RedhotsVBC: Welcome

Saturday, October 31
Mukilteo Redhots Volleyball Club


                                  --Mission Statement--                                                  


To be a part of something bigger than yourself. Where the whole, is greater than the sum of it's parts. To see what Hard work, Commitment, and the Pursuit of a common goal can accomplish. To take these lessons with you in life


Coach: Brian Cross       425-350-8914

PNQ '08

Saturday, October 31
Possibly a U16 team

    I may coach a U16 team for the 2010 season. Unfortunetly, I won't know until tryouts week if I will be able to take a team this season. If you might be interested, send me your Name, E-mail, Position, Height, Experience. I will email you back as soon as I know anything. You should tryout for a few other Clubs anyway, so you have options, and can see what different Clubs are offering.

       If you have any questions, feel free to email me

Brian Cross