Reston United '98 Girls: Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy


Our desire is to provide committed soccer players a positive, supportive, and fun atmosphere where they are able to develop both personal and team technical skills and awareness.  We place emphasis on developing technical ability through creativity, hard work, and risk taking.


We strive to enhance each player’s understanding of, devotion, and love for the game of soccer. We expect each player to give 100% on the field to the best of her ability at practices and games.  


            Our goal is to develop each player while simultaneously continuing to increase our team’s competitive edge.  We will always prepare to win, but we will not sacrifice any fundamentals or skills we’ve learned during the training sessions just for the sake of winning. 



 It's not about defeating your opponent

it's about striving to surpass your previous best

each and every time you compete

 ... that's what makes a champion ”

Team Principles

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