TOUR RATTLERS: Robert Snead #18

Robert Leland Snead

Robert Leland Snead
May  9, 1990 - February 25, 2006

Born in Richmond, VA, he was proud to be a  student of Godwin High School.  Among his favorite things to do were sports and  activities that included almost everything, especially soccer, ice hockey,  roller hockey, basketball, wrestling, football, skateboarding, biking, running,  fishing, tennis, and flexing his biceps. He was known to be always joking,  smiling, big hearted, caring, loving, a great brother, a great son, a great  teammate and a great friend.  He was an athlete who always gave  110%.   He was truly amazing; stud-like, outgoing, determined and  protective.  He looked out for the weak and challenged the strong (The  above was taken from his Memorial Service Program - a tribute from his  family.)

For the Rattlers he was #18 and last played on our U14A Team in  2005.  Robert will be sorely missed as a player and a teammate. The above  says it all. 

Rattler History:
Richmond Rattlers U12 Team -  2002
Richmond Rattlers U12 Team - 2003
     - USA Roller Hockey All American
     - All TORHS Team
     - Member of the USARS U-12 National Championship Team
     - AAU Top Defensive Player
Richmond Rattlers U14 Team - 2004
Richmond Rattlers U14 Team - 2005
     - USA Roller Hockey All American
     - AAU Top Defensive Player (Winchester and Richmond Events)
     - AAU Mid Atlantic All Regional team

The following pictures were taken at Richmond events in 2005.  Thanks to Patrick Dobbs for assisting in both taking and collecting the pictures.

Robert Snead 3