TOUR RATTLERS: 2009 Season

Monday, September 28
2009 Fall Practice Sessions


Are you an experienced inline hockey player?  Do you want to get better?  Are you ready to work hard and have some fun?

The Richmond Rattlers are holding their yearly fall practice sessions.  These sessions are intended for players that have experience playing inline roller hockey and want to get better.  There is no commitment to play travel hockey in 2010 and previous experience playing for the Richmond Rattlers is NOT required!  The ONLY requirement and commitment is a strong desire to work hard and improve your inline hockey skills! 

When?    Wednesdays starting 9/30/09 for 12 WEEKS!

Time?     6:00 – 8:00pm

For the 1st few practices, all age groups will practice the entire 2 hours to evaluate skaters.  For future dates, the 2 hour session might be divided up based on players skill - Less skilled players from 6 to 7:15PM and more experienced skaters from 6:45 to 8:00PM (30 minute overlap)

Where?   Shooters Indoor Sports Complex

How Much? $120 for the season or $15 per week

How do I register? Online or bring form to rink

*The cost for the full session is $120.  Players are welcome to pay as they go at a cost of $15 for each session.  The practices are run by Coach Jeff Hunt.  Jeff has been a member of the Rattler organization for over 10 years now.  He has coached many teams over the years and his teams have won at least 2 national championship titles.  If you are interested in attending by paying week to week instead of the full cost, fill out the registration form and waiver and write on the form that you are only interested in paying on a week by week basis. 

Friday, December 26
2009 Tournaments

Sunday, February 22
2009 Rosters

Coaches: Daryl Walczak, Jamie Wheeler
Braiden Samuel
Brendan Alevy
Bronson Walz
Carter Bondurant
Casey Adams
Derek Reisenweaver
Jace Wheeler
Jake Koszelak
Josh Oconnell
Kerry Whittaker
Mason Walczak
Nathaniel Mulder
Peyton Moore
Pieter Mulder
Riley Horsley
Ryan Blankenship
Tripp Samuel 

10u Black
Coaches: Darryl Talman, Tony Jennings, John Rigg
Ben Talman
Dylan Pherson
Hunter Jennings
Jordan Mansini
Matthew Jahn
Miranda Rigg
Nick Koszelak
Nick Reisenweaver
Peyton Nash
Zachary Pfaffenberger

Alternate: Hayden Keener

10u Orange
Coaches: Gene Scavola
Damien Walz
Davis Hampton
Forrest Johnson
Josh Edwards
Kevin Anderson
Kory Swansey-Johnson
Luke Scavola
Mikayla Edwards
Will Bondurant

12u Black
Coaches: Pat O'Reilly
Trevor Dyke
Isaiah Miles
Miles Muncie
Sean O'Reilly
Jack Zielinski
Hunter Bell
Travis Broughman
Austin Jarrelle
Trevor Jones - Mechanicsville
Brandon Mills
Taylor Mustian

12u Orange
Coaches: Brian Cecil, Richard Pierce
Zach Janizewski
Collin Love
Zach Pierce
Dylan Cecil
Cody Pierpont
Cameron Adams
Kyle Dudding
Kollin Dudding
Trevor Jones (Southside)
Cole Hodges
Ben Koszelak

12u Grey
Coaches: Darren Paquette

Chris Caldwell
Isaiah Varner
Tyler Jahn
Dalton Harris
Grant Keller
Kamin Horsley
Colin Paquette
Zach Stephens

14u Black
Coaches: Darryl Talman, Jeff Hunt, Jeff Finch, Morris Murphy
Austin Carter
Brandon Hunt
Cortland Finch
Joe Eck
Max Pfaffenberger
Nathan Talman
Nick Varner
Pierce Johnson
Tucker Murphy (G)

Alternate: Trey Broughman

14u Orange
Coaches: Kevin Reisenweaver, Richard Pierce
Trey Darnell
Ben Foley
Dillon Gwaltney
Kevin McCollum
Nick Pierce
Jaylen Powell
Ryan Reeves
Tyler Reeves
Mark Reisenweaver
Justin Keener (G)

16u Black
"The coaches would like to thank everyone who tried out. The amount of
talent and the number of players at this age level speak highly of the
Rattler Organization. The choices were tough and everyone should be
proud of their effort." - Richard Addy
Coaches: Richard Addy, Scott Ford
Alec Hagerman
Christian Capobianco
Eric Dumas
Eric Talman
Forrest Ford
Hunter Addy
Marc Dumas
Matt Belvin
Matt Colombo
Matt Hempel
Terry DeBose
Tyler Allen

16u Orange
Coaches: Chip Vaughan
Tyler Vaughan
Kyle Jahn
Alex Alvarez
Chris Arnold
Daniel Watson
Dylan Watson
Brandon Finch
Matt Chiappane
Tyler Parynik
Colin Catherman
Travis Gibbs

18u Black
Coaches: Brian Cecil, Ric Koonce
Ryan Koonce
Justin Cecil
Skyler Byrd
Trey Watts
Taylor Hughes
Kyle Moore
Corey Williams
Patrick Watts
Ryne Schultz G
Shane Heller G

18u White (not a tryout team)
Coaches: Mike Dicken, Ken Douglas and Jeff Hunt
Team Manager: Dave Perkins
Brian Douglas
Cameron Dicken
Chris Hudgins - G
Danny Perkins
Forrest Chaffin - G
Michael Schrader
Nick Hodges
Tommy DeAtley
Tyler Hunt

- waiting on responses from 3 other players

Thursday, February 26
State Wars Hockey

Friday, March 6

Wednesday, March 25
Rattlers Kick-Off 2009 in Philly!

Sunday, April 5
Coastal Cup in Winchester

The Richmond Rattlers WIN in WINchester!

The Richmond Rattlers traveled to Winchester for their 2nd tournament series of the season.  In the 10u division, our Rattler Black team went on to win the GOLD medal scoring 30 goals and giving up only 1!  In the 12u division, our Rattler Black team put it to Team Carolina in the finals and also brought home the GOLD.  Our 14u Orange team had an outstanding tournament and returned to Richmond with a well earned Silver medal.  In the 16u division, our Rattler team played a tough Team Carolina in the finals and also returned home with a Silver.  Of the 4 divisions in the tournament, the Rattlers brought home 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals.  Not bad!!

Monday, April 20
4/17 - 4/19 Rattler Travel Weekend

This past weekend, a number of Rattler teams hit the roads for another weekend of travel hockey.

The 12u Black team headed to Broomall for a highly competitive Narch regional qualifier.  The team finished undefeated in pool play and received a well earned silver medal in the tournament after losing a close and competitive championship game.

The rest of the Rattler teams that played this weekend took off to Winchester.  As usual for Virginia tournaments, the Rattlers showed the biggest support for the ECHO event.  In the 8u division, the Rattlers put together a team that played two games against the Mad Dogs.  It was great to see so many little Rattlers on the floor!  The hockey was great for the fans!  In the 2nd game, the team battled to a 5-5 tie.  In the 10u division, our 10u Orange team also played a couple of games against the Mad Dogs.  This was the first travel experience for this team and they played very well and improved as the day went on.  In the 12u level, the Rattlers had 3 teams participate.  The 12u Grey team played in their first event of the year and did a great job.  The 12u Orange team also played in this event and had a nice victory over the 12u Mavericks winning 4-0.  In the championship game of this division, the Rattlers 10u Black team earned a silver medal.  For this tournament, the 14u and 16u divisions were combined.  The 14u Orange team lost a tough semi-final game against the 16u Mad Dogs to finish the tournament with a respectable 3rd place finish.  The 14u Rattler Black team earned a 2-1 win and Gold medal by defeating the 16u Mad Dogs with 17 seconds to go in the game.  In the 18u division, the 16u Rattlers Orange, playing up in 18u, kicked butt with a Gold medal win!

It was a great weekend for Rattler hockey!

Saturday, May 2
12u Orange WIN Coastal Cup Gold!

The Richmond Rattlers 12U Orange Team visited Apex North Carolina the weekend of April 25-26 and competed in the Coastal Cup Regional Tournament.  They competed in the 12U Silver division with 4 other teams and bought home the gold medal. The team opened with a 5-1 victory over the Dream Sports Dragons White team. Next up was the Carolina Nightmares. That game went back and forth with both teams having chances to win before ending in a hard fought 4-4 tie. The following day they opened against The Speed and lost a heartbreaker 2-1. Their final round-robin game was against the Dream Sports Dragons 10U Red team. This was a huge game as a birth in the finals was at stake for both teams. The Rattlers knew they had to win and hold the high powered 10U Dragons to 2 goals to guarantee a spot in the finals. The Rattlers put forth a great effort and won the game 5-3. As the team skated to the locker area they were a little disappointed thinking that theyt were one goal short of making the final only to learn they had qualified for the final as the 2nd seed based on the third tie-breaker (which was goals scored). This was due to some surprising results of the other round robin game. Even better was they had the chance to avenge their only loss by playing The Speed again in the finals. Given new life the Rattlers came out in the final on fire and quickly took a 4-0 lead. In the second half The Speed finally got their legs under them and fought back with two goals but the 4 goal lead was too much for them to overcome and the Rattlers came away with a 4-2 victory. The Rattlers were led by the tournaments top goalie Ben Koszelak. He was supported by defensemen Dylan Cecil, Cole Hodges, Trevor Jones, and Kyle Dudding. The offensive lines of Collin Love flanked by Kollin Dudding, Zach Pierce flanked by Zach Janiszewski, and Cody Pierpont flanked by Cameron Adams were the highest scoring in the tournament. Congratulations to The Rattler 12U Orange team.

The Richmond Rattlers also had a handful of other teams participate in the Coastal Cup regional mentioned above.  Congratulations to all of the teams for a strong showing in North Carolina!  The Rattlers would also like to thank the Rattler teams for supporting the tournament in NC.  When Coastal Cup came to Virginia, a total of only 3 teams from NC made the trip to Virginia.  For this tournament in NC, we had a total of 6 teams just from the Rattlers make the trip down their.  We continue to support NC tournaments!  The remaining awards achieved by the Rattlers includes:
8u - Silver
10u Orange - Silver
12u Orange - Gold
16u Orange - Gold
16u Black - Gold

Friday, May 29

Friday, May 29
Coastal Cup Championships RESULTS

The Richmond Rattlers had a good showing in this years Coastal Cup Championships!  While most organizations hold their national events in late June or early July, Coastal Cup winds their season up Memorial Day weekend.

The Rattlers had 6 teams head to Apex for the event.  Congratulations to all of the Rattlers for their hard work!

8u - Silver division - Gold medal (5 to 4 win - exciting!!)
10u Orange - Bronze division - Silver medal
10u Black - Gold division - Silver medal (1 to 2 loss)
12u Orange - Silver division - Gold medal (solid 4 to 0 win!)
14u Orange - Gold division - Gold medal (3 to 1 win!)

Friday, June 5
8u Trickers!
8u Coastal Cup Hat Trickers

Congratulations to all of the Rattlers that traveled Apex, North Carolina to play in the Coastal Cup Championships!  The picture below features two of our 8u players, Casey Adams and Bronzon Walz.  They are showing off their hat trick patches!

2HOT4ICE Richmond, VA

Friday, June 5
Nationals T-Shirt Order for 2009
2009 Rattler Orange T



When the Rattlers go to National tournaments, we like to be VISIBLE!  No, it's not Halloween.  Those Orange and Black T-Shirts and Snakes are the Rattlers coming to a rink near you!  When you are a young player or even a coach, there is almost nothing that will pump you up for a big game in a national tournament than looking over at the stands and seeing a sea of Orange and Black!  We are the Rattlers and we wear our colors with pride!

We have ordered 2 sets of T-Shirts.  They will be here soon!  You can pre-order using the form below.  If you pre-order fast, we can determine if we have purchased too few of a certain size and will have time to correct the mistake.

When you pre-order, please understand that this is not a guarantee that we will have the size in stock.  Those that pre-order first will get the T-Shirts when they come in.  If you pre-order by Thursday, June 11th, there should be time to make sure we can meet your request even if we are out because we can order more.


2009 Rattler Black T

2009 06 07 14u Black Gold
Tuesday, June 9
Rattlers Rattle Pittsburgh

The Richmond Rattlers 14u Black team was looking to play some hockey the weekend of June 6th and 7th.  The team decided to put the word "travel" in travel hockey to good use and hit the road with Pittsburgh, PA as the final destination.  2Hot4Ice was in town and the Rattlers were looking to play!

After just under 6 hours of driving, the Rattlers finished the first period of their first game down 0-2 against the home team Bandits.  Not quite the start the team wanted but the start the team is somewhat used to having.  After a slow start, the Rattlers started the 2nd period by scoring a goal in the 1st minute, another in the 2nd, another in the 3rd, and a 4th in the 4th minute of the 2nd period.  When the 2nd period was over, the score was 6-2 Rattlers.  From that point on, the Rattlers never looked back putting together wins of 7-3, 9-1, 3-1, and 5-1.  The team brought home a well earned Gold and earned the respect of the teams in that region.  The competition was tough and the teams from that area played good, clean, but physical hockey.  It was fun to watch.

The 14u Black team is well known for spreading the scoring across everyone on the team.  Because of that, the team receives very few top scoring or top assist awards.  However, in this tournament, Nick Varner was recognized with the Deebs Young Award for the most total points in the tournament.  Tucker Murphy was recognized as the top goalie.

In other rink competition, Nathan Talman set a record for stacking the most hockey wheels (36).  Setting a 2009 season record for 2Hot4Ice, he brought home a new Easton Stick.  Pictured below, Judy Finch was all set to bring home a prize for the most push-ups by a mom but lost her top spot to Renee Reisenweaver in the final moments.

Tuesday, September 29
Rattlers Win AAU Junior Olympics AAA Gold!

This past summer the 10u and 14u Rattlers went to Feasterville, PA to participate in the 2009 AAU Junior Olympic games.  Both teams came home with a Gold medal!  How did they get this good?  Well, most, if not all, attended Wednesday night clinics!  Keep reading for details... 

Take a peak at our '98s team run for Gold at JO in Philly in 2010!

Thursday, October 8

Fall Rattler Clinic

The fall clinic is in progress.  The clinic is being run this year at a reduced cost.  Purchase a block of 4 practices for $30 or pay $10 per week.  We practice 6-8 on Wednesdays.  No practice the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.