TOUR RATTLERS: 2011 Season

Saturday, June 18
Rattlers Ready for 2Hot4Ice Nationals


The Richmond Rattlers will be sending their top teams to represent them in the 2011 2Hot4Ice Nationals at the SGAA Dual Decks in Atlanta, GA. Visit 2HOT4ICE for the complete schedule and updates. Safe travels and Best of Luck to all of the teams Players and Coaches. 

Tuesday, April 12
Pittsburgh Gold Rush!!!

On the weekend of April 9-10, the Richmond Rattlers sent five teams to
the 2Hot4Ice tournament in Pittsburgh, PA. with high hopes, but no
expectations. Planning for this event started back in November.
2Hot4Ice coordinated meetings between the Rattlers and the Tour Bandits with
the goal of getting the two organizations to support each others

From the first face-off for the 10U "Baby" Rattlers at 2:00pm on
Saturday until the final buzzer in the 18U Championship game around
8:15pm on Sunday, the Rattlers played tough, smart and relentless
hockey against some very talented kids from Western Pennsylvania.
When the wheel dust had settled, the five Rattler teams claimed four
gold and one gold/silver medal (not a misprint).

The gold medal rush began on Sunday with the 10U team winning their contest 8-1 over the Butler Cobras.  It continued for the older squads as each of the remaining four participated in their respective medal games.

The 12U, 14U and 18U games were particularly exciting.
In the 12U showdown, the Rattlers were down 4-1 with 6 minutes left
in the contest before storming back to tie the score with three
unanswered goals in regulation. They won the game on their first rush
12 seconds into overtime on a great shot by Nick Reisenweaver. The
14U team also fought relentlessly to win their championship game 5-3,
with two goals very late in the third period. Heading into the
evening, the 16u team completed their dominating performance by
winning the Gold medal after winning 5 games, scoring 32 goals, and
giving up 0 goals. The Rattlers now had 4 gold medals with one left
to win!

The final game of the day was the 18U rematch between the Richmond Rattlers
'93 team and the Pittsburgh Dragons. Just hours earlier, the Dragon had
defeated the Rattlers in a tough match. This one ended
in a way that left fans with a lasting impression. The Dragons took a 2-0 lead into the 3rd
period. Early in that period, the Rattler goalie had a serious nose
bleed that caused the game to stop. The Rattlers used their timeout
to try and get the bleeding under control. When it was obvious that
the officials were going to insist that the game continue without a
Rattler goalie in the net, the Dragons coach used his timeout to help
out the Rattlers. The Dragons wanted to win, but not win under those
conditions. Given this act of gratitude, the officials gave the
Rattlers extra time to attend to the goalie and get him back in the
game. After a 10 minute break in action, the game resumed and
the Rattlers came storming back. When the clock hit zero, the
Rattlers had a 5-3 gold medal win.

The coaches and players on the Rattlers were excited about the win but felt bad about
the circumstances. They discussed it as a team and knew what they
should do. The Rattler coach approached the tournament director and
requested that the gold medals and championship recognition be given
to the Dragons. The Rattlers won the game due to the extraordinary
sportsmanshp exhibited by the Dragons, so they did the right thing by
"paying it forward".

As an organization, the Rattlers finished the weekend with 4 gold and 1 gold/silver
medals. The team record for the weekend was 23-1 (or 22-2) with 158
goals scored and 26 goals against. This is probably the single
biggest weekend for the Rattler organization since it was started back
in the 1990's!

Rattler players earning individual honors included the following:

10U Division:

  • Deebs Young Award (for goals): Casey Adams
  • Top Dishman (for assists): Josh O'Connell

12U Division:

  • Top Dishman: Zachary Pfaffenberger
  • Top Goalie: Ben Talman

14U Division:

  • Top Dishman: Trevor Jones
  • Top Goalie: Mikayla Edwards

17U Division:

  • Deebs Young Award: Nathan Talman
  • Top Dishman: Jaylend Powell
  • Top Goalie: Trey Darnell

18U Division:

  • Top Dishman: Alec Hagerman

Congratulations Rattlers!

2Hot4Ice Results:

To see Rattler images (mostly 10U) from the weekend, please see the following link:

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Monday, February 28
2011 Richmond Rattlers Rosters & Coaching Assgnments

The 2011 Richmond Ratters

Coaches:  Don Koszelak

Jake Koszelak
Ryan Blankenship
Christopher Lumpkins
Brian Quillin
Connor Bond
Derek Reisenweaver
Brint Harbison
Zack Goode
Jacob Arnold
Gage Foddrell

10u Black
Coaches:  Daryl Walczak
Brendan Alevy
Bronson Walz
Casey Adams
Josh O'Connell
Mason Walczak
Tripp Samuel

10u Orange
Coaches: Mike Klee, Tony Moore
Braiden Samuel
Bryce Hamilton
Carson Tribble
Joshua Hutchinson
Kody Choi
Peyton Klee
Peyton Moore
Riley Horsley
Tucker Tharpe

12u Black
Coaches:  Darryl Talman, Tony Jennings, John Rigg
Ben Talman
Damien Walz 
Hunter Jennings 
Jordan Mansini 
Kevin Anderson 
Matthew Jahn 
Miranda Rigg
Nick Koszelak 
Nick Reisenweaver
Peyton Nash
Zach Pfaffenberger

12u Orange / Grey
Coaches:  Gene Scavola

Dawson Klee
Jewel Harris
Josh Edwards
Kory Swansey-Johnson
Luke Scavola
Matthew Tharpe
Mikayla Edwards
Will Bondurant
Daniel Malamphy
Evan Cordrey
Joey Choi
Preston Tribble

14u Black
Coaches:  Richard Dudding

Kyle Dudding
Kollin Dudding
Trevor Jones
Ryan DuCharme
Zach Stephens
Austin Jarrelle
Dylan Cecil
Jeff Combs
Trevor Jones
Cole Hodges
Cameron Adams
Mikayla Edwards

16u Black
Coaches:  Darryl Talman, Jeff Hunt

Austin Carter
Brandon Hunt
Cortland Finch
Dillion Gwaltney
Jayland Powell
Joe Eck
Justin Keener

Max Pfaffenberger
Nathan Talman
Pierce Johnson
Trey Darnell

Austin Gilstrap
Cody Adams

18u Black
Coaches:  Richard Addy

18u Orange
Coaches:  Chip Vaughan