Brisbane RHINOS American Football: Past game reviews

Rhinos are BEATEN in Charity Bowl 2001
After a great start the Rhinos lost the Charity Bowl 20-13.

The Rhinos led 13-0 going into haltime after receiver Tony Sampson (#24) scored on a 55 yard pass from quarterback Mark Ratcliff (#16). Kicker Chris Sun (#9) converted the extra point for a 7-0 lead.

On the Rhinos' next offensive series rookie tight end Ian Alberts (#89) scored on a 12 yard reception from #16.

After struggling in the first half the Ravens' offence regrouped and kept the Rhinos' defence on the backfoot. Ravens' tailback Phil Taylor (#7) scored two TDs and stand in QB Adam Casey scored one TD and a two point conversion to take the score to 20-13.

Even courageous running from Bou Leiua (#30), who had an 80 yard TD brought back due to a holding penalty could not even the score. With the Ravens winning the 2001 Ebanc Trade Charity Bowl.

Rhinos Lose 81-0
On saturday night the Wildcats beat the Rhinos 81-0. It was the worst defeat in club history.....fortunately it was only the club's second game ever!!

The game started well with both defenses forcing 3 and out series, it wasn't until missed tackles let the Wildcat's RB (#1) into the secondary that the game blew out. Then after that the Wildcat's scored 3 quick-fire TDs and the game was pretty well over.

Injuries to key Rhinos didn't help the matter as the Wildcat's stacked on the points.

The passing game was effective, but once RB Bou Leuia (#30) was forced from the game with a shoulder injury and reciever Tony Sampson (#24) left following a finger dislocation, the offence struggled.

In the second half the Rhinos did shut down the run of the Wildcats and forced them to the air, but unfortunately it was too little too late.

There were positives to be taken from the game, regardless of the score, The tight end play of Tony Brown (#95), the punting by Ian Alberts (#89) and the second half defense by several of the rookies was a highlight.

We have Supaboot on the Roster but even he didn't get a chance to touch the Football.
1 Kick Off at the start of the game, so it was a long cold night for the Boot.

As with the first game (a 20-13 loss to the Ravens), the progression of the rookies was worth noting and bodes well for the future of the club.

The key will be to rebound from this loss and to hopefully learn from it.

Rhinos Lose - Rabbit Updates Site
Sorry guys, the Rabbit's been busy with work for the last couple of weeks.

On saturday night (18/8) the Rhinos lost 45-0 to the Gold Coast Stingrays. The Rhino's offense stuggled against the Stingray's defense, with both the running and passing game proving ineffective in the first half.

The Rhino's defense again improved, with the potent Stingray's offense held to 3 TDs in the first half. One highlight was a sack and forced fumble by Porno, which was unfortunately recovered and returned by the Goald Coast.

In the second half, the rushing game picked up with RB Bou Leuia having several good carries. But after a special teams TD and interception return for another TD, the Gold Coast had sealed the game.

The highlight for the Rhino's offense was the pass protection provided by the offensive line, where for the second week running there were no sacks on the QB.

The special teams highlight was the returning by Ian Aberts, who had several long returns only to be stopped by the last defender. Unfortunately the Boot had an unsuccessful night, missing one long range FG and having 2 snaps miss the holder.

It was still a loss, but once again the Rhinos can take heart from the game, especially with the improvement on defense and the performance of the O-line.

Tony 'The Rabbit' Sampson

Cougars 89 - Rhinos 0
Enough said.......

Rhinos Draw Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!!
Yay!!!! The Rhinos managed to not lose on the weekend, in a 10-10 draw with the Browns Plains Barbarians.

The game was a defensive struggle with both teams turning the ball over frequently. Rhinos WR Ian Alberts (#89) was the first to score on a long range TD reception. The ensuing two point attempt converted by Richard Chapman (#99), where he ran over two Barbarian defenders.

The Barbarians answered with a TD reception and xtp conversion to trail 8-7, and after an unfortunate interception (for the Rhinos) that was returned to the 2 yard line, the Barbarians kicked a FG to lead 10-7.

The Rhinos defensive however kept up the pressure and forced a safety levelling the scores at 10-10 where they stayed for the remainder of the game.

Offensive highlights for the Rhinos were the 'Barnstorming' rushing of 300 pound QB Dave 'the mummy' Balmer, the running game of new player Mark A Silao (#8), and once again the pass blocking by the offensive line.

Defensively, Shawn Malonely (#55)was the game MVP with 'new' player Richard Chapman (#99) coming a very close second. Both players having an incredible effect on the Rhinos defense, creating sacks, tackles for losses and great run stopping.

Due to family commitments the Boot was unable to play in this game but we expect him back for the rematch in 2 weeks.

That's all for now, I will try and update a bit more regularly but who knows.....

Tony 'The Rabbit' Sampson (#24)

Rhinos Lose Again - But Still Improving
On Saturday night the Rhinos lost the return match against the Wildcats. The game was the first to be held at the Rhinos home ground at ShawSportz Wavell Heights.

The final score was 44-6, With TE Anthony 'Down Town' Brown (#95) scoring the Rhinos' only points.

The Rhinos struggled all night containing the Wildcat's RB #1, until a neck injury forced him from the game. After that the Rhinos' defense stiffened and stopped the Wildcat's potent offense.

Once again the Rhinos' D was led by middle linebacker Shawn Maloney (#55), and safety Dougie Coyle (#33).

On the other side of the ball, tailback Mark A Silao (#8) had a strong game rushing the ball as did Dave 'the arm' Balmer and The Rabbit chipped in with a couple of receptions. The offense drove the ball well but unfortunately failed in the redzone.

It was another cold night for 'the boot', with inconsistent snaps again posing a problem with the kicking game.

Overall the game showed the improvement in the Rhinos' offense and also the strength of the defense. If the defense can prevent the big plays and force more punts, hopefully the offense can develop more consistency convert the redzone opportunities.

As soon as they can do this the wins will follow.

Tony 'The Rabbit' Sampson

Rhinos Tie With The Barbarians AGAIN!!!!!
On a cold and chilly Toowoomba night the Rhinos came from 14-0 down with three and a half minutes to go to forcing a 14-14 draw with the Barbarians in the final minute.

TDs by Mark A Silao (#8) and rookie Brent 'Gringo' Diggs (#41) resulted in the tie.

As in the first game, the Rhinos and Barbarians were evenly matched on both sides of the ball. The teams slugged it out for the entire 4 quarters, with a high injury toll on both sidelines.

The 'boot' had an even colder night than normal in the arctic temperatures that toowoomba provided with his major input being a joke:

We're going TOO - woomba. well done Chris.

Hopefully he'll do better in the warmer climate of our home field at Wavell Heights

It was a bittersweet game for both teams but creates an interesting series of games come the 2002 Gridiron Queensland season.

Tony 'The Rabbit' Sampson

Website sort of updated....
Sorry it's taken me so long guys but with work and the new woman it gets hard to fit in time on the net. Anyways.....I think its time that I got a little help with it so Gringo (I know you're out there) email me at and we'll sort something out.

Before I wrap up, I'll say that the match reports will get done as soon as I watch the game tapes (I've forgotten what happened in the games...DOH!).

So the season....We definitately finished on a high and if the Ravens just win against the Chargers we should finish in 5th, I think.

Not too bad for a team that started with one good game then got flogged for half a season.

I think that in the second half of the season we really showed what we were made of, and everyone should be proud of what we have accomplished in our first season. Imagine what we'll be able to do next year!!

So after our end of year party/awards day on the 2nd of December the season's over - Yes, does that mean that we wont have anything to do with each other until march/april next year? NO!!!

Next year we will be having both a senior and junior team, and to maintain interest over the school holidays myself, gringo and anyone who is interested can come along every 2nd sunday afternoon to Shaw Rd for a game of touch Gridiron.

I still have to sort out the details with Dave, Shawsportz etc but it will be a way to stay involved over the offseason and even keep up some fitness.

So if you're interested send me an email or give me a buzz (if you've got my number).

One last thing, for our end of year awards, I'd like to have a Player's Player Award. This is your chance to vote for your favourite player on our team, the person who you think has been the best player and mate through the season.

Email me your vote!!!! ASAP

If you know someone who doesn't have net access ask them who they want to vote for and send their vote too.

That's enough from me for now, I'll see you all at the party.

Tony 'The Rabbit' Sampson

Rhinos Win Charity Bowl
The Rhinos Senior side won the Gridiron Queensland 2002 Charity Bowl held at Ipwsich last night. The Rhinos and the Bayside Ravens played a very hard defense game giving either offense little room to move as evident by the half time score of 6-0 in the Ravens favour. The second half was full of more hard nosed defense. Finally late in the 3rd quarter after the Rhinos Offensive line mauled their way up the field, #35 Paul "BUTTERCUP" Mason managed to cross into the end zone for the Rhinos first touchdown in season 2002!...after #89 Ian Alberts successfully converted the extra point, the Rhinos had the lead at 7-6. The remainder of the game was as hard fought as the first part, with neither team able to score again. The final score 7-6 Rhinos win.

Linebacker and Defensive Co Captain #20 Justin Burke was name the Rhinos MVP for game 1.

Rhinos Give All Against Ipswich
The Rhinos sadly suffered their first loss of the season, going down to the Ipswich Cougars 42-0. The Rhinos with their large number of rookies were no match for the more expierenced Cougars. The Rhinos started the game with 7 starting players unavailable and suffered 3 game ending injuires during the match.

Dave Balmer #50 was voted MVP for the Rhinos after playing most of the game both ways including all special teams.

Rhinos Go Down to Chargers
The Rhinos travelled up to Toowoomba for round 3, taking on the greatly improved Toowoomba Chargers and with the Rhinos still missing starters through injuries it was going to be a tight match.

The game was extremely hard fought with neither team able to score in the first quarter and much of the second. With less than 2 minutes to go in the half, Toowoomba managed to run in for a touchdown. The extra point was blocked and left the score 6-0 at the half.
The second half proved more of the same hard nosed defense from both teams leaving the 3rd quarter scoreless. The fourth quarter looked like it was going to be a repeat of the third quarter until the Chargers managed to run in for their 2nd TD via a sweep play with only 6 minutes left to play. With the extra point the score was now 13-0. The Rhinos tried valiantly to put points on the board but kept comming up short due to unforced errors rather than tight defense.

Defensive Co Captain Shawn Maloney #55 was voted Rhinos MVP for the match.

The Rhinos will regroup for round 4 to be played against the Gold Coast Stingrays, at the Gold Coast.

Rhinos Stung by Stingrays
The Rhinos still plagued by injury and missing 5 keys players, including 2 Offensive Lineman took on the Gold Coast Stingrays on the weekend.

Even though the final score was 38 - 0 the Rhinos did extremely well against a team with greater numbers and more experience.
The Rhinos shut down the Stingrays on a number of their offensive drives and kept pressure on both of the 'Rays Quarterbacks, including sacking them 3 times.

The high point of the night for the Rhinos was the emergence of Rookie Lineman Aaron Couder #79 who played as Offensive Guard for the entire night and rotated with one of the Lineman on Defense as well as playing all the special teams. Aaron showed great heart and pushed himself at all times. His determination eventually payed off with him assisting on a number of tackles and a sack. A further high point for the team was the fact that the Rhinos Quarterback was not sacked during the whole game.

Defensive Co Captain Shawn Maloney #55 was voted Rhinos MVP for the match.

Next week the Rhinos tackle the Browns Plains Barbarians at Ipswich. Last season both times these two teams met, each game finished in a draw.

Rhinos Dig Deep and Shut Out Wildcats
With only 14 players able to kit up for the Rhinos round 6 game against the Daisy Hill Wildcats, the Rhinos were behind the 8 ball before the first pass was even thrown! As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!” With this saying as the Rhinos motto for the night, the 14 players from the Rhinos took the field to play a hard game of football against a team who last year beat them 89 – 0 in one game and 33-7 in the other.

The Rhinos elected to receive the kick off. With Dave “the Arm” Balmer as starting QB and DT it was always going to be a night worth remembering. With the game less than 2 minutes old Balmer passed to rookie receiver #11 Mike Parfitt, who ran into the end zone for his first TD of the season and his career. The PAT was missed due to a bad snap; the score remaining 6-0. The Rhinos hopes soared, but all players were aware that the Wildcats with 22 players had plenty of energy and time to win the game. With most of the Rhinos playing IRONMAN football, they gave their all and kept the Wildcats scoreless when the half time whistle sounded, still 6-0. The Rhinos had 3 more players arrive during the late part of the second quarter, taking the player numbers to 17 but sadly 2 players were injured in the 1st half which put them out of the rest of the game. Rhinos still short staffed only had 15 players.

When the second half commenced it was much of the same, with all available Rhinos playing both ways and still shutting down the Wildcats yet again. Sadly for the Rhinos, Offensive Guard Joey Tevaga suffered a season ending injury late in the 3rd quarter; Rhinos back to 14 players. In the fourth quarter both teams pushed their offense all the way to within the red area but neither team could put all that hard work into points. Each team kept trying their best with the advantage see-sawing but in the end victory went to the Rhinos 6-0.

It was a fitting way for the game to end with the Rhinos only having 14 players and showing that when push comes to shove, they can dig deep and play hard and win!

MVP for the game had to be #55 Shawn Maloney, yet again. Shawn did not leave the field for the entire game. He played Offensive Tackle, Middle Linebacker and all Special teams. As a Co Captain Shawn led through example.

Next week the Rhinos have a bye….. Then the home games begin. Round 8 sees the Brisbane Rhinos take on the Bayside Ravens in the clash for the Gateway Trophy. The Ravens are winless so far and are hungry for that 1st win of season 2002 and beating cross-town rivals the Rhinos and winning the Gateway Trophy in its inaugural year would be fitting way to get win number 1. The Rhinos are anxious to start the second half of the season as they ended the first, and defeat the Ravens. Kick off is at 7pm Saturday 14th September. To see all the action, come down to the Shaw Sportz Complex, Shaw Rd, Wooloowin.

Rhinos Raped, Pillaged and Plundered by Barbarians
The Rhinos lost to the Logan City Barbarians on Saturday the 25th September 21 – 7. The Barbarians did play good football but and not taking anything away from the Barbarians, they did not play well enough to beat the Rhinos by the margin they did. No it was the Rhinos who failed themselves and allowed easy scoring opportunities for the Barbars. At half time the Barbarians where up 14- Zip. With the Rhinos suffering some injuries and a bad case of feeling sorry for themselves the Rhinos took the field for the second half of the game, which started like the first half had ended with the Rhinos Offense making mistakes and the Barbars Defense capitalising on them. Score 21 – Nil! The only real highlight of the night was late in the 4th Quarter when the Rhinos put Dave “the Arm” Balmer in at QB. With 8 mins left in the game Dave threw a TD pass to stop the shut out. The P.A.T was good after being kicked by Ian Alberts. Final score 21 – 7.

MVP for the Rhinos again went to #55 Shawn Maloney. We are all sick of seeing his name on here, but when you are good, you’re good! Well done Shawn.

Next week, the Rhinos play the Wildcats on the 'cats turf.

Better late than never
Well sorry to everyone out there in Rhinoland, this update has been along time comming. I will quickly go over the second half of the seasons results for you.

We won, woohooo.
This match was also being played for a Trophy "THE GATEWAY CUP". It is the first time that this trophy has been played for and it was a very close match and could have gone either way right up to the last minutes of the match. The Rhinos blocked a field goal attempt and ran it back for a TD with only a few minutes left in the match to secure the victory. Excelent game on both sides.

A win to the Cougars,
Another very good match from both teams, The cougars were very well organised and gave us a lesson in how to play football. We have learnt alot from this game and it has improved us as a team. Next year we shall come back strong.

Victory to the Chargers.
After the very close game in the first round, we all knew that this would be a tough game for bothsides. The chargers managed to pull another victory out of the hat. Well done guys, good luck for the remainder of the season.

Rays were victorious
Another excelent match from the Rhino's, with men missing and injured we took the field and had an excelent game. We did have to forfeit at half time due to injuries but the guys who played, played there hearts out. It was an awesome match.

Wildcats won.
After the first round victory to the Rhinos the Wildcats came out hard and fast. It was a penalty filled match with Touchdown galore to the wildcats.The Rhinos had to forfeit again due to the number of injuries. It was a shame to finish the match like that but there is always next year.

Draw, again.
Well after last years matchs both finishing draws no-one had expected another draw. It was a brilliant match from both teams and just shows how close these two teams are competitively. Yet again look forward to playing them next year.

Wildcats too good on the day
The first game of the 2004 season and the Rhinos looked good! The Wildcats were a very determined outfit and although they had few gains running against the Rhinos Defence, their passing game would prove to be the difference. The Rhinos Offence was a stop-start affair with some great runs by our many running backs but our passing game was ineffectual against good Wildcats coverage. The end result was a 10 points to nil win to the Wildcats.

Stingrays Hoodoo Broken!
A great win by the Rhinos who showed what they can do in Season 2004. Despite a faultering loss last week, the team stood up and brought their 'A' game to the Gold Coast. Brilliant running by our backs and good play calling by Coach Parker were the difference this week. Our Defence was brilliant again and the Stingrays only gains were through the air. All attempts to run around or through the Rhinos 'D' were stuffed!
I hope a bet made in 2002 between Stingrays No.9, Ben Walker and our own Shawn Maloney and Dan Franklin will be honoured??

Saturday, August 7
Bears/Rhinos Seniors Draw Again!! Juniors Lose just!
Seems that every time these clubs meet, it is a stand off! Some excellent Defence on both sides saw a very tough match played. Some may see our team as massive and the opposition may think we had plenty, but some key ommissions on Offence may have hurt us this week. Well done to the juniors who only need to juggle the clock a little better and plug up the outside run and they will be contenders this season. And with only one junior having played before, that is very well done!! I hope we train well over the bye week and come out hard against a determined Chargers outfit at our first home game.

Monday, August 30
Rhinos defeat Ravens!
Yes, we won, but they scored against our offence with returns from fumbles and a muffed punt. With a score of 33-15, it was a fairly comfortable win, but as usual our offence was slow to begin with and our defence was impenitrable! The second round will be different with the Ravens promising more people showing up and our offence promising to start from the first whistle!!

Monday, September 6
Cougars beat the Rhinos!
Too good in the first half! That is about all that was between these two teams. Aside from some first half nastiness by both clubs, resulting in long term injuries to one of the Rhinos, it was a good, hard-fought game with the Cougars offence too good running the ball. Our Defence was very good but couldn't stop a well drilled team this time. Get to training and be ready next time!!

Sunday, October 10
Rhinos Win over Chargers Seniors
We all know how much we love to travel to Toowoomba, but this game had the added expectation of an early forfeit. The Chargers lasted until after half-time and none of their players "seemed" hurt, but their Coach called the game stating that we were playing dirty and the Referees were not protecting "his" players.
On the Junior front, our boys lost to a very well drilled Chargers outfit and were beaten soundly with outside running. We could drive the length of the field and score, but they would take one or two plays and score quickly. Both squads will participate in the finals this year and the Club is in it's most successful season to date.

Sunday, October 17
Gateway Shield Returned To Rhinos!!
The Rhinos Seniors beat the Bayside Ravens 32-0 in a clash for the annual Gateway Shield. As usual, the Rhinos came out very slowly on Offense and were saved by the wonderful Defencive effort as usual. At the half it was 7-0 and after a severe talking to by Coach Parker, the Rhinos came out looking much better and scored some good rushing TD's. Another highlight was the return of The Arm at Qb and after 2 passes for 2 receptions, a run play for more yards, his return was cut short by the return of the real Qb.
Our Junior Rhinos went down to the top-of-the-table Ravens and for the first time this season, lost the second half! Good reports from Coach Miller and a win next weekend will secure third place this regular season and a playoff game against the Bears!! Good luck all.

Sunday, October 24
Rhinos Defeat Cougars!
We spoke about achieving more this season than we had before, but the list should be amended!! The Rhinos had wins in both senior and junior games against the Cougars. The Juniors won 32-12 and advanced to 3rd place in the standings and will play the Bears next Saturday at 12.00 noon for a place in the junior Sunbowl.
The Seniors pulled off the upset of the season with a 23-7 win over the undefeated Cougars. No time to rest as we take them on again at 4.00pm for our place in the 20th Sunbowl!! Time to train hard guys!!

Sunday, October 31
Some good news, some not so good!
Well, what a weekend! Congratulations to our Juniors, we are very proud of you guys. To the Seniors, we fell just short and our Defense was incredible as usual. Seems to me that 2005 is going to be great!!
Lets all get down to Daisy Hill on Saturday and support our Juniors. They play the Ravens at 1.00pm. Also, the League Trophy Night will follow the Sunbowl on Saturday at the Mustang Bar in the Valley. Some tickets still available, see Dave. Also, check out the photo of our Juniors!!

Monday, November 8
Junior Loss and Notice of Meeting
Our Junior Rhinos lost the Sunbowl 26-6. This was a big moment for most who had never played the game before this season and they played their hearts out. Well done to all involved, especially Coach Andy Miller who was awarded the Coach of the Year trophy by the League.
This Tuesday night Coach Parker has asked that all players assemble in the back bar at Norths for an end of season roundup. All questions will be answered and next season will be mapped out.

Sunday, September 18
Rhinos Go Down In Both Divisions!
The Juniors were beaten by a well-drilled junior Bears outfit and difinitely missed Johnno. Nevertheless, the team played good football in patches but seemed to get a roll on and then hit a wall. Hopefully Coach Andy Miller can work around it and get the boys back in the winners circle.
The Seniors played some very determined Bears and lost by a point. It was a close game all night but in the end the Bears big runners did some damage and scored late leaving the Rhinos Offence about 90 seconds to march the length of the field and score to win. We got the march part right and with no time-outs, and little time on the clock, we attempted a field goal which would have won the game for us. The attempt failed and the clock ran out. End of story! Some people were unhappy with the call but we put ourselves in that position and we should have won the game much earlier rather than need a clutch play to work at the end. Good win by the Bears who all played well.

Sunday, September 25
Rhinos Seniors Defeat Stingrays.
Our juniors went down to a very good Stingrays outfit who have some great players of the future on their books. The 30-0 scoreline did not show the heart put in by the Rhinos boys, but they were trying all day.
Now the BIG news was the Senior Rhinos defeating the ladder-topping Stingrays. In their first defeat of season 2005, the Stingrays were ambushed by a well thought out Rhinos Defence. Ben Rudes and Coach Parker had thought long and hard about how to combat the Stingrays potent pass Offence. Tonight showed what the time spent on 'the plan' was worth. Ben said that his secondary to a man were outstanding and we tend to agree!!
Our Offence was very run-oriented, but who cares about the percentages, the job was done and done well. With Jeff Stower at Qb for an injured Dan Clark, we moved the ball well to be down 10-6 at the half. After the break, we moved even better and Td's to Peter Hartwig and Paul 'Buttercup' Mason were brilliant to watch from my vantage point on the field. I believe the sidelines enjoyed the show as well. Seems some of the Stingrays were less impressed as evidenced by their silence (for once!) This puts us in third position on the League ladder and I hope we can stay there.

Sunday, August 21
Good win over Raven Seniors
It was a good weekend for the Rhinos Club with the Junior Rhinos putting in a fairly good effort against the League leading Ravens Junior team. Vast numbers and confidence to match saw the Ravens score very quickly but our boys replied and some in the crowd were happy to see the Ravens silenced by a score against them. Short lived celebrations as the Ravens then took the game easily with a varied offensive display. Our defence was soft and didn't reflect the way the team trained throughout the week. Much improvement in tackling is needed.
The Senior Team travelled to the new Gold Coast venue and found the artificial surface to be fantastic to play on. The Ravens and Rhinos have a much publicised history and we were pumped up for the game. Our Offense started with a new look on the line with Defensive Captain Ben Rudes playing guard due to the training policy in force at the club. Ben enjoyed the chance to play in the trenches and showed that size isn't everything. His technique and willingness to hit were very evident and he lifted our team at every opportunity. We scored a couple of TD's in the first half and an interception return allowed the Ravens to score. This upset some on the team but also showcased the ability of the Raven's number one threat to score from anywhere on the field. After the very controlled half time speech from Coach Parker, the Rhinos tore the Ravens apart on Offence and were impregnable on Defense! Good use of the playbook saw some seldom used plays brought out and the results were very good. 44-6 at the end and a good reason to celebrate next weekend for the League Bye Week. See you all at the Party!!

Sunday, August 7
Rhinos First Senior Win of 2005
Well, we broke the drought finally! The Rhinos Senior team defeated the Browns Plains Bears 26-0 in a dour encounter which taught us many things about a well balanced Offence and a never-say-die Defence. Still much to learn and we need everyone at training to prepare for the Stingrays who downed the Wildcats!! Our Juniors had a tough day with a fast running Bears outfit piling on the points at will. Both sides now have a 1 and 2 record and need to improve to make the finals again this season.

Cougars Too Good, but we are getting closer!!
For those not there, this game was a lot closer than the 15-0 score indicated! Both teams were down players but both sides stepped up and the Rhinos played "Team" football. Coach seemed happier, so we must be doing it better. Training is still a 'Usual Suspects" event and this needs to improve if we want to better 2004!
Juniors were looking good but couldn't find the right combination of Offencive plays to bust the Cougars 'D' Still, not even a table could stop Mike from gaining large yards when pushed. Curly was fantastic and all teams are wary of Johnno (as they should be!!) A 22-0 loss was handed out, but the team will learn from it.

Monday, September 12
Wildcats Weekend!!
We went to Daisy Hill with a severely depleted junior team and the ironman football was played at a gruelling pace. No one gave up and the Wildcats couldn't score against a determined, hard-hitting Rhino's 'D'. 0-0 was the end result, but with only 7 players, you did us all proud.
The Senior game saw us take the field without injured 'D' skipper, Rudy, and he wasn't going to let up from the sideline. It took all of us to keep him from running onto the field and keep him in the Coaches box. His 'D' did him proud and never looked like being scored on. Not even close!! The Offence were, as usual, slow out of the gates but once we picked the right sequence of plays, the going got easier as the Wildcats 'D' was everywhere early. Some unpleasentness crept into the game and frustration saw some pretty bad play, which the Referees tried to remove from the game. The 16-2 scoreline was a fairly accurate representation and we will be ready for our third game against the Wildcats as the final regular season game before the finals. The Guestbook has some additional comments from both Glen and Rudy. Enjoy!! (I did!) And the Wildcats site has their take on the game as well.
Our first home game this week so we better get the field looking it's best for it's maiden showing. All hands on deck!! We have to mark the field and set it all up on Saturday. You have ALL volunteered!! Anyone who cannot attend will be severely penetrated!!

Saturday, July 29
Week 1 (22-6-06) - Northside Rhinos @ Gold Coast Stingrays
Game Report by 'FOB Coolness'

Today was our first game for the season as reigning sunbowl champions. Up against a formidable side the Gold Coast StingRays previous sunbowl champions of many years.
Were we up to the task tonight?
Almost!!! we went down to the better team 26 - 4
Are we demoralised NO!!!!
Dissappointed YES!!!!!!
But is it going to ruin our pathway to the sunbowl....NEVER...Its only the beginning of a new the era.
Rhinomaniacs of old and new don't take this game to heart but lets use it, digest it and it can only bring us more as a whole team.
Must take my hat to the GC Stringrays for a job well done.
Seniors Rhinos its time to play and its a must you be there at training.
Wildcats are on the loose and they must be tamed.
To my cousin George Faumui Silao welcome bro to the game of gridiron its great to have family in the real sport. Great that you are with the Wildcats and they will look after you like the Rhinos as a family. But come game time bro next week haha bring it on. Let this grandpop show u a thing or two.

Signing off

Mark Silao #8 Energiser

Saturday, July 29
Week 3 Games
The games this week will be for the juniors at 4.00pm and the seniors at 6.00pm at Ravens' home ground. The field address is the Judy Holt Park, Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale.

Sunday, August 6
Week 5 (19-8-06)
The games on Sat 19 Aug 06 will be:

Rhinos Juniors vs Cougars at 4.00pm and
Rhinos Seniors vs Cougars at 6.00pm;

both games at Cougars' home ground. The field address is the Jim Finimore Sports Ground, Old Toowoomba Road, One Mile, Ipswich.

Monday, August 21
Week 6 - Saturday 26th August 2006
When & Who:
4pm: Jnrs - Bears v Rhinos
6pm: Snrs - Bears v Rhinos

Grosvenor Park
Berkley Drive
Browns Plains
UBD Map 240 Ref L20 (Map to follow soon!)

Sunday, August 27
Week 8 - 9 Sep 06
Who and When:

Jnrs: Rhinos vs Wildcats @ 4pm
Snrs: Rhinos vs Wildcats @ 6pm


Rhinos' Home Field
Banyo Rugby League Club
Childs Road,
UBD Map 121 Ref J8

Sunday, September 10
Week 9 - 16 Sep 06
Who & When:
Snr Rhinos vs Ravens @ 7pm

Daisy Hill
Slacks Creek Rugby League Club
Usher Park
Rose Street,
Daisy Hill
UBD Map 243 Ref B8

Who & When:
Jnr Rhinos vs Ravens @ 2pm

Browns Plains
Grosvenor Park
Berkley Drive
Browns Plains
UBD Map 240 Ref L20

Friday, September 22
Week 10 - 23 Sep 06

2pm: Jnrs - Rhinos v Cougars

Daisy Hill
Slacks Creek Rugby League Club
Usher Park
Rose Street,
Daisy Hill
UBD Map 243 Ref B8


7pm: Snrs - Rhinos v Cougars

Bayside Ravens
Judy Holt Park
Old Cleveland Road East
UBD Map 184 Ref M10

Sunday, September 24
Week 11 - 30 Sep 06
Full competition bye week!

Tuesday, October 3
Week 12 Games - 7 Oct 06
Browns Plains
Grosvenor Park
Berkley Drive
Browns Plains
UBD Map 240 Ref L20

2pm: Jnrs - Bears v Rhinos
4pm: Snrs - Bears v Rhinos

Tuesday, October 10
Games for Week 14 - 21 Oct 06
Both games at home:

4pm: Jnrs - Rhinos Vs Wildcats
6pm: Snrs - Rhinos vs Wildcats

Sunday, October 15
Playoffs - 4 Nov 06
Who and when:
7:00pm - Senior Northern Rhinos (2) vs Daisy Hill Wildcats (3)


Slacks Creek Rugby League Club
Usher Park
Rose Street,
Daisy Hill
UBD Map 243 Ref B8

Sunday, October 15
Sun Bowl XXII - 11 Nov 06
Kougari Oval
Wondall Road
Manly West

1:00pm - Challenge Cup
3:30pm - Sunbowl Relay

4:00pm - Junior Sunbowl - Stingrays vs Wildcats
5:30pm - Gridiron Queensland Junior Awards presentation

6:00pm - Senior Sunbowl - Stingrays vs Rhinos
8:30pm - Gridiron Queensland Senior Awards presentation

Sunday, November 12
Sunbowl Results: Stingrays 27 to Rhinos 13
Although the final score was not the desired result the Rhinos never gave up. To quote Mark "Poppy/Old Man/The Energiser/FOB" Silao we played with one heart and as one team and didn't quit even when the odds were against us. A big thank you goes out to our volunteers this year from our Coaches to the Committee, from the supporters to the ladies auxiliary especially Jenny and last but not least to our webmaster (who had to be carried out of DC's house after the post game party). This year was the winningest year in Rhinos history and we earned our finals berth. We also bid farewell to some valued members to retirement and hope to see them at games from time to time. To those players that are returning next year, rest up, relax, because pre-season begins in February and for some of us in December. I hope I have not forgotten anyone but thank you all for the 2006 season.

Burkey #20

Rhinos have a full set for 2005!!
Yes, we have beaten every team in the League this year! A proud achievement and one that should not be forgotten. This means the target on our backs just got bigger! The Cougars are a well-drilled, close-knit team who can do anything when they have everyone there. Well, I didn't see many of the "Usual Suspects" missing but we beat them 10-7! We were so close at half-time, with Petey stopped only inches from the goal line when time expired. We were in control for most of the game with only the determined running of Clayton Thorley getting the Cougars a score. We need to learn from the game and get ready for the Wildcats who can leap into 3rd with a win over us. When we win, we play the Cougars in the Semi-final at their home ground. Expect all teams to turn up ready to play. Nothing can stop us but ourselves!!

Sunday, October 23
Rhinos Seniors finish 3rd!! Meet Cougars in Semi-final
The Team was committed and came through with a win against a very good Wildcats team. 17-7 was the final score and it was a fair outcome to a great game. We now face the Ipswich Cougars at their home ground on Saturday the 5th of November in a knock-out Semi-final. We accounted for the Cougars in our last outing and by no means have we seen the best they have to offer. Coach Parker has asked for extra training sessions and we have to attend and learn the plays we will use against a very good defence. See you all at training.

We Are Going To The Show!!!
Well, looks like the year of the expansion team! The Wildcats accounted for the Stingrays 14-13 and we accounted for the Cougars 25-20. All heart, guts and determination! So..... Coach has asked for 4 nights of training and we will give it to him. (Might make up for the ruined suit?) We CAN improve and we will. Sunbowl 21 is next Saturday at 6pm, Daisy Hill. Yep, the Wildcats home field. Does it feel like an advantage to anyone else?? See you ALL Monday night.

The Rhinos won the E-Banc Trade Gridiron Queensland Sunbowl XXI 12-7 over the Daisy Hill Wildcats on Saturday 12th November 2005, held at Usher Park, Daisy Hill.

The game was a classic hard hitting football game with the full backs and running backs on both teams earning every yard the hard way.

The Rhinos clearly dominated the 1st quarter, with the offense putting a string of plays together culminating in a touchdown. Unfortunately the offense were unable to convert the touchdown. The 2nd quarter while dominated by the Rhinos, the offense was unable to score.

The second half started the way the Rhinos knew it would, with the Wildcats giving the ball to their F/B or R/B on every play. Trying to run it down the throat of the the leagues best defense. Showing that great defenses will bend but never break, the Wildcats did manage a touchdown late in the 3rd quarter but that was them done for the game. The Rhinos defense seemed to be fired up and hell bent on showing that the one touchdown was not going to happen ever again for the rest of the game. The 3rd quarter was forgettable for the Rhinos Offense but they did keep their heads up and came back in the 4th quarter proving that the game isn't over till the final whistle.

In the fourth quarter the Rhinos offense started like the 3rd.... with not much happening. Then with a little over 2 mins remaining in the game the Rhinos Offense took over after the Rhinos Defense shut down the Wildcats running game. The Rhinos came out fired up and ready to prove that they can never be underestimated. The Offense spluttered at first but then picked up the pace and started to move the ball down the field. With 1.22mins remaining in the game the Rhinos were 4th down and 9 yards to a first down and 20+ yards needed for a touchdown the Rhinos offense dug deep and were out to prove the coaches confidence in them was justified. The Wildcats seemed to already be celebrating a win... but the Rhinos weren't done yet!

With a clean snap to QB Dan Clark, the Rhinos O Line used their bulk and training to create a good pocket... With WR's Callum O'sullivan & Matt Neale heading towards the end zone... it was going to be all of nothing..... Callum ran a perfect post route and crossed the goal line just in front of the goal posts... Dan Clark QB saw this unfolding and delivered a perfect hard & fast pass right into the arms of Callum, it was such an accurate pass that the two Wildcat defenders covering Callum had NO chance of batting the pass down. TOUCHDOWN!!!!!
The Rhinos originally kicked the conversion but were flagged for 12 men on the field. The penalty meant the Rhinos had to try the conversion from the 20yd line.... Unfortunately the Rhinos kicker Mark Tatnell had the leg but not the accuracy... Score 12-7 with 44 seconds remaing. The Rhinos were ecstatic but still aware there were 44 seconds remaining. A life time in American Football!

The Wildcats had to abandon their running game, which they had used all game, to try & score as quickly as possible... BUT you don't become the leagues best defense by only stopping the running plays. The Rhinos Cornerbacks were at their best and ready for anything the Wildcats threw at them. After several pass attempts and a few flags against the Rhinos, the Wildcats still needed to make 60yrds for a touchdown, an almost impossible task considering the skill of the Rhinos Cornerbacks and the lack of a passing game from the Wildcats...

5 seconds remaining....... the Wildcats go for another pass attempt... it heads towards the receiver.. but Rhinos CB #30 Kevin Orlowski was there to break it up and the ball fell safely to the game...... The ref held the ball high in the air and blew the whistle... Game over.... RHINOS WIN, RHINOS WIN!!!........ The Rhinos sideline were elated with players, supporters and coached alike jumping in the air.

The Rhinos had achieved what the rest of the league had thought was impossible... Winning a Sunbowl!

What a team effort..... well done Rhinos.....

Wednesday, September 16
Round 4 results


The senior Rhinos team travelled to Birkdale last Saturday to take on the home team Eastside Ravens.

The Eastside Ravens defeated the Rhinos 26-16 in a highly entertaining game with the result in the balance well into the fourth quarter. The Ravens with probably their best team in years remain undefeated whilst the Rhinos must regroup to get ready for their home opener against the Gold Coast Stingrays.



 The Junior Rhinos went to Runaway Bay to take on the Sunshine Coast Spartans. 

The game got off on the right foot for the Juniors with Scott Lehmann returning the opening kick off for a TD with Cameron McDougall adding the 2 points. The Spartans with a fast improving offence where able to drive in for a TD of their own to make it 8-6. Scott Lehmann again scored this time on a WR reverse for a 14-6 lead but the Spartans through a great kick return of their own where able to get great field position and run in a TD to trim the lead to 2 at the break.

The Rhinos offence took the field in the second half lead by stand in QB Devon Kitts who marched the team down field with Kitts running in the TD for a 20-12 lead. The Spartans weren't finished and had a long drive of their own to again get a TD and close the gap to 20-18 with Callum Nally making a great tackle to stop the 2 pt conversion. Scott Lehmann again showed his great sped returning the insuing kick off for another TD to give the Rhinos a 26-18 lead, the Spartans didn't have enough time to mount a comeback with the clock running out giving the Rhinos the win.

Thursday, August 27
Record win for Rhinos

The Rhinos Seniors got their season underway Saturday 29th with a 58-0 win over the Toowoomba Wolves. The score is the biggest ever acheived by a Rhinos team and the margin is also a record.  


The Juniors got their first win of the season with a 32-26 win over the Bayside Ravens, it was an exciting game that wasn't over until the final play with the Ravens having a chance to snatch victory on the last play. Scott Lehmann and Devon Kitts lead the way with 2 TD's each and Aaron Previte had another outstanding game at Qb and Safety. 

Wednesday, September 9
Rhinos Winners......AGAIN


The Junior Rhinos completed a HUGE 42 to 12 victory over the Wildcats on Friday. The Rhinos lead by QB Aron Previte and WR Scott Lehmann took a 22-12 lead into the break with the Wildcats getting on the board through their dangerous kick returner running 2 kick offs back for scores. The second half was lead by the Defense with LB Callum Nally and DL Cage leading the way. The Rhinos added 3 more scores and managed to avoid the Wildcats return man anymore chances to run out 42-12 victors.


The senior Rhinos had a 22-0 victory over the Browns Plains Bruins on Saturday. As expected the Bruins brought a tough game to the Seniors keeping their scoring chances to a minimum. Defence again showed their skill with placing pressure on the Bruin's QB forcing him to make snap decisions and causing a safety. Offensive line greatly improved with their pass protection giving Rhino's QB Stacey Porter time to complete 2 TD'S passes to WR Matt Neil. O'line also stepping up and opening holes for RB Paul (buttercup) Mason to score his TD for the game. Plenty more evidence that the Senior Rhinos are serious contenders for this years SunBowl Championship.