bike, etc. – please do not count on towel service at the Y 

  • Water Bottles (we provide one in your goody bag).

  • Heart Rate Monitor to pace yourself  

  • Foods you might want to eat – we provide bagels, oranges and bananas; these are being served by the UWM Women’s Panther Basketball Team, so please thank them for being there!  

  • Drinks you might want to drink – we provide water and 2 NUUN tablets per person. 

  • Change of Clothes – if you are riding the whole day - a change of riding clothes feels great.  Also a change of clothes for when you finish riding too. Also a sweatshirt to put on when you step away from the bike in between sessions.  

  • Ear-Plugs if you are noise sensitive – this is like a working out rock show! Lots of fun, but lots of loud music too!  


  • If you checked in on Saturday, you should arrive at least 20 minutes before your registered session to store your things and find your bike.  If did NOT check-in on Saturday, you should arrive at least 30 minutes early (and even earlier if you are riding at 9AM) so we can validate your fundraising commitments, and give you your bike assignment and goody bag.

  • You may use the lockers at the YMCA – first come, first serve; however you can also put your LARGE bags & coats around the parameter of the room.  Do not put these around your bike as it’s dangerous for those walking through the aisles.

  • Keep your valuables with you at all times (or hid & lock in your car). 

  • Please do not move the bikes in the room – these are assigned based on seating requests and pedal requests.  

  • When your ride time is over – please gather your things quickly so we can accommodate the next rider. You are welcome to stretch in back of the room, use the showers, and stay and watch. 

  • Please keep conversations to a minimum, especially DURING each session hour.  The 10 minute breaks are a great time to visit, use the restrooms, change cloths, get food, make phone calls, etc. 

  • Please do NOT listen to ipods during the session hours.  Your Presenters have worked very hard on their segments, music, messages and videos – this is why we ride together. 

  • Remember to get plenty of rest this week, take it easy on your workouts so that you have plenty of energy to ride it out next weekend! 

FYI – We still need an event photographer – if you know someone, please let me know – but I ask that you make it happen – sorry it’s a volunteered gig, but they can solicit their pictures for sales if they want too.  Our regular photographer was injured earlier in the year, and the one I thought I had couldn’t adjust their schedule to be with us next weekend.   

BIKES ON TRAINERS – If you signed up to bring your bike and trainer – please arrive early to set-up so that your bike is in place by 8:30AM. Sunday Check-In opens at 7:30AM.  Also for safety reasons and the consideration of those around you, we ask that you please keep these in place for the duration of the event.  

TOP FUND RAISERS & PRIZES – If you are one of the top fundraisers – your names will be announced between Session 5 & 6. When the event is over (3PM) you should come to the front of the room ASAP to select your prize. The person who collects the most donations selects first, and the process continues in order of second, third, fourth, etc. until we have exhausted our list of prizes. This is what we have so far:

  1. Road Bike, donated by Brent Emery

  2. 18K Yellow Gold Semi-Precious Stone Pendant donated by Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers

  3. One Night Stay at DT Marriott

  4. One Night at the Aloft Hotel

  5. One Night Stay at Country Springs Hotel with 4 Water Park Passes

  6. Dinner for Four at the Chef’s Table at Lake Park Bistro, this is the Chef’s tasting menu 

  7. Private Shopping Party at Goldi’s – This shopping party includes adult refreshments and appetizers, and 10% off for all friends shopping at the party 

  8. One Night Stay at the InterContinental Hotel with $100 Dining Credit at Kil@wat 

  9. One Night Stay at the Pfister Hotel

  10. Deluxe Car Detailing at David Hobbs Honda (2 winners)

  11. Wine Tasting for 16 at PRP (2 winners) 

  12. Sports Package of Marquette Collectibles, 2 Tickets to UWM Men’s Panther Basketball 2014/2015 Season, 4 Tickets to Milwaukee Admirals Game and $50 Gift Card to Mo’s Steaks.


  • 7:30am -- Doors Open 

  • 8:30am -- Cyclists should be on or near their bikes

  • 8:45am -- MC's, Guest Speaker, National Anthem, Presenter & Sponsor Introductions  

  • 9am – This session ends at 9:50 

  • 10am – This session ends at 10:50 / The 10 minute gap is for transition of Riders

  • 11am – This session ends at 11:50 / The 10 minute gap is for transition of Riders 

  • 12pm – This session ends at 12:50 / The 10 minute gap is for transition of Riders 

  • 1pm – This session ends at 1:50 / The 10 minute gap is for transition of Riders, and the announcement of the Top Fundraisers 

  • 2pm – This session ends at 2:50, but is followed with 15 minutes of great stretches  

  • 3:10 --  Top Fundraisers should come forward to the stage to select their prizes 

  • 3:20 – Grab a Subway Sub, and feel good about making a difference!

WOW – I THINK I COVERED EVERYTHING -- Thank you again for registering to participate in our 14th Annual Ridin’ for Research.  We are so excited to have you here, and appreciate your time, energy and effort to raise money for the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center.   

And on behalf of the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center (and Ridin’ for Research), I want to thank Michael Martz for coordinating all the presenters, and thank all the presenters (and those of you who also trained) Liz Braatz, Heather Caponi, Dori Condon, Kim Corr, Holly Gamblin, Bonnie Kalinowski, Hubie Krawczyk, Heather Nelson, Eileen Seeger, Melissa Spredemann, and Jill Sommers; and thank all the trainers Connie Lopez, Jennifer Sullivan, Kathy Schillinglaw, Katie Hunt, Terri Stevens, Kris Anderson, and Joy Meddaugh; and all the fitness organizations for their support of this event – Princeton Club, YMCAs of Metro Milwaukee, Elite Sports Clubs, Wisconsin Athletic Clubs, Harry & Rose Family JCC, and Milwaukee Athletic Clubs.  

See you next weekend,  


Joanne Dixon
Ridin’ for Research
Founder & Organizer