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Boundary Map Letter submitted to Registrants

January 10th, 2009


Little League players and parents,


Little League International required that a boundary map be submitted with each League Charter in 2008.  The Red Hook Little League submitted the Red Hook School District map which was rejected by District 17.  The map was rejected because it included territory which was outside of Dutchess County to the north and other territory that was determined to be within the Town of Milan and Rhinebeck. 

Little League registration for 2009 will require proof of residency with the Town of Red Hook or in accordance with an existing waiver.  Players will be required to register within the boundaries of the league where they reside.  The easiest way to determine eligibility is to verify the land taxing authority of the property where you reside.  Properties listed on Red Hook tax rolls would require a player to play in Red Hook; those properties listed on Milan tax rolls would require registration in Taconic Little League, those in Rhinebeck would register in Rhinebeck Little League, and those in Columbia County would register with Southern Columbia Little League.  If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact Charles Nugent at 758-0537 or come to St. Christopher's on Benner Rd. during the in-person registration, Saturday 1/31 and 2/7, 9am-2pm.

 Contact information for the areas surrounding Little Leagues: 

       Taconic Little League:  

       Rhinebeck Little League:

       Southern Columbia LittleLeague:  Jason Meacher  (518) 567-6089



Charles Nugent

Red Hook Little League Board of Directors

Charles Nugent,  President