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Raleigh Chiefs
Bill Halterman
Bill Halterman & Anthony Pisch -Captains
RecZone / Factory Ice House
Raleigh, North Carolina

Thursday, January 12
Still dead air....

Yup, still "dead air" on this channel for so long....

We do have a Facebook group for Chiefs players and fans... search for Raleigh Chiefs Hockey Club

Regarding this site, just a matter of (no) time.

Go Chiefs!!



Chiefs Bronze Champs_s
Tuesday, January 30
Chiefs 2006 Labatts Blue Bronze Division Champions

Picture of the USA Hockey/Labatts Blue Tournament Bronze Division Champion Chiefs. Team Members are: (First row and left to right) Mitch Helms #11, Muri "1 Eye" Szabo #42, Jeff "Tender Fibula" Cress #6 (standing), Joe Uva #9, Doug Yale #7, Eric "Buffalo Bill" Lambalzer #39 (Goalie and MVP winner), Tom Edwards #37, Keith Fischer #21, Greg "Nebraska" Zukowski #18. (Second row and left to right) Ian " I AM CANADIAN" Williams #67, Chip Irek #44, Peter "Boston" Natola #76, Bill "Mr Orr to you" Trofi #78, Dave "XXX" Babson #35, Wes Marshall #56 (Goalie), Dean Goodard #41, Aaron "Basket Fry" Prebles #33.

Friday, August 11
New Captain for the Weds. Factory C Chiefs

With the close of the summer FAHL season fast approaching change is in the air with the FAHL Wednesday Chiefs.
Brian "Bird" Daniel is taking the helm as the Chiefs Captain, current Captain, Jeff Cress, is moving to Greensboro.
Anthony "A-train" Pisch will be moving into the Alternate Captain slot that Bird had held for many-many moons.

Anyone interested in skating with the Chiefs for the upcomming Fall C season as the Factory, please contact Bird, Anthony, and/or Bill Halterman.

Friday, August 11
Chiefs wrapping up Summer seasons, heading into Fall

Both the Sunday RecZone Chiefs and the Wednesday Factory Chiefs have/are closing out the summer 2006 seasons.
In both cases the teams made considerable progress during the season with improvements in the overall team game.
With the change new seasons starting there are often a few slots that open up. Please contact Bill Halterman or Brian Daniel if interested in openings for the new seasons.

Thursday, June 1
"Chefs" make minced meat of the competition

So, we can't say that we are surprised that other teams have been calling us the "chefs" instead of Chiefs. No, we aren't upset. Just as we assume that the Rennegades don't take it too seriously when we call them the "Rent-a-gays"... we brush it off as good, clean fun.
However, there seems to be something behind this chefs thing.
We have been cooking up some mighty-fine, down-home offense. Sure, the ingredients may vary a bit from game to game (especially over the summer), but the general recipe crisp passes and some fresh moves is the same. And we serve up a hot-steamy helping of whoop a$$ every week on a saucer pass.

And speaking of dishing out some Chiefs goodness...
The summer shootout series is shaping up nicely. We used the first "exhibition" game to work on some specific fundamentals, even though we knew it would wreck our flow in the game, and still managed to play a very competitive game against the aformentioned 'gays. After that tune-up we squished the weevils (sorry, something about "horniblows" just doesn't sound right to me... so they are just the weevils), taking the win, and the shootout win on the 4th shooter heroics of Stephen "Hands" Schmidt. In game 2 of the regular season we managed to keep the enforcer's resident East Coast Eagle in check the majority of the game and emerged with a 2-1 victory, and the shootout win courtesy of Tim "I hate this !@#$!$# facemask" Powell.

It appears these "Chefs" know their way around the kitchen.

Monday, May 15
FAHL Chiefs launch into summer season primed and ready.

The FAHL Chiefs C team finished the Winter season as the top seed in the playoffs. An all around great performance in the first round put the Chiefs against the Rolling Rocks in the final. Unfortunately, the Rocks played like a team that needed to move up to the B/C league (which is what they were) and dashed the Chiefs hopes for a post season title.
With the roster largely intact the FAHL C Chiefs move into the summer season eager to continue improving and lay the smack-down across the league.

Thursday, January 12
Factory C Chiefs settle in for win

The winter 2006 Factory C season started on a low note as the Chiefs dropped the opener 2-6 to a much improved Rolling Rocks squad. The combination of new players, rust from time away from the game, and unbalance lines were too much to overcome. Not to be held down, the Chiefs shuffled lines and came back in the second game of the season to secure a convincing win over a strong Jackals squad. The game featured the return of long-time Chief Mike Lembke to help anchor the defense, and the first Chiefs goal by newcomer Dan Schmidt. As the game progressed those who had shown rust in the first game proved that they were well on their way to regaining their old form.

Appologies to the "home" team...

The Chiefs sincerely appologize to the Factory's own "Team Factory" for making them look silly in their own "home facility". Seriously though, what did they expect when they made next to no effort at forechecking. Since they insisted in letting us take the game to them, that is exactly what they got... us in the offensive zone most of the night.
Don't get me wrong, many of the Chiefs played well, including Tim with the season's first hat trick, and Nick who definitely made an impression in his first game since joining this version of the Chiefs C team. However, Team Factory and their "defense first" (or was it "nothing but defense") philosophy shot themselves in the collective foot. Not the most talented team around, but more talented than was reflected in the score. With some coaching maybe Team Factory will put up a better showing later in the season.

"The floodgates open"

Tim got a few odd looks on the bench when he uttered the floodgate comment. When, shortly into the third period of the hard-fought 1-1 tie, the Chiefs scored making the score 2-1.
2-1 after 40+ minutes just didn't seem like "flood gate" material.
Little did we know... never question Tim.
For some inexplicable reason, the Enforcers just fell apart. Even when trying NOT to score, the Chiefs somehow kept putting it in the net. It was really somewhat bizzare.
The Chiefs, of course, played well, but 8 goals in one period?
Regardless, two things stood out in this game.
1) Several of the Chiefs stepped up their games. Anthony, for example, "found" his position on the wing and always seemed to be in just the right spot.
2) Wes also rose to the occassion, sapping the Enforcer's willpower a bit more with each stopped shot.

Chiefs victorious in Labatts USA Hockey tournament

After 4 close games... two of which were settled by shootout... the Raleigh Chiefs carried away the championship banner for the Bronze division.
Special props go to Zuk for sealing the tie that resulted in an overtime victory in game 1, Aaron for a spectacular game-winner to break the sudden death overtime in the finals, and to EJ for spectacular play throughout... but especially in the final game, where the Chiefs were outgunned and rode EJ's superior goaltending to victory.

The Marshall plan prevails

After two games in the Factory C league the Chiefs have an impressive 2-0 record behind the solid goaltending of Wes Marshall and his shiny new helmet. Despite the best efforts of several Chiefs players to break the shutout (OK, it was really just one... who shall remain nameless), Wes was solid between the pipes and sent the Jackals home empty handed.
Props also go to Tim "First shift" Powell, who once again set the tone of the game with a VERY quick goal.
Overall, another good team effort to overcome the hard-charging and determined Jackals (headed by 2 disgruntled former Chiefs), while rotating an odd number of forwards through the mix.
Next up, the defending league champs, the Rene-gays.

Battle of the newbies...

There are a couple of new teams in the Factory C league this Fall, and as a welcome to the league the schedule pitted two of them against each other in the first game of the season. The newly formed Chiefs Factory C team set the tone early as Tim Powell gave the Rolling Rocks the customary Chiefs greeting... a quick goal to put the Chiefs ahead early and set the tone for the game.

It is far too soon to make any predictions for the outcome of the season… but it is safe to say that the Chiefs looked strong and played remarkably well together even though most players still don’t know the names of all of their new teammates.
Well Done!

Wednesday, August 24
Factory Summer B/C Title!

Improving on the already impressive Chiefs legacy, the Factory B/C Chiefs won the summer B/C league Championship game against a relatively short-handed, but persistent Team Factory Rebels
The final score was 5-2 (or was it 6-2?), but it felt a lot closer.
Congratulations to Chip for scoring an extremely awkward and somewhat painful looking off-the-face goal... on our own net!

Overall, a great team effort to close out a fun season.

The Chiefs will now enjoy some practice sessions and reorganization in preparation for the Fall seasons, and USA Hockey Labatts tournament.

Thursday, August 11
Chiefs to field Wednesday C team at Factory

Anyone interested in skating with the new C team in the Weds. night league at the Factory in Wake Forest should contact Jeff Cress at
We have a few forward slots, and a few more D slots available.
Current and former Chiefs players are welcome, and we will likely have room for a few "new additions" to the Chiefs family.

Monday, August 1
Chiefs to star in TV series?!?

Well, maybe not... but watch the trailer. Some striking similarities...

Wednesday, June 22
Chiefs ready for State Games of NC

As if fielding teams in 4 leagues simultaniously were not enough, the Chiefs have entered a squad in the State Games of North Carolina. Games will be held at the Garner and Cary Ice House Rinks on the weekend of June 24 - 26.
The first game is, ironically, against our old whipping-boys, the "Renegays" on Friday, June 24 at the Ice House in Garner. This Friday night prime-time match-up is sure to be a fan pleaser. Fans should be advised that a brief autograph session will follow each game in the tournament, after all media interviews have been completed, of course. In an unexpected admission of the inevitable, the championship game has been designated "Doug Yale" bobble-head night by the tournament organizers.

Contact Doug for further game times and locations.

Wednesday, June 22
Rolling Rocks: Welcome to the Factory...

After 4 weeks of playing "Team Factory" in the two team B/C summer league, two new teams were added to the mix. This week we gave a chippy "Rolling Rocks" team friendly welcome to the factory, in the form of a 5-2 butt-whoopin'. The rocks seemed intent on dragging our game down to their thugish level with unwarranted body-checks, cross-checks, etc. throughout the game. But cooler heads prevailed (well, most of the time at least) and the (nearly) legendary Chiefs composure carried us through to a solid victory.

Sunday "C" on 2-game unbeaten streak

The Chiefs Sunday "C" team is on a mini-roll as hard work and team play have paid off over the last two weeks.   April 3 saw a rematch with Aeros, who took a 4-3 decision earlier this Spring season.   Offensive defensemen were key as blueliners Peter Zell and Mike Brown scored goals on aggressive plays.   Team scoring leader Blake Jackson also lit the lamp, with what would have been the game winner early in the 3rd, before the Aeros tied it midway through the period for a 3-3 draw.   

Two nights ago on April 10, the squad faced off against a dangerous Ericsson team that had gone 20-4-1 over the past 1 1/2 seasons, with their only 4 losses coming against the "ringer" Renegades team from last fall that signed up for the C-league by mistake, and including a 5-0 mark vs. the Chiefs in that span.   So facing that tough foe in "the battle of the blues", it didn't look good for continuing the improvement in play the Chiefs had shown over the past few weeks. Not to be denied though, the "C" Chiefs did the Club proud by outworking, outskating, and outmuscling the Ericsson royal blues from the opening faceoff through the final horn, outshooting them 40-29 and coming away with a well-deserved 3-1 decision.   Hard-working Matt Schaub led the offensive attack with 2 goals, one on the power-play, and both assisted by Stacy Thatcher.   Talented newcomer Tim Shaarda tallied his first goal as a Chief, grabbing the lead 4 minutes into the game.   But team play was the name of the game -- aggressive forechecking and backchecking, stalwart defensive zone coverage by Peter, TJ, and the M&M's, and winning near 75% on faceoffs were all key factors.   Special mention goes out to substitute goaltender Nick Osetek, who was able to come in with just a couple hours notice, and along with Matt were the individual standouts. Nick was impressive in stopping 28-of-29, including many big glove saves, and gathering the puck in for a faceoff at any sign of trouble.

FYI, team stats are now updated (to see them make sure you change the "Season" to "RecZone Sunday C").

Raleigh Chiefs Hockey Club starts FAHL B/C Playoff run!

The Chiefs took a hard fought win in the 1st round of the FAHL playoffs. In the usual style of the visiting team (Renegades), they decided that being "chippy" wasn't enough towards the end of the game. As the score stood at 6-1 for the Chiefs, one of the Renegades players decided to keep jamming at the puck that EJ had clearly already covered with his glove with .02 seconds left in the 3rd. Needless to say, this got the attention of some of the Chiefs defensemen, who took exception to this "low-life" tactic and the resulting "scrum" in front of net caused one Renegade to eat some goal post. Luckily, he had on a face shield and he kept his teeth where they belonged; which is in his mouth and not on the ice. Some penalties where accessed at the end of the game, but since no punches where thrown, no one received any "Game Miscounct Penalities" or suspensions (lucky for us, because we would have been really short on defense with Chip and Muri being suspended). Well on to the next game against Cinelli's!!

FAHL Senior Team takes win over WildCat's FAHL Senior Team

It was a hard fought, back and forth game as both teams needed the win to gain some separation in the standing for the league. It seemed to come down to who would score the last goal and win the necessary "respect" from the other team. It was the fortunate bounce of the puck off of the other teams goalie skate, which one of the Chiefs shot from an odd angle that gave the Chiefs the winning goal margin of 6-5. After the other team pulled their goalie for a 6-5 skater advantage for the WildCats and with some desperate scrambling in front of our own net down in our end and a waved of "game tying" goal with .06 seconds; the last seconds ticked off of the game clock and the proud Chiefs team came away with the 6-5 victory. This was an exciting game that I can not give a good and proper deserving narration. Everyone played with great team effort, which led to a solid well deserved win. To top off the night,we had some cold beer in the parking lot after the game to celebrate the win. Thanks to all of the Chiefs team members that showed up to play. Now let's build on this win and win the next one also!! Go Chiefs!!

Sunday C - building teamwork, character!!

The Sunday C team, undergoing another major rebuilding effort this season, has been working on building teamwork and getting to know the new guys on the team and what they can bring to the Chiefs.   There's been some really solid, encouraging play, and also some mistakes made as we get used to playing together.   No "W"s as of yet on the scoreboard, but the only really rough stretch was the very first 20 minutes of the season while we were still learning each others' names... at that point finding the score 1-5, the essentially brand new Chiefs team finished the rest of the game even vs. Tier II defending champion Ale House for a 2-6 final.    The second game resulted in a back-and-forth affair with the Aeros, coming up just short with a 3-4 score.   And last week the "C" Chiefs, missing two top forwards, jumped out to an early 1-0 lead vs. always-tough Ericsson (who looks like the team to beat this season), but eventually fell 1-5.    Next opponent, the new-look Beavers.   Blake Jackson (2-0-2), Greg Zukowski (1-1-2), Bill Halterman (1-1-2), and Matt Schaub (0-2-2) all lead the balanced team scoring.   Peter Zell, replacing Jeff Cress as designated goon, leads in PIM with 6 so far.

Rifenburg team builds Chiefs team unity!!

After a somewhat "clumsy" game by the Rifenburg team the Chiefs skated away with the 4-2 victory. The Rifenburg team seemed intent on causing as much physical carnage as possible on the Chiefs team and maybe anticipating we would respond to their choice of physical play. we stayed focused on the team goal of winning and avenging our only team loss of the season by not responding to their physical play. We continued to skate hard, back checked well and contested every shot that they managed to get on net. There was a lot of slashing and hooking from their team, but we skated through their tactics and made some good passes after we adjusted to their style of play. EJ responded to the challenge and kept us in the game at all times with an outstanding game and with outstanding glove saves that seemed to deflate the opposing team at times. Great Game EJ!! Good game for all of the Chiefs team members and we need to thank Ian Williams and Bill Trofi for stepping up and playing on short notice and helping the team when we needed it the most! Thanks guy's!
On to the next game against the Renegades! I think the Rifenburg team has replaced the Renegades team on the list of "least liked" team!! Go Chiefs!

Raleigh Chiefs Hockey Club
Raleigh Chiefs Hockey Club
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