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Tuesday, September 19
Welcome to the Red Bud Athletic Association

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Khoury Ball
Tuesday, September 19


Visiting Khoury League Coaches: Check out our Facebook page for the most up to date rainout information. You may contact the Red Bud Coach of the team you are playing if you have any questions. 

RBAA Coaches:  It is your responsibility to check the Red Bud Athletic Association's Facebook page in regards to rain outs.  Please notify the out of town coach if the game has been rained out.  Thank you!

Parents: Please follow our (Red Bud Athletic Association) Facebook page for the most updated rainout information.  

Slow-Pitch Softball League's


R.B.A.A Slow Pitch Softball Leagues

Tuesday Night Men's League 

Thursday Night Men's League

Friday Night Co-Ed League

Please contact our Slow Pitch Softball Director Eli Aubuchon at for more information regarding the 2017 Seasons

All games will be played at the Red Bud Athletic Association Sports Complex.


Tuesday, September 19
2018 Khoury League Age Divisions

Coach Pitch / T-Ball 1: Sept 1, 2011 - Aug 31, 2012 (Kindergarten) 

Coach Pitch / T-Ball 2: Sept 1, 2010 - Aug 31, 2011 (1st Grade)

*** Teams below this will travel to other towns for games. Typically 6-8 out of town games per season.  

Atom I / Pixie I: Sept 1, 2009 - Aug 31, 2010 (2nd Grade)                               

Atom II / Pixie II: Sept 1, 2008 - Aug 31, 2009 (3rd  Grade)

Bantam I / Petite I: Sept 1, 2007 - Aug 31, 2008 (4th  Grade)

Bantam II / Petite II: Sept 1, 2006 - Aug 31, 2007 (5th  Grade)

Midget I / Chic I: Sept 1, 2005 - Aug 31, 2006 (6th  Grade)

Midget II / Chic II: Sept 1, 2004 - Aug 31, 2005 (7th  Grade)

Juvenile I / Chic III: Sept 1, 2003 - Aug 31, 2004 (8th  Grade)

Juvenile II / Sophmore: Sept 1, 2002 - Aug 31, 2003 (Freshman)