Brisbane RHINOS American Football: 5 Years Service

Players and Officials who have given 5 years or more service to Rhinos Gridiron
 Name  Years  Roles
 David Balmer  2001-2006  Founder, Player, Admin
 Justin Burke  2001-   Founder, Player, Admin
 Shawn Maloney  2001-2006,2010   Founder, Player, Admin 
 Paul Mason  2002-2011  Player, Admin 
 Brenden Bontoft  2002-2010  Player, Admin, Junior Coach
 Ben Rudes  2003-2011  Player, Admin 
 Phil Levis  2004-   Player, Admin, Junior Coach
 Michael Jenkinson  2004-   Player, Admin
 Dan Clark  2005-  Player, Admin, Senior Coach
 Mark Tatnell  2005-  Player, Admin
 John Mellifont   2005-2011  Player
 Matt Neil  2005-  Player
 Brad Boland  2005-  Player
 Joe Tuimavave  2006-


 Luke Jackson  2007-2012  Player 
 Dave Cunningham  2007-   Player 
 Chris Hill  2007-  Player